How to have anal sex correctly

How to have anal sex correctly.

How to have anal sex correctly

How to have anal sex so that the sensations are only pleasant? How to prepare for anal? How to make it hurt? Simple tips for those who only plan to try anal affection, who want to experience an orgasm from such sex for the first time.

Who can have anal sex

Anal sex is practiced by many couples. This is done by young and adults. Such experience allows you to diversify relationships. At the same time gives a very pleasant sensation. But there are a number of contraindications that cannot be ignored. If these health problems are present, it is better to abandon the anus’s affection:

  • Intestinal diseases. If they are present, it is better to postpone experiments until complete recovery. Permission for such sexual intercourse can only be given by the attending physician.

  • Haemorrhoids. Its leakage can seriously deteriorate. A serious injury can occur at any stage. Do not think that such a massage will help «To disperse blood», This is a dangerous delusion.

  • Cracks of the anus. If after the intestines or past experience in the anus there is damage, anal is prohibited. Only with good well -being can you try to caress the anus. If there is even the slightest discomfort, for example, itching, burning, pain, it is worth abandoning experiments.

  • Infection of the urine system. Whatever nature the disease is, do not enter into anal contact. Even with condoms this is better not to do. Permission should be taken from a doctor to understand that there will be no deterioration or infection of a partner.

  • Problems with a chair. Constipation or diarrhea is not treated with anal sex. It is necessary to find out the cause of the situation, eliminate it, and only then resort to erotic experiments.

If health is not the best, it is worth abandoning anal sex. In order to enjoy with such sex, you need to relax. And weakness or fatigue will not make it possible to enjoy the moment.

How to have anal sex correctly

How to prepare for anal sex

Anal sex does not require special training. It is not necessary to make an enema, just empty the intestines 2-3 hours before intercourse.

Of course, it is advisable to go to the shower before proximity to eliminate all kinds of smells. But if the bathroom is not nearby, you can simply apply wet wipes.

It is important to properly relax the body before the introduction of a member, and such preparation is required. And some cleansing procedures — This is not necessarily.

Do I need to make an enema in front of anal

There are people who are very afraid to be Ipakokakok during anal. It is neither that insist on the need for enemas. But the washing of the intestine does not guarantee that there will be no discharge. This is a procedure for its own reassurance, but its need remains in question.

A small enema up to 300 ml helps to clean part of the intestines. But feces can move from above. Therefore, their absence will not be able to ensure. If you make a large enema (volume of 1 liter or more), then you can provoke feces, and it will only be worse.

Enema — This is a medical procedure, if you do it incorrectly, it will negatively affect the state of the intestinal microflora. Therefore, it is not necessary to do it once again.

How to have anal sex correctly

Necessary accessories for anal sex

In order for anal sex to be safe and comfortable for all participants, special accessories will be required:

  • High -quality lubricant. Lubrication protects the skin from injuries, it promotes gliding. Apply it at the time of preparation, and then add as necessary. Since in the area of the anus natural lubrication does not stand out, the artificial one is necessary. But using improvised means is prohibited. From saliva, baby cream or sunflower oil there can be many health problems.

  • Dense condoms. Bacteria from the anus should not get into the urethra. They can provoke inflammation. Therefore, anal should always occur in condoms. And since friction is very strong, you need to take special models that are designed for such a load.

  • Wet wipes. In the process and at the end, discharge may appear. You can remove them from the body with ordinary napkins. Of course, after sex it is better to go to the shower. But even in the process of a towel or something similar should be at hand.

It is better to prepare everything you need in advance, so as not to look. All accessories must be kept at hand.

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