Anal sex with hemorrhoids

Anal sex with hemorrhoids.

Can hemorrhoids arise after anal sex

If you once heard about the harm of anal sex, you can relax – anal sex is even useful, because he trains the muscles of the intestines and makes it more resilient.

In fact, in the process of anal sex, the pressure on the abdominal cavity and intestinal wall really increases strongly and, if you are prepared for anal sex, you can get unpleasant sensations or health problems. If you read our article and did everything according to the rules, then there will be nothing of this and you will get real pleasure from a new type of intimacy!

Remember: hemorrhoids after anal sex can appear only if you do it wrong, without proper preparation.

The video “How to prepare for anal sex” will help you – in it we raise the health and comfort questions of both participants.

How to prepare for anal sex

Remember once and for all: anal sex cannot be spontaneous, you definitely need to prepare for it. Proper preparation guarantees that it will not hurt you and after anal sex will not appear troubles in the form of hemorrhoids or some cracks.

For simplicity, we will divide the preparations into a long -term one (those women who have never had anal sex or had it, but they were painful and unpleasant) and preparation immediately before anal sex.

So, the partner invited you to try anal sex – take yourself 3 weeks during which you will prepare your body for penetration. You need to start with daily deep squats, which are recommended on sports channels to pump priests – such exercises will help you feel the area of priests and anus, learn to control the muscles located there.

Further – when you take a warm bath (and it is better to do it every day at the preparation stage), do yourself a light massage of the anus with fingertips, and the anus at this time try to relax. So you will understand which muscles are responsible for relaxation and tension.

Anal sex with hemorrhoids
2-3 days before anal sex, you will need to accustom your body to the introduction of a foreign object into the anus. To do this, take an anal plug (you can in the form of a Christmas tree and with a vibrator), grease it with silicone lubricant and directly in a warm bath with neatly screwed movements into the relaxed ass. If the cork is with vibration – this is the ideal option: the brain will send impulses of pleasure to the anal, you will experience excitement, and this zone will be perceived by it as a sexual object if this was not before. This is important for the pleasure of penetrating a member and for anal orgasm.

Also on the days before sex Change your diet on exclusively protein: refuse vegetables and fruits, eating meat and bread of rough grinding, add bran to your diet. It may seem strange, but it is this diet that will allow you to reduce the amount of feces and mucus in the intestines.

On the day when anal sex is planned, you need to go to the toilet in a couple of hours in front of him, then take a shower and Use anal shower – You will learn more about this procedure from our video lesson “Preparing for anal sex”. You can also take a warm bath and introduce a cork abundantly greased with a lubricant for 5-10 minutes, calmly lie down with it in the water.

The partner must first excite you well, make an erotic massage of the whole body and especially the buttocks. And it is better to start penetration even when you are incredibly excited or even received an orgasm – for example, clitoral or vaginal.

If you adhere to all our recommendations, you will not need any lubricant with an analgesic effect – there will simply be no pain, especially since it can never be used, since it can reduce sensitivity and you will not feel if the partner will do that-It is wrong. By the way! You can’t have anal sex more than once every 10 days – this is also a law that needs to be remembered.

Is it possible to have anal sex with hemorrhoids

Doctors-proctologists often ask the question-is it possible to have anal sex with hemorrhoids? Most experts unanimously oppose anal entertainment in an acute inflammatory process, since additional friction can lead to new cracks, even greater inflammation of hemorrhoids. This will cause severe pain not only to you, but also to your partner who will try to enter the anus. Anal sex with hemorrhoids has another minus – when sperm gets on an inflamed mucous membrane, this provokes even a stronger itching.

If you still unbearably want to try anal sex with hemorrhoids, this can be done at your own peril and risk. We will make a reservation right away: we do not encourage such measures, we consider them stupid and dangerous! It is better to have anal sex from the very beginning, so that no problems arise!

Unfortunately, anal sex with hemorrhoids does not help to recover faster and can worsen the situation. You need to be treated with a doctor – diet, pills, surgical methods. But when hemorrhoids pass, you can do anal sex again, only again correctly!

Anal sex with hemorrhoids: how to protect yourself

Anal sex with hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoid prevention is a great opportunity to never see how blood is going on after anal sex. This unpleasant ailment will bypass you if:

  • You will always use Special grease for anal sex;
  • Follow hygiene anus;
  • You use only special ones Sex toys from medical, hypoallergenic silicone;
  • Practicing Anal sex is not very often (once every 10 days and less often) and you do it right.
  • We have already found out that the question “Can I have anal sex with hemorrhoids”, one answer is not. The same applies to those who are at risk – for example, suffer from varicose veins or has a genetic predisposition to hemorrhoids. So if many of your relatives suffer from this disease, you better not try anal sex – just humble yourself. When there is blood after anal sex, it is too late to do prevention, it means that the disease is in full swing or an injury has occurred. Better not to bring to this.

    Hemorrhoids after anal sex: how to recognize and what to do

    If you noticed blood after anal sex that comes from the anus, you need to instantly stop sex so as not to complicate the situation. By the way, when after anal sex there is blood, you may not notice it immediately – it is imprinted on toilet paper or panties if it is a little.

    Blood with anal sex is not the only sign of hemorrhoids. It may hurt you during sitting or walking – it is important that the pain is localized in the anus, you will not confuse it with anything else. The pain is usually acute, as if a cut, and comes in a wave. Patients with hemorrhoids complain that they are painful to go to the toilet: when a person is pushing, the veins strain even more.

    Hemorrhoids after anal sex requires emergency treatment, so you do not need to rely on the strength of folk remedies – it is better to go to the doctor right away. There is a golden rule – the faster you will start treatment, the easier it will be. Launched by hemorrhoids – a terrible thing, better not to bring yourself to it.

    Blood with anal sex also increases the likelihood of infection – some diseases transmitted from a sexual partner can be really serious and difficult to treat. If after anal sex there is blood, check for STD.

    You can have anal sex with hemorrhoids, If it is already cured?

    When the disease retreated, you still continue to be at risk – remember this. In principle, you can start having anal sex again, but it is better to do this only after complete recovery, discussing your condition with the attending physician. Recommended abstinence – 1 month or more.

    Now you know for sure that anal sex does not lead to hemorrhoids if you deal with it correctly!

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