Frequent anal sex is harmful or useful?

Frequent anal sex is harmful or useful?.

Frequent anal sex is harmful or useful?

Modern people have long been engaged not only in traditional, but also anal, as well as oral sex. But people sometimes alarm the process of penetration from behind, Is it dangerous for health? People think about the benefits, dangers and consequences of such sexual intercourse. It is worthwhile to figure out how often you can or you need to engage in anal caresses.

The opinion of doctors

Anal sex does not harm health. With proper experience, the body does not occur, and therefore it is not necessary to be afraid of involuntary loss of feces or excessive gas formation. No need to believe myths, who talk about the negative consequences.

But it is important to understand what is safe if there are no cracks and breaks. And this is only if you use high -quality lubrication and safety precautions.

Frequent anal sex is harmful or useful?

Bliss and orgasm

Someone refuses the anal, guided by what will be unpleasant and painful. Pain — This is a signal, that what is happening is dangerous. It does not need to be ignored, do not tolerate. It is important to stop and understand what causes it.

Before starting active actions, the sphincter must be completely relaxed. Preliminary caresses, anal massage and clitoris masturbation will help this. Gradually expand the anus can be fingers or use anal plug.

The lubricant is applied at the beginning of the experiments and carefully distributed so that the entire space is protected. If in the process the lubricant evaporates, It is added. There should not be dryness.

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