Anal virginity – how to break the virgin

How to lose anal virginity without pain?.

Although sometimes the guy is able to get a member of the “wrong”, he will not penetrate far without lubrication. When high -quality preparation is carried out, anal virginity will not cause problems, will bring a lot of pleasure, since there is no virgin in the ass.

Arguments for the loss of anal virginity

The first penetration into the anus, if it is completed correctly, does not provoke any negative consequences. Every young girl is obliged to at least once try this option of sexual relations. New sensations may like, so the proposal of anal should not be rejected immediately. Good Rimming will help to relax, and after it a woman will enjoy. The anus caresses are no less exciting than cunnilingus.

Anal virginity – how to break the virgin

Cons of anal defloration

To begin with, the anus is not intended for nature to ensure that extraneous objects are introduced into it. Therefore, deprivation of virginity in anal can provoke negative consequences:

  1. Weakening of the sphincter muscles due to severe stretching. This contributes to the involuntary output of intestinal gases.
  2. Damage to the rectum during defloration. Due to the injury there are cracks provoking proxy. Against its background, processes occur that cause the risk of oncology. On the other hand, such a danger occurs only with frequent and long anal joys.
  3. The probability of penetration into Urert and genitals of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms is high. In such a situation, there is a risk of developing many diseases of the genital area. To prevent them, a thorough laundering of the genitals after coitus is necessary. It is performed in front-back-water should fall into the zone no longer a virgin anus from the side of the clitoris, and not back.
  4. The penetration of a member into the rectum is an unnatural process. The penis was created to visit the vagina.
  5. The consequence of the first anal experience is discomfort in the anus.
  6. Involuntary defecation is likely in this case of contact.
  7. The chance of milkman development increases.
  8. There is a risk of unwanted pregnancy of a virgin. Although this is unlikely, but still possible if the sperm arising from the anus enters the vagina.
  9. The strong muscles of the sphincter are able to break the fallos bridle.
  10. Frictions activate the helminth infection, since helminths lay eggs in the anus.
  11. Probably the development of genitourinary diseases.
  12. The cleansing enema provokes dysbiosis inside the intestine.
  13. Antibodies from sperm are introduced into the female body.

Remember that if a girl is afraid of anal, you can not put her morally. This oppresses the emotional state, reducing mutual respect.

As for the condom, that is, the risks of anal sex with both it and without it. Refusal of contraception increases the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time, if you put on a condom, this provoke an immune deficiency effect, reducing the body’s defenses. This is due to the absorption of sperm of the rectum mucosa.

Anal virginity – how to break the virgin

Preparation for the first time

A woman, even with traditional sexual intercourse, needs confidence in a man. You can not experiment with anal contact if the guy does not allow the partner to relax, wanting to quickly finish himself. This method of satisfaction is ideal only with maximum excitation of a girl. Then the desire shifts fear, reducing the pain.

Training toys

The sharp introduction of a large member in the rectum of the anal virgin causes discomfort. It can be prevented by completing the preliminary development of the hole. Sexy toys are suitable for this, and you should start with the thinnest ones, and then gradually increase their dimensions.

Anal virginity – how to break the virgin

So it will turn out to train muscles so that they are ready to miss the phallus, making sexual intercourse painless.

Organization of a place

The process of deprivation of anal virginity itself is dirty. Even with a traditional act there are traces of bed, to say about introducing into the rectum, which is not a sterile. Therefore, before starting such contact, you should take care so that the place of intercourse is both convenient and easy to clean.

How to deprive a girl of anal innocence

The first experience is almost always painful. To reduce it, the first time you can not stick a member completely. An abundance of lubrication will help to alleviate the penetration. It is better to tighten the process than then remember with a shudder. Later, the girl will learn how to relax her muscles and have fun.

Use a condom and a lubricant

The precaution will never hurt. Wet napkins will help to eliminate unpleasant consequences, a change in a condom when moving from traditional to anal sex. In this process, a lubricant prepared by yourself or purchased in a pharmacy is a key to success. It facilitates the entrance of the head, prevents the soreness of the event.

Anal virginity – how to break the virgin

It is more convenient to use not water, but thick cream, because it dries longer. The interaction of the gel with latex should be taken into account, ensuring a comfortable loss of anal innocence. Oil compositions are undesirable, especially Vaselin, since it worsens male sensations.

Start without complete penetration

Before the full deprivation of anal virginity, you should definitely try the lightweight version of the process. Fingers or toys are suitable for this. After their implementation, the girl will receive an idea of what she would prepare for. If such a training showed the unbearable of the procedure, it should be stopped on it. The key to the magnificent anal – the consent of the partner and abundant lubricant.

Stop if a girl becomes hurt

The unusual sensations of a foreign body in the pope need to listen carefully. Only slight soreness will be natural at the first introduction of a member. But when the pain cannot be endured, the process must be immediately stopped. The cause of discomfort often becomes anal cracks. It will be possible to avoid them if you use a lot of grease and choose a partner for sex
, in which the diameter of the penis is small.

Do not be afraid of blood drops

. Small discharge is due to microcracks. This situation should not cause panic, although each organism is individual. Usually small wounds heals quickly, but sometimes they cause discomfort when bowed. He can also make hemorrhus himself, even if the girl did not suspect him. If the bump bursts due to frictions, bleeding will begin, lasting several days.


Even when the couple was not used to talking in sexual contact, anal intercourse obliges to change this habit. Be sure to inform the guy that he is moving too slowly or too fast when you feel the pain. Be sure to emphasize if you feel good. Since such an act makes partners be nervous, slight support will help to calm down.

Additionally stimulate the clitoris and vagina

In sex, you can not focus on one action. When the anal process goes normally, the stimulation of the clitoris will help (how to find it, read here), breasts, vaginal zones. One women need everything together, others are happy with one of the options.

Help your partner relax

To be pleasant to lose anal virginity, the girl must convince the guy first to caress her buttocks, then the zone around the anus. After that, a man needs to carefully enter his finger in the rectum or a small toy from a sex shop. To prevent soreness, a woman is obliged to specify certain nuances in advance:

  • The partner is obliged to stop with a request to stop further actions;
  • movements should be smooth;
  • For lubrication, it is required to use only a special lubricant.

Choose the right poses

The most comfortable positions with anal defloration are missionary, the position of the girl is face down or on the knees.

Anal virginity – how to break the virgin

All other options are fraught with the injury of the sphincter, since they will ensure the complete penetration of the member, which the virgin is rarely ready. More often men are located during the first anal sex from above the lady so that the penetration of the penis is minimal.

Inexperienced guys who usually worry due to fear of harming their friends, choose the location of the bodies, since it is easier for them to control the process, observing the reaction of the girl. You can not be shy, you certainly need to voice the desire for the slowest or careful movements of the penis. These statements will not spoil the man pleasure, since he will certainly appreciate the self -confirmation of the partner who agreed to penetrate the anus.

How to go to the toilet after losing innocence

It is advisable immediately after the end of the anal coitus to visit the bathroom. Naturally, after the first experience, the girls feel different sensations. However, there is no need to worry too much when something went wrong. Even if spontaneous defecation has occurred, this is not a reason to be upset.

Any girl or even an experienced sexual woman is obliged to independently resolve the question: “Is it worth losing anal virginity”. In this event, both positive and negative points are enough. Naturally, the presence of single sexual intercourse in the anus has not yet harmed. But this event should not be carried away, since it is fraught with deplorable consequences. Frequent masturbation of the anus is also undesirable.

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