How to prepare for anal sex | Notes about sex

How to prepare for anal sex.

First, we will slightly go over what anal sex is. This is just a type of sex that is loved, practiced, but do not boast of it.

Anal sex is the introduction of the phallus, phallus -like or any other object into an anus. The introduction of a finger is also considered anal. 😉

Below we will dwell on the main stages of preparation for anal sex.

How to prepare for anal sex | Notes about sex

Psychological training

This type of sex is considered “dirty”. Say that you love him or practice ashamed, especially men. You can easily be known as a person with non -traditional orientation with the consequences that arise from this.

Therefore, if you are not ready, if there is no confidence in relation to the partner or you know that one of you is squeamish, then you should not start. And do not be afraid to refuse, inventing the reason. You always have the right to disagree, there is nothing shameful in this.

Come up with a stop-word that will stop the process, and do not forget to say about this to the partner.

Remember that few anal sex is to their liking the first time. We are talking about the receiving side. This type of sex requires incredible delicacy, smoothness and gradual development, as well as high -quality physical training.

How to prepare for anal sex | Notes about sex

Physical training

It is worth remembering that the anus is a hole through which redesigned food is excreted from the body. Therefore, the likelihood that in the process you will encounter fecal masses is quite high. To minimize it, you must adhere to some rules:

1) empty the intestines a few hours before the anal. It didn’t work out, postpone sex the next day. It’s better not to take risks.

2) will be cleaned using an enema or washing.

An enema is a faster way to cleanse the body of food residues. Make it better 2-3 times. But do not forget that it cleans only the rectum. Deeper, usually the phallus or toy do not penetrate. Do not take a pear with a large volume, water penetrating deeper, can provoke the movement of feces. And they can not pour out immediately, but after a few hours. Just during sex. 

Washing, this is a long process affecting the rectum and part of the intestines. It is carried out with a large volume of water and 3 times, at least. Not recommended by doctors, as he threatens with impaired intestinal microflora.

3) go to the shower. Anal sex involves preliminary caresses. Pure ass inspires the confidence of the receiving side and is pleasant to the partner.

It is worth mentioning that all these procedures do not give 100% of the guarantee not to get dirty. It is for this, and also to avoid unpleasant diseases, it is worth using condoms. Not every member will like contact with poop. Condoms for anal sex, most often, denser than their other brothers.

Again, if you are morally not ready that a small amount of digested food and the corresponding smell may appear, you should not practice anal.

We cannot but mention the fact that it is worth increasing the size of penetrating objects gradually. Starting with a finger or, better, a small diameter toys. Of course, I would like to plant it at once and on the very tomatoes, but this is fraught with ruptures, cracks and the fact that he will avert the desire to have anal sex once and for all. While gradual addiction will increase the chance of enjoying both sides.

How to prepare for anal sex | Notes about sex

Special tools

We have already mentioned the enemas and souls for cleaning and touched on the topic of condoms. But this is not all that you may need.

Anal sex simply cannot do without lubrication. This is a salvation for all beginners and practitioners. The anus does not emit his own lubrication, and you will not solve the issue simple. The structure of the saliva is not the same. The lubricant is designed so that the penetration occurs as comfortable as possible. Usually, special painkillers and softening substances are included in the lubricants for anal. Everything will go smoothly, without cracks and breaks.

Do not forget about toys: all kinds of traffic jams, anal balls and vibrators. They come from the smallest sizes that do not frighten a newcomer to solid units for practitioners.

How to prepare for anal sex | Notes about sex

Anal sex is nice. The main thing is to do everything slowly and gradually. And do not forget to buy what will make this type of sex as comfortable as possible in our store! We have not only the widest selection of products, but also delicate, understanding operators that can suggest and answer any questions about the product. 😉

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