How much you need to walk with anal traffic

How much you need to walk with anal traffic.

Anal traffic jam is a really wonderful toy that can be used both to get pleasure and to prepare an anus in a piquant type of sex. Some people, having been overpassed in its wearing, say that wearing such a product is even dangerous. Let’s dispel myths and find out how much you need to walk with anal traffic jam for maximum pleasure without consequences.

First of all, if it is supposed to be used not just for bed games, but to wear a certain period of time, you need to choose the right product. All these cork with pebbles or tails is fun and cool, but walking with them will be inconvenient, since additional pressure will create.

Sellers in sex shops in this case rightly recommend a toy with a longer neck, this provides more comfortable wearing. Therefore, for starters, I advise you to buy a special anal plug for wearing.

Anal plug for long -term wearing: Features

Anal plug for wearing is a product of a special anatomical structure that allows you to be in the body for a long time without traumatic consequences. You can go to the store with her, get out at home or go on an evening walk.

The usual anal plugs on the tip have rhinestones, tail or a massive limiter. This is done so that the product does not fall inside and do not have to get it with a doctor. With prolonged wearing, the limiter is also necessary, but when walking, it interfered hard.

I had to revise the design and come up with a traffic jam that the limiter is located between the buttocks and does not interfere with the movements. This is the main difference between traffic jams for long -term wearing from their relatives.

The size of the product also matters, because too large the cork will stretch the anus, but with prolonged wearing, such an experiment will end in an injury.

Therefore, for going to the store and walking in the park, it is better to use hasty traffic jams in size of not more than 10 cm in length, it is better at all 6. Men can choose curved models with prostate stimulation.

How much you can walk with anal traffic

Then it all depends on how much a woman is prepared (or a man, there is no difference). If she has this first anal experience, then it is better not to walk with a traffic jam, limiting itself to a very small period of simple caresses.

If anal sex is practiced quite often and gives pleasure, and the toy is acquired comfortable, first you should walk with it at home for about half an hour. Why so much?

All due to the fact that the use of such a product requires a lubricant that prevents the injury of the anus and other negative consequences-after all, this hole is not intended for sex and natural lubricant does not stand out from it.

So, after about half an hour, anal lubricant dries, and wearing a cork begins to cause discomfort. It is advisable to pull it out or, at least, grease the walls with a special tool.

If you continue to walk with a traffic jam just like that, you can grate the edges of the hole, which will cause a lot of unpleasant sensations.

How much you need to walk with anal traffic

Of course, first you need to decide on the purpose. Based on this, it becomes clear how much you need to walk with anal traffic jam to get the desired result.

If you want to prepare a sphincter for penetration in the future, then walking with a toy in the anus is enough 2-3 times a month for 10-15 minutes. Inserted, lay down with her a short period of time, pulled out.

If a romantic meeting with your beloved awaits you in the evening and you decided that you can be anal sex, then you can insert a cork half an hour before the act, having previously made an enema using a special anal shower.

For sensations similar to double penetration, the anal cork is inserted for the time of sexual intercourse with a partner. He penetrates vaginally, and the cork imitates anal presence.

Further, wearing plugs having a special structure and shape. use to walk with them for a long time.

When going to the store or during a walk. Everything is simple here – a feeling of hidden publicity and feelings of anal penetration throughout the walk. Excites both. But this will require training and preparation.

Walking with anal traffic for a long time

Some well -trained women arrange a special sexual adventure for themselves: they go with anal traffic to work.

This can really deliver a lot of pleasure, but in this case, firstly, it is worth using a very long-lasting lubricant, and secondly, still pulling out in a couple of hours-some are enough at the acute sensations received during a trip in public transport.

Therefore, answering the question “how much anal plug can be worn” should be guided by three factors: a special product for wearing, good lubrication and removal when there is discomfort.

Doctors do not recommend to wear a cork for more than two hours in a row. Pleasure disappears over time and he is replaced by unpleasant sensations. If you practice this too often, anal cracks and even hemorrhoids may appear.

Which lubricant to choose

The lubricant must be on a water or silicone basis. For very long wearing, the second option is preferable, but it leaves traces of laundry and can create the effect of spilled sunflower oil.

Therefore, it is better to take water -based and not wear a cork for more than two hours. In most cases, 30 minutes are enough, during this time you will get pleasure for sure, and the problems will be bypassed.

But plant or fat components can destroy a cork, just like a petroleum jelly, various creams and cosmetic oils. If a woman does not want to get a damaged sex girl, these recommendations are better to adhere.

Before using the toy, it must be washed, as well as clean the hole itself. Remove it after long wearing should be carefully, be sure to lubricate the anus area with a soothing cream.

By the way, after this sex with a partner is not recommended for some time – the sensations will be painful, perhaps even injury.

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