How to choose anal plug for long -term wearing

How to choose anal plug for long -term wearing.

Anal games are more than just sex in the bedroom. Some of this is not enough and they want to go beyond the usual entertainment. Now we will talk about long -term wearing anal traffic jam. Some excites the wearing of traffic jams in public, others – a feeling of stretching. But, no matter what the reason is, there are moments that are worth paying attention to before taking a step to this type of pleasure.

How to choose anal plug for long -term wearing


Usually, doctors do not recommend wearing anal plug for more than three hours a day. This does not mean that you cannot do this. Start with a short time that you will gradually increase. The body of every person is unique. All you need to listen to your. It will tell you when its limit comes and the muscles will get tired. If you are comfortable and buzz, then what difference does it make how long the cork is in your body.


This item is very important. After all, the level of comfort that you will feel depends on the type of material and its quality. Metal and glass corks are good in the bedroom, but with prolonged wearing it is better to choose products from silicone or BIOSKIN. The softer the material, the less it will cause discomfort or pain.

In this regard, traffic jams from the gvibe brand are very good. For example, a small GPLUG bar made of silicone. Its sizes are ideal for a beginner. Or you can take GPLUG BIOSKIN. Her incredibly pleasant material will not leave you indifferent. Both corkscrews with vibration, which adds piquancy to sensations and expands the possibilities of public games. Especially if you add to them a vibrating ring to the Gvibe Gring finger, which, in addition to its main stimulating functions, is a control panel for them.

How to choose anal plug for long -term wearing


For long -term wearing, anal traffic jam of a classic drop -shaped shape is suitable. The pointed tip will facilitate the introduction, a wide part will give a feeling of fullness, and the base will provide comfortable extraction of traffic jams and will not allow it to penetrate deeper than the necessary. Please note that the base should be wider than the widest part of the cork. It is most convenient if it is not round, but oblong, so that it is conveniently located between your buttocks. The round shape of the base can be less convenient and rub with active movement.

Put your gaze to the cork leg. If it is thick, it will give a feeling of stretching, but at the same time it will leave the sphincter open. With high motor activity, this may cause some inconvenience.


The choice of lubricant is very important, since this zone does not have its own grease. It is worth noting that a water -based grease may dry, which will require its re -application, and this is not always convenient. Silicone -based lubricants cope with their functions longer, but, unfortunately, they are not compatible with certain types of material, for example, silicone. The most suitable option will be lubricants with a hybrid basis. They took the best from both foundations and are combined with almost all materials. Tom of Finland Hybrid is very good for these purposes.

Therefore, choosing a lubricant, consider the material of the toy and the duration of its wearing.

How to choose anal plug for long -term wearing


Long -term wearing anal traffic jam is a pleasure that you can’t be negligent. Insert and forget – an approach that instead of pleasure will cause only irritation. Spend a little time to choose a cork, do not hesitate to seek advice to our specialists, pick up a fitness and lubricant suitable for you. Only then will you feel all the charm of this public and slightly shameless entertainment.

How to choose anal plug for long -term wearing

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