How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions.

During intimate games, we generously give caresses of the body of our beloved, but some of their parts rarely receive their share of pleasure. How about priests? And why can you touch the lips, hips and genitals of your beloved, and the beautiful priest – two alluring rounded halves – suddenly closed for caresses? After all, there is already there, and there is even sweeter ..

Psychologists are sure that every sexual man dreams of penetration into the female ass, and in every third pair he is successfully practiced. It turns out that this is not so unconventional. In addition, the anal has been known to humanity since time immemorial. This is known for certain, since it is described in the Bible and is called “sodomy” there. So the desire of people to taste the forbidden fruit is understandable.

Only you need to understand that this is a special relationship, since the anus is not adapted for sudden penetration. Nevertheless, there are a huge number of nerve endings, which with the right approach will make this type of proximity simply amazing. If you want to know how to make him give you the greatest pleasure, stay with us. Here you will find specific recommendations and instructions – how to engage in non -traditional intimacy without pain and with pleasure. You and your partner will learn how to prepare for the first posterior penetration in your life and get a real buzz from him.

What is anal sex and why is it needed

It is unlikely that among adults there will be one who would not know what anal is. Nevertheless, it should be clarified that unconventional intimate is a special type of sexual intercourse in which one partner introduces another penis, strap -on or phalloprosthesis into the anus. About the same saying about anal sex on Wikipedia. Such relations are practiced by both hetero and same -sex couples. The penetration into the anus differs primarily in the first place in that you will need to carefully prepare for it.

You can ask – why do you need sex in the anus if it is connected with it a lot of trouble? Men have no such questions do not arise. They just know that it’s cool. Perhaps you doubt it for now, but believe me, you will like it too if you learn to do everything right.

You can:

  • awaken the new erogenous zones of your body;
  • give a special pleasure to your partner;
  • test new types of orgasm;
  • make love during menstruation;
  • make relations in a pair more trusting and tender.

Penetration in the ass is one of the possibilities to get satisfaction, just be kind to comply with the rules. It is very important to know how to engage in anal intimacy so that it becomes pleasant and safe – read about it in our material below. You will also help you understand the charm of non -traditional contact our video course.

Why do men love him and how women relate to him

You probably noticed that, basically, the initiators of the penetration are men. Everything is simple. These sweet tooth know how tasty female ass is. Everything is much already there than in the vagina, because the man feels like a real giant. He does not have to perform numerous frictions to achieve an orgasm. The narrow walls of the anus are so tightly wrapping around the penis that this in itself is perceived as severe stimulation.

There are other reasons explaining the passionate love of most men to penetrate the anus. This:

  • the desire to taste the forbidden;
  • full confidence of the partner;
  • excellent forms opening from the rear;
  • The desire to penetrate as deeply as possible and denser;
  • curiosity;
  • the feeling of a big member;
  • diversity in bed with a permanent partner;
  • Lack of fear of pregnancy.

So that a man has the opportunity to receive this whole bouquet of pleasure, when he wants, it is important for him to know for sure – how to start bedding in the ass. The further confidence of the partner depends on his skillful actions.

Of course, adequate young people are worried about the question – whether the unusual intimate girls like it. It depends only on past experience. If her ass was deprived of virginity by a skilled lover who knows the rules of the rear penetration and properly preparing the anus of a friend before introducing her cock there, then the lady could well have fun. By the way, there are girls who simply adore such caresses and even ask her husband about them. If you want to become a real goddess of intimacy that all men dream of – start knowing the art of unconventional penetration now.

Rules and laws

If preparation for unusual pleasure will be done correctly, partners will receive a gamut of positive emotions and both will reach orgasm. To do this, follow the basic rules.

  1. Unexpected anal sex does not definitely need to prepare for it correctly, how to do it read below.
  2. Penetration from behind should only be performed at the request and readiness of a woman. This is important, since this type of intima is built on the complete trust of partners to each other.
  3. Lovers should worry about hygiene in advance (watch our video tutorial on this topic, which is called “The Cleaning of the Association”),
  4. Protective equipment – special anal condoms with thickened walls and absolutely smooth surface. First of all, great reliability is important in them, since the gap of the products is fraught with great troubles. First of all, it is the risk of HIV infection and other infectious diseases, as well as damage to the anus and penis.
  5. Use high -quality lubricant! For this type of sex, a special lubricant is needed, since in the rear passage lubrication is basically absent. And to provide excellent sliding during frictions, the lubricant is simply necessary. It is also important that it be good well -known brands and purchased in proven places, since pharmacies are slaughtered with fakes and cheap tools that cause an allergic reaction and physical rolling of the product. Well suitable PJUR Backdoor or Wicked Jelle.
  6. To get pleasure and orgasm, it is necessary to arouse point K in advance – the point responsible for the finish of the woman from non -traditional sex.
  7. The anus must be gradually prepared for the introduction of a member, using fingers or special toys – Christmas trees, balls or traffic jams for this. Anilingus will help to do this – that is, the caresses of the anus language. Moral preparation will also be required.
  8. You can enter a member into the anus only when a woman is already very excited and relaxed.
  9. Movements should be slow. Here the pauses between frictions are of particular importance. They allow the girl to get used to new sensations and feel the response of her body.
  10. It is strictly impossible to alternate unprotected rear and vaginal penetration due to the presence of a large amount of microflora in the anus, which can cause inflammatory processes in the vagina. Switching to anal, use a new condom – this will protect from infection.
  11. Partners need to agree in advance-if something goes wrong, you should stop there right away.
  12. At the first penetration of the back, you need to use certain poses that will help the host partner relax and enjoy. We even have a special article on this topic.
  13. There are specific penetration techniques into the anus, which can be found out in more detail in the video course on our website “Love anal sex by 100%”.

No need to think that such an intimate will certainly be rude or tough! In the process, the guy will have to show tenderness and care so that his beloved is not uncomfortable. The actions of partners in this classes, more than ever, are agreed upon. First of all, the care of a man is aimed at ensuring that the lady feels good. And if everything is done correctly, the buzz of the mistress can surpass all the expectations.

By the way, couples that correctly begin to practice sex in the anus do not stop there, but continue to improve their skills in this area. This is a real opportunity to expand the boundaries of its intimate attractiveness and experience a completely unusual and very strong pleasure.

Benefits or harm

Around the love process that we write about, there are many legends that we will have to dispel. No matter how frightened them with inexperienced girls, delicate sex in the ass has a number of excellent qualities. For example, it allows:

  • It is wonderful to diversify an intimate life;
  • strengthen female intimate health;
  • improve the appearance of a woman;
  • learn to trust a partner;
  • experience an incredible orgasm;
  • get longer sexual intercourse with new sensations.

In addition to the emotional side, neat sexual intercourse in the ass is an excellent massage and prevents the formation of hemorrhoids.

However, it has harmful sides. These include:

  • the appearance of cracks and hemorrhoidal nodes with a rough inept handling of a partner’s booty;
  • the ability to infect venereal or infectious diseases if you neglect a condom;
  • With excessive passion for non -traditional demolition (more than once every 10 days), the risk of rectum loss, especially in men.

How to prepare for the first time

Of great importance for the girl is her first experience. It is he who will become the basis for the attitude to this type of caress. Therefore, it is very important to carefully plan non -traditional intimacy for the first time. It also does not prevent you from first watching the video of the first sex in the anus, shot professionally.

It is better to do this with a partner, because in this case it depends on him even more than on you. The man should be as careful and patient as possible. You both need to know exactly how to prepare for anal pleasure and follow these rules literally.


As you know, the issue of hygiene with non -traditional intercourse is of great importance. You will probably be embarrassed if you see on a member of your beloved digested remnants of your dinner yesterday. A man, too, will hardly be pleased to caress the sphincter with his girlfriend’s tongue or with the help of fingers, if there is not too clean.

In thematic articles you can read that before intimacy in the ass, you need to make an enema – so, these are unreasonable prejudices. In fact, you can use a special “anal shower”, which we will talk about a little later. It is more gentle and will not create problems for you even with regular use.

If you decide to try rear sex, preparation should begin in another three days. You definitely need to adjust your diet, completely excluding sweets and dairy products from it. It is also better to abandon a large number of vegetables and fruits. Your diet should include grain bread of rough grinding, some beans, cereals and meat. This will get rid of excess mucus in the intestines, and it will be well cleansed by itself. See our special lesson on this subject “The rearpent of the anus”.

To make you clear how to prepare yourself and the anus for intimacy in the ass, we recommend that you simply adhere to five main points.

  1. Use the diet described above 2-3 days before the planned rear contact.
  2. Apply anal shower with different nozzles, its chip is that by washing your anus with it, you simultaneously accustom the internal sphincter to penetrate, and the volume of the pear is just enough to rinse the mucous membrane.
  3. A couple of hours before intimacy, visit the toilet.
  4. While in the shower, thoroughly washing the ass and body, it is better to use a shower gel with aphrodisiacs to tune in in the corresponding fret and arrive in advance in excited. Schunga with the aroma of tropical fruits is perfect.
  5. During caresses and penetration, be sure to use a large amount of grease.

If you follow these simple rules, you can feel quite comfortable during unconventional intimacy.

What can not be done and what cannot be used

There are real taboos in rectal intimate affairs, which you and your partner must certainly remember:

  1. First of all, prohibiting intimate relationships in the ass without a condom. We have already talked about the risk of infection with various infections above.
  2. It is also worth abandoning any culinary oils instead of lubrication – do not save and buy a good tool. All oils are too liquid for this purpose, because the priest after the first frictions will be unprotected. This can lead to the appearance of cracks in the anus and rectum.
  3. For hygiene purposes, laxatives never need to be used. This is an extra load on the stomach and intestines. How to clean up naturally, was talked above.
  4. Another taboo is the use of painkillers of lubricants. Perhaps with them the intercourse in the ass will seem more comfortable to you, but the pain is an important organism signal calling to stop. Having inflicted anesthetic lubricant, you can not even feel that you have been injured and thereby aggravate the problem. Cracks and ruptures in the rectum are very unpleasant and rather dangerous consequences of rectal relations with pain relief.

Whether to make an enema

We have already said – you don’t need an enema. There is good news, contrary to common belief, feces are not so much on the mucous membrane, and the minimum number of them happens after morning defecation and in 2-3 hours these masses are completely resolved. That is, the most favorable time for classes from a hygienic point of view is 10-11 hours in the morning. But! We live in the real world and therefore in the morning it will be problematic for many pairs for obvious reasons. Most intimate contacts occur in the evening or at night, by this time the anus mucosa will be quite tightly covered with a feces film, and the cleaning is needed more significant.

Only 3-4 centimeters have to clean, circular movements.

And in no case use the enema. Strong water pressure when using an enema irritates the thin walls of the intestines and washed out useful microflora from there. Therefore, you better abandon this venture, especially if you practice rectal affection often.

And in general, why do you need such horror to endure such horror every time before the process itself, just imagine for half an hour you just spend on sitting in the toilet to sit. And all for what? To harm your health? Therefore, no enemas, the maximum can be used by the anal shower, which we wrote above. The day before, you make a special solution for cleaning: boil water, defend it for about 12 hours, add a spoonful of lemon juice to it and pour a cocktail into this pear, take the nozzle you like and clean it without difficulty – that’s all. And no harmful enemas!

How often you can do this

Even if you are not afraid to experiment and adore copulation from behind, you should still know how often you can have sex in the anus. Of course, a lot depends on your personal sensations, but even if you really like the penetration “from the rear”, they should deal with it without fanaticism. Moreover, rough anal sex should be excluded. Experienced experts recommend that this type of intimacy no more than 1 time in 10 days, so as not to injure the delicate walls of the rectal channel and not loosen the muscles of the sphincter.

If the slightest pain occurs, the contact should be immediately stopped. You shouldn’t be hurt in any case!

The need for prelude

This section is more intended for your man. He must definitely know how to prepare a girl for sex behind, so that you can relax and enjoy. This is especially important if your couple will have to experience the first sex in the anus. Here he just needs to remember the good old prelude. Will help in this video course for men “Give her anal orgasm”.

The affectionate actions of the lover will allow you to be excited and feel safe.

It is very important for the girl to understand that the partner will not do anything without her consent. Rectal proximity implies leisurely actions and maximum attention from the man to all the reactions of a girlfriend. Therefore, it is so important for him to know how to start engaging in anal proximity with his partner.

What exactly needs to be done: techniques

The young man will have to use different types of caresses:

  • soft erotic massage, including caresses of breasts, clitoris, buttocks and anus;
  • cunnilingus (right now watch our video course “Kunnilingus techniques” to master the coolest ways to deliver pleasure for your beloved);
  • anilingus.

Let’s start with an erotic massage. First of all, relax the girl to forget about the troubles and problems of the past day and is fully prepared for pleasure. You will need massage oil, for example, Shunga with the aroma of tropical fruits and a special lubricant for caresses of priests, for example, Pjur Analyse Me.

Relax techniques:

Massage is done using a warm towel.

  1. “Boat”- folding two hands together with a boat we draw a soft movement of the boat up between the woman’s buttocks. Palms should be well lubricated so that the movements are pleasant and the hands really slide.
  2. “Skate” – putting the palms between the buttocks and tightly pressed one to the other, slowly put the hands in turn forward. The movement of the palms resembles the movement of the legs of the skater.
  3. “Trembling palm” – putting the palm between the buttocks on the anus, we move the palm in exciting, so that the waves from this movement diverge into all female buttocks.

After a woman is excited, enter a finger with a lot of grease into the anus, while continuing the stimulation of the clitoris. The finger can be replaced with a Christmas tree for a priest or a small vibrator, for example G-Plug. When the partner completely relaxes and is almost at the peak of pleasure, she will no longer be able to think about whether it hurts during anal, but simply will enjoy her feelings.

By acting with such methods, the partner will be able to arouse the so -called “K” point, which is located in the vagina from the anus and is equipped with even a large number of nerve endings than the famous point g. To detect it, it is enough to penetrate the back with a finger by about 5-6 cm and massage it from the side of the vagina. Awakening of this point will significantly increase pleasant sensations during vaginal or posterior intimacy. Next, proceed to more active techniques that will give your girlfriend even more vivid pleasure.

Exciting techniques:

“Slick” – putting two index fingers from above and below on the anus, we make with both fingers slightly stretching movements. Further, the fingers begin to easily tickle the anus slightly.

“Circular movement”- pressing the index and middle fingers, we drive around the holes in the pope, stimulating the muscles of the vagina and relaxing the anus.

“Double pleasure” – a woman falls on her back. We put one finger into her back hole, and with the other hand we enter the vagina and guess the finger right up to rest at the point “g”. Fingers make simultaneous movements in the anus, pressing down we stimulate point “a” in the vagina, and bending the finger up – the point “g”. Moving at the same time and pressing fingers create a very strong vaginal stimulation. At the same time, we rest the index finger on the clitoris and, moving our hand, periodically press on the clitoris.

You must agree that a man is allowed to introduce a member only with your consent. This is evidenced by all our anal sex lessons. In order not to hurt, it is best to do this at the time of strong excitement or immediately the post of vaginal orgasm, when your brain “digests” the enjoyed pleasure. And how to learn to experience a vaginal orgasm, you will learn from our video course “Wake up all 7 types of your orgasm”, by the way, we have a similar course for men – “Give it 100% vaginal orgasm”, in it our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya has gathered all its ownThe best achievements on the topic of awakening all the erogenous zones of a woman and getting the greatest pleasure for both partners.

How to love anal sex – lessons and videos

Before doing this for the first time, both of you need to learn everything about sex in the ass. Special lessons and videos will help this, in particular, video tutorials on non -standard sex on our website. Having sorted out the topic, you can prepare in advance and then trust your lover. He, in turn, will surely know how to take care of you so that you do not feel pain and discomfort. Acting in full tandem, you can gradually bring your practical skills to perfection. As a result, you both will definitely love such classes, you can diversify your usual intimate life and comprehend new, unusual and magnificent heights of the brightest pleasure. Our sexologist Valeria Aginskaya, a specialist of the highest class, has collected in these videos the most detailed and useful information on the topic of unusual pleasure in the back, in addition, you will find detailed preparation instructions for both partners, working with personal limiting attitudes, to develop sensuality and sexuality and soFurther.

Anal masturbation

A person’s readiness to try something new in intima-this also applies to love pleasures in the ass-speaks of his respect for his own body and inappropriate to prejudice.

Why is anal masturbation needed?

  1. Interaction with anal passage allows you to indirectly massage the prostate in men and point G in women, which can lead to a bright orgasm. It is noteworthy that the anus can be used as an independent sexual hole, that is, some people manage to get an orgasm without connecting the effects on other intimate areas.
  2. Anal masturbation allows you to liberate, it is better to know the needs of your body and its reaction, get rid of psychological complexes. After such self -satisfaction or sex, a number of physical clamps in the coccyx zone leaves, psychologically a person becomes more mature, fearless, independent. In addition, it is masturbation that can become a wonderful preparatory step for subsequent intercourse: alone, you can disconnect from constraint, as well as try the introduction of sex toys, independently regulating the level of sensations.
  3. During the preparation for the posterior relations, the girl can also practice masturbation. This will help her get used to the feeling of fullness in the priest and not to shrink when her beloved tries to penetrate there. Since anal masturbation differs from vaginal for women and stimulation of a member for men, before trying it, it is advisable to study the theory a little and read the advice of specialists.
  4. Awakening of the point K in women.

Preparation for anal self -satisfaction

Before anal masturbation, it is necessary to go to the toilet a few hours before, then wash the area of the genitals and anus with delicate soap or a special remedy without fragrances. If there is hair there, they are removed at will, but it is better to do depilation a day before the process so that there is no irritation. In the case when stimulation with fingers is supposed to be, it is imperative to cut the nails briefly, carry out the procedure for disinfection of the hands.

Prepare toys and all accessories for masturbation should be in advance: toys will need to be washed and disinfected with a special cliner, such as Fun Factory Toy Cleaner. Tli is required, medium -sized mirror, towel, lubricant (Pjur back door) can also be useful. It is necessary to take special lubricants intended for the anus – they not only provide excellent moisture and sliding.

With proper masturbation or exercise, there should not be an intimacy of pain, except for initial discomfort. In order to prevent unpleasant sensations, you should sequentially develop the muscles of the anus, use special lubricants, for example, Wicked Jelle, try to relax before the session as possible. If nothing helps and pain occurs, it is better to postpone such experiments for later.


In order for the penetration to not become a shock for the body, it is necessary to prepare anus, even if it is independent masturbation.

The chosen toy or fingers will help in this: after applying the required amount of lubrication in the area around the anus, it should be easily massaged until this feeling becomes familiar. When this happens, it is necessary to start penetrating the tip of the toy or finger, parallel to breathe measuredly.

You should not just push the object into the body, it is better to do it in the form of massage – wave -shaped, screwing movements from different angles, with different amplitude.

If in the process of masturbation the feeling came that an orgasm will come soon, you should get a slowly removed the toy: in the process of orgasm, which will bring incredibly exciting sensations.

Toys and cosmetics to help

The real experimenters can not do without high -quality toys. For this kind of masturbation, you can choose a step-shaped toy type of Christmas tree, for example, Lola Toys First Time Ribbed Plug or a convenient vibrator of a suitable diameter, for example B-Vibe. It is also nice to simultaneously use stimulants for clitoris or penis. Such toys will finally allow you to understand whether it is possible to have unconventional sex or should you refrain from this kind of caress.

Anal shower

As you remember, we have already mentioned a special soul. This simple device SEVEN CREATIONS Smart Wash Torque makes it possible to very delicately clean the anus and prepare the ass for intima. This will require a little boiled water at room temperature, to which it is desirable to add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Such a solution will gently cleanse the rectum, without washing out of it the microflora located there.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions

Vibration plug G-Plug

To prepare the priests for penetration, you can try sex with anal traffic jam, you can start with oral, look in more detail how to realize this in our video course “Master the art of oral caresses”. This will give you the opportunity to get used to the presence of a foreign body in the rectum channel and will somewhat expand the muscles of the anus, and at the same time they will delight your beloved and let him enjoy the excellent look from behind and the feeling that he has already entered you from two sides. For this purpose, the G-PLUG vibro-process is most suitable. It is presented in two sizes – 3 cm (s) and 3.9 cm (l). First, it is better to use a smaller toy. And vibration will help you better relax and experience new exciting sensations.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions

Christmas tree or balls

If the anus is required for the first time, you can use very delicate balls or a Christmas tree. Thanks to the gradually increasing diameter of the links, they will be able to delicately prepare the sphincter for coatus. Try Fun FACTORY Felix funny worm, it will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions

Pjur backdoor

The sphincter and a special spray Pjur Backdoor will help a little. It does not contain painkillers like benzocaine or lidocaine, but it has an aloe vera and panthenol extract in large quantities in order to soften the penetration and reduce the penetration of pathogens to zero to zero. Apply the spray 20 minutes before the start of copulation.

Technology for pleasure from behind

For a long history of the existence of anal sex, people have developed special techniques, because you do not have to invent something new. It is enough just to follow existing rules and enjoy the result. All techniques are presented in detail in video courses “Love Anal Sex by 100%” for women and “Give her anal orgasm for men”.

In any case, with the introduction of a penis from behind, you will have to wait. First you need to well develop an entrance to the anus using a tongue and fingers. Caresses should continue until the largest finger penetrates into the ass without hindrance. Fingers moves a partner can alternate with the action of suitable toys. Never forget about the special lubrication of Pjur Back Door.

When the line of the penis comes, it should be introduced gradually. Having penetrated them literally by 1-2 cm, you need to freeze and give the girl the opportunity to get used to new sensations. As soon as she relaxes again, you can push it a little more and wait again. Returns and permits can only be performed in an absolutely relaxed rectal channel and with a completely relaxed woman. 

Pose for excellent pleasure

To know how to properly engage in intimacy in the anus, it is necessary to imagine what poses exist for this. There are such positions that are suitable only for experienced lovers, and they should not be practiced at the very beginning of their acquaintance with the rear coatus. Also, with a lack of experience, it is worth categorically excluding rectal threesome despite the fact that in porn films it looks very erotic.

We offer you an acquaintance with the most common postures for intercourse in the ass.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions

On the side

This is perhaps the perfect pose for beginners. You should sit on your side, turning to your favorite back and slightly pulling your legs to your stomach. So he will be able to freely introduce a member into your anus, but you can regulate the depth of introduction and the strength of frictions yourself.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions


Quite often you can find a description of the missionary posture for practitioners from the back. However, this position is suitable only for men whose member is longer than the average. In addition, in this position of bodies, the lover should be in good physical form.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions


You turn to the man with his back and bend down, leaning your hands on a chair or any friend surface. In this position, you can only practice with a partner whom you completely trust, since it is he who leads the process. Of course, this position is suitable only for experienced couples.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions


Will help to slightly reduce the compression of the sphincter and a special chain. It largely resembles a Christmas tree, because the diameter of the links increases on it in the same way. Great little thing for beginners.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions


A traffic jam with a big rhinestone will help you. She will be able to perform a double function – the sphincter will stretch a little and decorate your pretty ass.


We have already dealt with you – is it possible to engage in rear joys without a condom, and came to the conclusion that this is the main thing. It is important to choose strong condoms for this purpose that would reliably protect the penis from intestinal bacteria.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions


Great condom from the Japanese manufacturer. It is quite thin, because it can be felt in it charms of full frictions. However, it is characterized by high strength, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions


This is already a popular German brand. Also strong and high -quality products with good grease and without the smell of rubber. They are also good because they are very easy to choose in the size of an erect penis.

Special lubricants

And of course, you and I must pay special attention to lubricants, since they will become reliable protection for your priests.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions

Pjur Power

This is a real find for beginner practitioners and lovers of intense rear frictions. It is quite thick and concentrated, therefore it makes penetration at times. Another advantage of this lubricant is a pleasant smell.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions

Wicked Jelle

Also a great option for suitable lubrication. This water -based lubricant provides unhindered sliding throughout the process of copulation. It includes anti -inflammatory and disinfecting components.

Vibrators for anal

It is worth dwelling separately on vibrators, since they can exclusively prepare the ass for coatus. The main thing is to choose a vibrator of a suitable diameter and use it to warm up.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions


Compact smart vibrator working on two silent motor. Very cute little thing that you like. It can also be used to stimulate the rectal channel.

How to do anal correctly for the first time – a sexologist’s instructions

Lola Toys

This nice gadget will also help you prepare for penetration from the rear. The vibration traffic jam is best suited for this purpose. Although, as an option, a vibropulus or vibrator of a more realistic shape can be used.

Can hemorrhoids be and is it possible to do this with this disease

Another extremely important point that we must discuss with you is the presence of hemorrhoids. If non -traditional sex is engaged in the rules and prepare for it also correctly, then it will even be useful for hemorrhoids.

Watch our video on this topic:

If the disease is in an exacerbation stage or you have cracks in the rectum – you can’t categorically engage in the assembly in the ass. If you think that everything is in order with you, but you see blood after this type of sex, you need to abandon further experiments and consult a doctor.

How to persuade a wife to do it

Now, it is worth paying attention to men, because many of them do not know how to persuade his wife to sex in the ass and suffer greatly from this. Dear macho, gentlemen, hot and passionate lovers! To get to the ass of your wife, you need to do everything possible to trust you with. The beloved must completely relax under your caresses.

If you want to get regular anal with your wife, learn the techniques and secrets of this type of pleasure. It is very important to use preliminary caresses and gradually prepare your favorite ass for the penetration of a member. All this is described above and in our male video courses, so don’t be lazy. Moreover, such a sweet reward awaits you at the end.

Anal sex and religion

To a greater extent existing prejudices, we owe religion. Moreover, almost all the main religions of the world seemed to be conspired. Islam categorically prohibits reverse relations, and this is even punishable by law. Nevertheless, this type of copulation to this day is practiced in so many Muslim couples, especially among unmarried girls.

The Christian Church is similar to such affection sinful. Previously, they even had their own name – Zhenonei. Orthodox Catholics also condemn sodomy, calling it a sin against nature. Nevertheless, here in some families intimacy in the ass is present, often as a sign of husband’s dominance over his wife.

Modern Judaism allows two to do in bed everything they want. But the orthodox Jews consider this type of intercourse sinful. A very loyal approach to this issue in Buddhism. Only obsession with all kinds of passion is not welcome there, as it prevents enlightenment.

In ancient India, this type of intercourse was called the “lower union”. Hindu did not prohibit him, but did not encourage him. It was believed that it violates the movement of prana, and this leads to the appearance of weakness and lethargy in the body. The ancient Eastern treatises in unison repeat that you cannot consider any part of the body of a person unclean, and each of them deserves love.

In ancient Greece, rectal affection was openly encouraged. There were even special rear penetration techniques that help to make rear relations with painless and pleasant. The Greeks used olive oil abundantly as a lubricant, though they should not imitate them – there is a great risk of allergic reactions. Since then, penetration into the ass is often called Greek.

You can independently decide how to relate to non -traditional sex.

Remember – everything that happens between two people outside the doors of their bedroom by their agreement – everything is fine.

And if a girl learns to experience a discharge in such an intimacy, then this will give an incredible storm of emotions to both partners.

Is it possible to get pregnant

Probably, intercourse in the ass is most attracted to some couples in that by definition it does not imply pregnancy. Unless the partner accidentally “misses” at the time of ejaculation or sperm inadvertently gets from the anus to the vagina. However, these cases are so rare that they can not even be considered. Moreover, we agreed – such proximity can only be practiced in condom. If, after frictions in the rectal channel, a man wants to move to the vagina, he must replace a condom with a new.

So do not be afraid of anything – learn these exquisite caresses, get ready in advance and enjoy amazing orgasms!

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