How to make a ban on pleasure? Anal sex for women and men

How to make a ban on pleasure? Anal sex for women and men.

How to make a ban on pleasure? Anal sex for women and men

For a long time, anal sex was called «outlaw». This is primarily due to religious prohibitions and social prejudices, thanks to which this type of sexual relations in the minds of many people is considered a sin, and in some cases even a crime.

For example, in some countries of Africa, for an attempt to anal penetration, you can get a long prison term, and with the intention – go to prison for life. On the island of Yamaika for this «crime» You can go to hard labor. Unfortunately, but a similar attitude to anal sex is maintained due to its association with homosexual sexual contacts, although this is not at all the same.

In modern conditions, the image of anal sex in porn films is a big problem. A spectator who does not have sufficient knowledge, and perceiving everything that is shown to him, for a pure coin, can «rush into battle», neglecting the elementary safety and contraception rules. As a result – deep disappointment and trauma, not only psychological, but also quite tangible physical. It is important to understand that porn – This is an exaggerated image of sexual relations, each shooting does not do without professional installation techniques and «special effects». In real life, in order to get only positive emotions and pleasure from anal sex, you should adhere to certain recommendations.

How to make a ban on pleasure? Anal sex for women and men

Anal sex for women

The first and main rule for women who want to try anal sex – This is accuracy. From correctly spent «preparatory events» it depends whether anal penetration will bring pleasure or only troubles.

So, before you start having sex through the anus, you need to do the following actions:

  • To warn your partner that haste in this matter will not lead to anything good;
  • Ask a partner to enter the rear passage first a little finger, well moistened with vaginal discharge or saliva (ideally – with a special lubricant), then let him slowly lead them back and forth until the first painful sensations disappear;
  • The partner enters the index finger through the anus, and «works» they have lost pain, then two fingers at the same time – medium and index, and also until that moment until there is a feeling of pleasure, not pain.

After the conducted «procedures» The woman’s anus will be ready to introduce an erect penis into it, and the process of sex will bring unforgettable, new sensations for both partners.

Important for both partners is the knowledge that when having vaginal sex after anal intercourse, pathogenic bacteria from the rectum can get into the urethra or vagina, and cause a disease such as urethritis, so it is better to refrain from these actions.

Anal sex for men

Many strong men like to be weak and affordable in bed. This is one of the characteristic features of our society, and it is not surprising that a phenomenon called pegging is widely used. With this type of sexual contact, a woman with a strapon or phalloimitator penetrates the anus of a man.

It is worth noting that this type of anal sex is pleasant to both partners – A man is stimulated in a prostate and anus, and a woman enjoys, especially when using a double -sided phalloimitator.

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