10 poses for amazing anal sex

10 poses for amazing anal sex.

Let’s immediately agree on one very important thing – not only men like anal sex. A large number of women (more and more) are also recognized that they enjoy this form of proximity. Moreover, most of them share their experience about obtaining orgasms with anal stimulation.

A little theoretical preparation, the right choice of poses, trusting relations with a partner and you can become one of these lucky!

Before discussing poses, we will get acquainted with three whales, on which the pleasure of anal sex is kept. Prelude (including the heating precisely the sphincter with fingers or small toys), a large amount of lubrication and hygiene before and after.

The presented poses are quite universal – it is believed that anal sex is primarily a man penetrating a woman. However, with close enough and trusting relationships, nothing prevents you from swinging places and including strapon in your games.

Poses for beginners

Knight dance

10 poses for amazing anal sex

This position is ideal for the first experiments, because the whole process is controlled by the host partner, and at any time you can interrupt the game.

A man sits on the edge of the bed or chair, leaving his feet on the floor for stability. A woman sits on a partner from above with her back to him. In this case, movements can be made both up and down, and circular or from side to side.

A curved spoon

10 poses for amazing anal sex

A pose perfectly suitable for anal sex. Firstly, this position of bodies does not imply too active movements. And secondly, if this is your first time, then a relaxed position in your partner’s arms will help you feel comfortable and calm.

Both partners lie on the side, a woman with her back to a man. The legs can be bent a little in the knees for closer contact.

Doggi Style Lying

10 poses for amazing anal sex

This is a great position for shallow penetration, which should certainly be tried with anal games. Most of the nerves in the anus are in the first five centimeters from the input opening, so this is a great way to stimulate this particular zone.

A woman lies on her back, slightly lifting the pelvis. For convenience under the tummy, you can put a pillow. The man enters the back from above, controlling his position, leaning on straight arms or on the elbow.

Missionary position

10 poses for amazing anal sex

Anal sex is most often practiced in poses when you are your back to your partner. However, in this position you can maintain visual contact, which will make stimulation much more sensual and exciting.

The partner lies on his back, the man falls on her from above, leaning on his elbows. For better control, you can bend your knees, lifting them to your chest, or putting them on the side. It is possible to put a small pillow under the buttocks of the partner to slightly raise the basin for more comfortable penetration.

Pose for maximum control


10 poses for amazing anal sex

Anal sex in a position on top can become especially pleasant for a partner, as it completely controls the entire process from the moment the immersion begins to the move when the penis is inside.

A man lies on his back, stretching out or slightly bent at his knees. The woman lines on her knees on top of him.

The rider with her back

10 poses for amazing anal sex

Slightly modified version of the previous pose. It’s just that now you sit back to your partner’s face. With vaginal contact, this is a somewhat overated pose, however, with anal penetration, the pleasure of it increases repeatedly. In a man lying on his back, the penis is more predisposed to be directed even up, but more towards the legs than to the chest. Therefore, in this position, an amazing stimulation of the lower part of the anal zone, adjacent to the vagina, is ensured.

Two lotuses

10 poses for amazing anal sex

This position is considered one of the most intimate and romantic! Your bodies are as close as possible, you can maintain visual contact (if you can open your eyes closed with pleasure), and in this position of movement can only be slow and tender.

Partner sits on a flat hard surface, crossing his legs. The woman is located on top, wrapping her legs around the man’s back. In this pose, anal sex will reveal all its eroticism.

If you want a deep penetration.

Doggi Style

10 poses for amazing anal sex

Classic position for both vaginal and anal sex. The reason is very simple – it is ideal for deep penetrations, and you can still bend your back for deeper shocks that can help feel the partner inside the entire length.

The woman kneels, leaning on straight hands. The partner enters from behind, kneeling the bed or on straight legs on the floor.

Tilt forward

10 poses for amazing anal sex

If there is no bed nearby, but there is a desire, then this situation on the one hand will solve the problem, and on the other, it will provide vivid sensations from the depth of immersion.

The partner leans forward, standing on straight legs. With your hands you can rest on your knees or on any support in front.


10 poses for amazing anal sex

If you are a couple who prefers truly deep penetrations, then you just can’t get through this pose with your attention!

A woman lies on her back and raises her legs to her chest. When a partner approaches, your legs can be thrown over a man on his shoulders or wrap his waist with them, it is important that they are divorced to the sides. In this position, the anus expands significantly, which provides a comfortable and painless entry of the penis to its entire length.

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