Anal traffic jam – both pleasure, and benefit.

Anal traffic jam – both pleasure, and benefit..

In the anus of both men and women, many nerve endings are concentrated. During anal satisfaction, these zones receive significant stimulation, in men, the prostate gland (prostate) is located near the anus. Women have contact the walls of the vagina and the anus, which causes pleasant sensations. Regardless of what the anus stimulation occurs – a penis or sex toy, the pleasure of anal caresses cannot be compared with anything. But we will not focus on anal sex as such, and talk about anal traffic jams – sex toys that serve not only "entertaining" goals – to achieve pleasure, but useful from a medical point of view. Nowadays, a huge number are presented in the sexshop – for every taste and color.
First of all – anal traffic jams, one of the most common types of anal sex toys. Anal plug is a necessary thing, girls receive additional pleasure from it during intercourse by stimulating the vaginal zones that are adjacent to the anus and have sensitive nerve endings. Also, anal plug is good for women who have weakened vaginal muscles – for example, after childbirth – both they and their partner do not receive proper satisfaction from sexual intercourse. Putting an anal plug into the anus, the woman expands the anus and the end of the rectum, thereby narrowing the vagina.
Men also use anal cork, because it stimulates the prostate gland – which leads to a particularly strong erection. And stimulation of the prostate gland is a good prevention of a disease such as prostatitis. Special anal traffic jams are also used to strengthen the muscles of the anus, some anal traffic jams, for example, are equipped with pear, which allows you to pump up the cork and thus increase its size. By the way, when a man or woman use anal plug in intercourse, their sexual sensations increase several times, and the orgasm becomes especially strong.
Ordinary, "Classic" Anal plug has a specific, drop -shaped shape. This form facilitates the introduction of traffic jams into anus. The anal cork has a much smaller size than ordinary phalloimitators and expands at the base. A wide base should prevent the failure of the anal traffic jam deep into the intestines. As a rule, the average diameter of the anal cork is 3 cm., and the average length is 10-14 cm. There are anal plugs with vibration, waterproof anal traffic jams that can be used in the bathroom or in the shower.
Anal traffic jams are made of plastic, silicone, latex, thermoplastic rubber, gel, and even from materials such as glass, wood and metal. As a rule, all anal traffic jams – regardless of what material they are made of – smooth, "sliding" surface.
It must be remembered that all anal sex toys, including anal traffic jams, are used with grease (lubricant). It is necessary to apply a lubricant to the surface of the anal cork, and on the anus. Do not spare a lubricant – in the anus of a person, moisturizing during sexual pleasures is not provided, and pain from damage to tissues of the rectum or sphincter can be quite strong. There are a large amount of anal lubricants, they can be ordered in an intimate store – most of all for anal caresses are suitable lubricants on a water or silicone basis. It must be remembered that Vaselin and no creams are even children’s, in this case unsuitable.
Given the compact sizes of anal plugs, and their "immobility", Traffic jams can be used not only at home or in an intimate environment. Very many go to work with them, drive a car, walk. During movement, the beneficial effects of anal traffic jam on the muscles of the anus only intensify. Anal plug is a necessary and useful sex toy, and its popularity in the world is only growing!

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