How to make an enema before anal sex?

How to make an enema before anal sex?.

An enema is one of the methods of cleaning the intestines before anal sex. For the procedure, special tools (a pear for an enema or a mug of Esmarch), lubricant and various solutions are used: prepared independently or purchased in a pharmacy. But how to make an enema in front of anal sex, and what else is required for this?

Features of preparation for an intimate soul

Many do not bother with training and just use the shower. Unscrew the watering can, and the hose is pressed to the anal hole. But in this case, it is impossible to determine the amount of water that has caught: there is little – there will be no effect, there is a lot – there is a risk of spending your day in the “secret room”. At the same time, a large pressure damages the walls of the intestine and the sphincter, which will make you forget about sex for a long time.

It is advisable to go to the pharmacy and purchase a pear for an enema or Esmarch’s mug. It is better to choose a pear with a volume of 0.5 l or 1 liter. The volume of the Esmarch mug is standard, 3 l. A solution for an enema is prepared from improvised components:

Salt or soda. The first is intended for the soft removal of toxic substances and disinfecting the intestinal cavity. For cooking, it is necessary to dilute one teaspoon of salt in 1.5 l of boiled water. After that, strain the liquid through several layers of gauze and use as intended.

Soda solution is designed to soften and withdraw feces from the body. For cooking, you should dissolve two tablespoons of soda in 1.5 liters of warm water. The maximum effect is achieved by adding one tablespoon of glycerin oil.

Contecgon. Potassium permanganate copes well with intestinal cleansing and eliminating unpleasant odors. It is necessary to dilute 5 grains of potassium permanganate in a small amount of water, wait for complete dissolution, and then pour the resulting concentrate into the total volume of the liquid for the procedure. It is advisable to strain the solution through several layers of gauze: not dissolved crystals cause burns on the intestinal mucosa.

Romashkova. The therapeutic composition relieves inflammation and acts bactericidal. For preparation, you should take 4 tablespoons of chopped chamomile, pour two liters of cold water and bring to a boil. After that, wait 20 minutes, strain and cool to room temperature.

It is important! Why the finished solution when performing an enema should only be room temperature? The reason lies in the unique features of the rectum. Too warm water is absorbed into the walls of the intestines and feces, and therefore there will be no effect. The cooler the solution, the better. But too cold liquid is harmful: there is a risk of lowering body temperature, and as a result, sex will definitely not be. The optimum water temperature for the enema is 25-30 ° C.

For an intimate shower, you need to process the plastic cannula with a lubricant: simple petroleum jelly, vegetable oil, baby cream or lubricant.

How to make an enema before anal sex: the nuances of the procedure

Encoming an enema – the process is not complicated. But the following recommendations will not hurt:

Enema with a pear. Fill the container with ordinary boiled water or prepared solution, grease the plastic tip of the pear and carefully insert it into the anus. You can lean forward slightly. Then compress the container so that the water begins to enter. It is important to understand that the “Niagara waterfall” will not. After the procedure, it is advisable to walk 5-7 minutes so that the intestines work.

Enema using a mug of Esmarch. Place the device on the rack or hang it by the hook. In this form, water enters the body better, and hands remain free. It is necessary to lie on the right side, turning to take the pose of the embryo. Or stand on all fours and tilt your head down. It remains to enter the cannula into the intestines to the mark and wait. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes. After the end of the flow of water into the body, you must carefully stand up and walk around.

The standard volume of one enema is 0.5 l. Particularly suspicious and squeamish should increase the indicator to 2 liters. After the enema, you need to take a shower, use the body lotion and go to the lover with the offer to use the “forbidden fruit”.

It is important! Enough will occur several times. Therefore, it is not recommended to run to the bedroom immediately after the first visit to the toilet. You should wait 30-40 minutes.

Enema is harmful?

Yes! Frequent enemas are harmful. The fact is that the intestines are a very cunning organ. He loves when a certain part of the work is done for him. Too frequent procedures will lead to a deterioration in peristalsis, the occurrence of constipation and flatulence.

The enema is lered to useful flora, which leads to dysbiosis. Bottom line – instead of pleasant sensations from anal sex, you can get constipation, diarrhea, anal cracks, hemorrhoids. Everything should be in moderation.

Is it necessary to make an enema?

There are many “horror stories” about anal sex. As an example – the opportunity to get infected and get the most unpleasant diseases. But you should discover a small secret: the enema is not required. And that’s why:

  • Filling the intestines with fecal masses – a long process (takes about 24 hours) and if you go to the toilet in the morning, observe a strict diet (consuming a moderate amount of plant foods), then there is no need to put an enema;
  • The length of the male genital organ does not always reach the place where the digested breakfast is located;
  • If the member slightly touches the zone with waste of life, then only a call to the toilet is felt, and not the desire to continue to have sex.

There are more sparing alternative methods of intestinal cleansing.

Alternative to enema

A good alternative is a diet, a clear food intake or laxatives. Porridge and soups that have passed thermal treatment of vegetables should be eaten. Subject to the diet, going to the toilet will become regular and will occur at a certain time. As an example – after a morning defecation campaign, it will be possible to have anal sex in three hours, without execution of an enema. It is important not to forget about the gold rule of anal – the use of a condom.

And how porn actresses are prepared for anal sex?

Many girls are surprised when erotic scenes are observed on the screen. After all, porn actresses have to follow their ass even more often and more thoroughly. However, not everything is so smooth here. The fact is that before shooting they perform deep intestinal cleaning with a siphon method (special powerful enema).

This procedure harms the body, but porn actresses have a sufficient amount of financial resources for recovery. They also use various aromatic lubricants that drown out the amber from the anus.

For the correct execution of an enema, a pear or a mug of Esmarch, grease, a special solution and a little time will be required. It is important to choose the most convenient pose and wait for all the fluid to go to the body. You should forget about frequent enemas, since they lead to the destruction of the large intestine. It is best to discard all the “troubles”, monitor hygiene and use the condom.

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