Anal stimulants: candles and balls

A little about anal stimulants.

Anal stimulants: candles and balls
People are often interested and ask about anal stimulants. But they are worried not so much by the question of how to use them, but the question: why are they in principle needed? There are several types of anal stimulants. The most common are balls and candles.

Anal candles

All anal candles have a similar shape – at the beginning they are narrow, then they become wider and by the end of the narrowing again, and they end with a bell. The bell is a wide plate at the base that does not allow the toy to go completely into the anus, since the anus has the ability to suck the objects introduced into it. The idea here is to introduce a candle and leave it there, doing a sexual game. It’s nice to both man and woman. This introduces diversity and completely different sensations in your intimate life. And the anus and the rectum react well to pressure and the feeling of fullness.

Anal balls

Anal stimulants: candles and balls
Another type of anal stimulants is anal balls. They affect the muscles of the sphincter, which has 2 muscle rings. One of them is controlled consciously, and the other unconsciously. The bottom line is that when it is pulled inside the ball, it passes through the muscle ring, massaging these muscles. Some like it, but some do not.

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