Anal sex: how to prepare?

Anal sex: how to prepare?.

If you seriously decide to diversify the bedding of anal sex, then remember that you can not do without a thorough study of the theory here. In this article, we will try to figure out the most important moments of such entertainment.

And you have anal sex?

Anal sex: how to prepare?

Sexologists from different countries are trying to find out how often they make love “with the rear” in the world. As a rule, the data of such studies differ greatly from each other.

Experts claim that anal sex at least once in their lives had ten to forty percent of people. At the same time, some frankly admit that they are simply pleasant for various caresses of the anal zone.

We will study the opinion of girls about anal sex

Usually, Opinions of girls about anal sex – Negative. The thing is that this form of sex is fraught with severe pain with an incorrect approach. In addition, we must not forget that the anus does not produce a lubricant. Thus, penetration is fraught with certain consequences for health. Of course, in this case we are talking about the most unpleasant moments. With cracks from the anus, blood often occurs. It should be remembered that due to anal sex, the sphincter can become weaker. As we know, it is this organ that holds the feces inside until the right moment. It is difficult to imagine what the “loosening” of the sphincter can lead to. Anal sex at the same time can be dangerous for a man. Bacteria from the rectum can cause urethritis.

First anal sex: what exactly should you pay attention to

Anal sex: how to prepare?

Nature endowed the anus with a large number of various nerve endings. Their stimulation will appeal to representatives of both sexes.

Remember that the main thing here is preparatory events.

The first anal sex of inexperienced lovers will almost always be associated with various kinds of troubles. However, constant practice will allow you to achieve perfection. You should not be afraid of pregnancy in this case. Vagina and anal from each other are securely separated. No matter how hard the sperm tried, get to where you do not need, they will not be able to.

The harm to health in bedding of this kind can be caused in the following cases:

  • During intercourse, which can be called rude;
  • If you calculated the grease with something superfluous;
  • If a man does not follow a woman’s reactions (the girl groans about what hurts her, but the partner does not pay any attention to moans);
  • If you refused to use the condom;
  • If you immediately switched to traditional sex.

Anal orgasm: the best pose

Many sexologists argue that Doggi Stayle is an ideal pose for anal orgasm.

The legendary missionary position may also be suitable. The thing is that in such poses a girl can be “entertained” properly. The caresses of the clitoris and other erogenous zones come into business. Even if the lady will experience uncomfortable sensations, then she will definitely like your tenderness. 

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