Anal sex on shelves. Likbez for beginners

Anal sex on shelves. Likbez for beginners.

Anal sex had existed among the peoples of front Asia long before he became popular with the ancient Greeks. Shock! This is where we finish the historical excursion and immediately move on to the essence of the issue. Why anal sex? Because it is, oddly enough, nice. At the anus, there are many nerve endings that give pleasure if they are competently stimulated. Prostate stimulation causes pleasant experiences in men and ends with orgasm. Women were not so lucky, but they are also able to experience pleasure and end during anal sex. Anal sex requires preparation, and without warning to penetrate into someone else’s body through a back door, otherwise sex will turn into torment and end with a painful visit to a proctologist. Discuss everything with your partner in advance and properly prepare. Anal sex on shelves. Likbez for beginners
Stretching The sphincter muscles are stretched before anal sex in order to gently penetrate the partner, and not to hollow through a frantically clutching hole with persistence of the punch. Anal pumps and traffic jams are made specifically to stretch the sphincter and minimize unpleasant sensations during sex. However, it is important to remember that it is much easier to put to pull. Anecdotes about patients who got foreign objects like toothbrushes and gas cans from the rectum, no jokes, but the harsh truth of life. See that the toys are painlessly entered and leave the anus and could not accidentally get stuck in the rectum. Lubrication Do not spare money for grease! They usually use silicone -based lubricants, but not each of them is compatible with latex products, especially if the composition includes oil. It is better to use water -based lubricant with condoms and other latex products, but it loses its properties faster than silicone, which makes it not the best choice. In addition, do not forget that sexually transmitted diseases, for example, AIDS are transmitted, including during anal sex, so keep the situation under control and use condoms if you doubt the partner. Enema Yes! Another important element. Involuntary defecation during anal sex is an ordinary phenomenon, and if the prospect of completely changing the set of bedding in the middle of a stormy night is not attracted to the prospect, then the enema will not hurt. The main thing is not to overdo it. Quite ordinary chamomile enema to save himself and a partner from unpleasant memories. Small result Anal sex is a serious matter. Well, let even not very serious, after all, sex is a joy, not an exam for the right. Nevertheless, it is not worth it frivolously, so do not forget about caution, lubrication and preparation. Respect yourself and your partner.

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