10 unusual anal traffic jams

10 unusual anal traffic jams.

10 unusual anal traffic jams

Anal traffic jams can vary not only in size. There are unique models that attract attention and give a lot of pleasant sensations. We have chosen the most unusual, they will become a decoration of any collection. These are things that differ in some functions, appearance or shape. Such items should try everyone.

Anal plug — This is a universal sex toy, both women and men can use it. The sleeve stimulates the delicate area around the anus, as well as two sphincters at the entrance to the intestines. Use it to feel expansion and fullness, they perfectly complement intimacy and masturbation, make them much more attractive.

1. Glows in the dark

Modern materials can have a different color. But not just colored sex toys appeared, but models that glow in the dark. They are made from TPR — This is a safe composition that does not contain phthalates. They can be used often and intensively. For a brighter glow, it is recommended to hold first a cork in the light, and only then enter into the body.

What glow to wait? This is not a light bulb or a flashlight that will illuminate the whole room. But at the same time, the toy will be very noticeable with non -core lighting. It looks spectacular, over time the glow does not disappear, and in a year there will be a similar effect.

Traffic jams are represented in several colors and sizes.

2. It is controlled by a smartphone

Anal plug can be intended for wearing, and it can turn on from a remote remote control or smartphone. A few presses are activated, and then it will also be possible to change the modes. A feature of such things — An unlimited number of vibration modes, because they can be invented independently.

Remote traffic jams work quietly, they do not attract the attention of others. But with severe excitement, you need to be more accurate, they can guess about what is happening by the reaction of a person. Both a man and a woman can use such a thing. The cork is universal and does not interfere with movements.

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