Anal to preserve virginity | Anal games

Anal to preserve virginity.

Anal to preserve virginity | Anal games
Temperament women have tried anal for thousands of years before vaginal sex. This practice is described in dozens of historical sources. Why is sexual life just like that? Which so attracted in the anal caresses of young people?

Chastity traditions

The moral and ethical norms of behavior, enshrined in national culture and religious regulations, oblige women to maintain chastity before marriage. Deprivation of virginity was the culmination of the wedding ceremony. Traces of blood after defloration served as clear evidence of the purity of the newlywed. A girl who failed to protect her inviolability was subjected to general condemnation.

Very often, young people had to solve the dilemma: how to save a virgin pleasant and at the same time enjoy the joys of intercourse. The way out of the situation was prompted by nature itself – penetration into the vagina replaced with anal sex.

The ancient Egyptians were the first to use the advantages of analysis. They practiced him in sexual joys before marriage and did not refuse to subsequent family life. Positive to premarital anal and the inhabitants of ancient Hellas. To ensure the better penetration of the phallus into the anus, the Greeks used olive oil.In the Celestial Empire, anal affection was appreciated much higher than ordinary. Therefore, they were more popular, both in young people and in marriage. The followers of Islam Koram prescribes to refrain from contact through the anus. However, in practice, many are prohibiting to enjoy the joys of safe sex.

Old chronicles prove that the intimate life of the Slavs was quite saturated. For example, after the celebration of the day of the god Yaril ("Yarovukha") Guys and girls went to bed all together. Tabu on intercourse was filled with other types of sexual proximity, in t.h. Anal. The fact that the analysis was widespread by our ancestors is evidenced by numerous folklore sources.Anal to preserve virginity | Anal games

Advantages of analysis

Sexual contact through the anus will not only help maintain virginity, but also deliver a lot of pleasant sensations to both partners. The zone around the anus is very sensitive. Its stimulation leads to severe excitement.

A member penetrating the rectum rubs against its walls and thereby affects the nerve endings. In addition, there is a pressure on the vaginal area. As a result, the girl may experience euphoria comparable to vaginal orgasm. The partner also does not remain in the way – the narrow passage closely wrapps the phallus, successfully replacing the vagina.

And anal sex does not lead to pregnancy. In past centuries, when there were few contraceptives, women have always been looking for an alternative to vaginal contact, so as not to be “in position”.

The traditions of today

Virginity is still appreciated in individual religions. And the girls are faced with a difficult choice – to maintain innocence or to experience the pleasure of copulation before the wedding. There is a lot of information about sex in our world, it is available and interesting. And succumbing to the temptation, the ladies still go to anal affection.

Of course, today they began to make such a choice less often. After all, you can restore virginity. Many surgeons offer an operation to restore the film. It is not traumatic, it can be repeated even several times. Pregnancy is easily prevented using modern condoms or oral contraceptives.

Anal to preserve virginity is a method that many nations have practiced for millennia. There was a need for this, it helped maintain the appearance of innocence and prevent pregnancy before marriage. Today, all these problems are easier to solve in other ways. But there are also girls who try anal before vaginal sex.

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