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How to prepare for anal sex? Simple tips, useful accessories.

How to prepare for anal sex correctly? There are several stages that are necessary for the first anal to pass comfortably and painlessly. They do not take much time, but their passage guarantees safety. Simple tips will help to tune in, perform the necessary hygiene procedures and try to penetrate without hesitation and fear.

Stages of preparation for anal sex

Preparation for anal is a process that includes several stages. And this is not only about “taking a shower”, this is also about moral readiness, trust in the partner and the boundaries of the permitted. Several stages of preparation can be distinguished, all of them are important.

  • Psychological training. The desire for anal sex should be mutual. Inappropriate agreements due to manipulations, under pressure. If there is mutual interest, then you should decide. But you need to understand that the process may not be too hygienic, and it is not always predictable. It is important to clearly realize – with whom you want to practice, in what circumstances, and what boundaries exist.
  • Theoretical training. To study the process is worth not only by porn. In adult films, everything looks played up. You need to understand how to move, what to do so that the process brings pleasure. Detailed instructions – how to have anal sex. Useful for both beginner and experienced users.
  • Buying accessories. Anal sex can be traumatic if you do not use special lubricant. Lubricants improve sliding, protect delicate skin from cracks. And it is important to choose a safe tool in advance, improvised compositions found at home can cause problems.
  • Physical training. Before penetration, you need to prepare the anus. Stretching, removing clamps – this is a process that takes time. Sometimes it can be accelerated using sex toys. There are consistent stages, you need to know about them.
  • Sexual preparation. Sometimes to get pleasure you need to try anal alone. Masturbation will allow you to understand the sensations, learn how to enjoy without pain.

We will talk about all the stages of preparation for anal sex. This information will make the process comfortable for all participants.

When you can engage in anal or psychological preparation for anal sex

Mutual desire is the main condition for anal sex. Both participants in the process should want such contact. It is inappropriate to enter into such sexual relations under pressure, as a result of manipulations.

No need to look for a reason for refusal, If there is no desire to try. It is not necessary to explain something in order not to participate in this process. And if there is fear, doubts – you can just say “no”.

It is important to trust the partner. A person should be sensitive to the body and try not to harm. Sharpness, fast speed is inappropriate.

The presence of feet of a word. It is important to determine the boundaries when everything needs to be finished. And if suddenly the sensations are unpleasant, the completion should be instantaneous. This is necessarily discussed before the start of the experiment, and it is important to be sure that the partner will fulfill the rules and will not violate the promises.How to prepare for anal sex? | Preparation for anal | How right

How not to get dirty or physical preparation for anal sex

Passive partner must prepare for anal sex. It is very important that the well -being is excellent and nothing is distracted from the process.

  • 1-5 hours before the anal, you need to empty the intestines. Then there will be no life of life in the rectum, the process will be much more pleasant and more hygienic. If you could not go to the toilet in advance, it is better to postpone sexual experiments the next day.
  • Before sex it is worth taking a shower. This is not an obligatory part, but desirable. Preliminary caresses include touching with the hands, and sometimes the tongue. The feeling of purity gives more confidence.

Only 2 of these stages are important for preparation, everything else is not necessarily.

Do I need to make an enema?

The question of an enema before anal is often asked. And there is a definite answer: to make an enema is not necessary. Even without it, sex can give joy to the participants.

Make an enema for psychological comfort. The receiving partner thus eliminates the excitement that there will be some discharge. And if such confidence is needed, then you can decide on washing. But the enema does not guarantee that there will be no discharge. It reduces their probability, but does not completely eliminate.

When you need an enema? She is practiced before anal fisting. . And then the enema is necessary.

Will there be stitching stalks in the process?

The anal hole is not intended for sex, but for several millennia people use it to get pleasure. In 80-85% of cases, the process proceeds without discharge. But the likelihood that they will be.

Fully “getting drunk” in the process is difficult. This is unlikely. But when taking out a member, a small amount of feces is possible. This also rarely happens. But pieces of digested food adhering to a member, this is a possible situation.

You need to be psychologically ready that contact with feces will occur. It’s not scary, you can always go to the shower.How to prepare for anal sex? | Preparation for anal | How right

What will happen if someone gets dirty?

With a high degree of probability, both partners “get dirty”. Some of the inner microflora from the intestines will be on a member of a man or on sex toys. All this may have an unpleasant smell. But this is a feature of this type of contact.

Agreeing to anal sex, it is important to understand that the anus is created to remove processed food. And interaction with it will happen if there was no enema or washing. But such procedures do not guarantee that there will be no dirty effect. Therefore, it is better to solve in advance whether it scares it or not. If so, give up experiments.

The process of cleansing the intestine

If you want to be confident in the cleanliness of the body, you should decide to cleanse the intestines. You can do it differently. There is a small procedure, it is suitable for simple experiments. You can carry out maximum cleaning, but it will take time.


In preparation for anal sex, a small volume of solution is used. It is recruited into a special pear and inserted into the body. Then the water spills naturally, removing the remaining food. Only the rectum is washed, then the space that is involved in the introduction of a member. The enema can be made 2-3 times to completely remove feces. One procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

Make an enema with boiled water. Sometimes they take her grasses. To improve the smell, use perfume, a couple of drops are added to the water. Doctors do not recommend applying aromatic components so as not to harm the microflora. It is permissible to make an enema no more than 3 times a week.

Why the volume of the enema is small? It is not recommended to take a large container. If you pour a lot of water, it enters the large intestine, and can lead to the movement of feces. They do not always fall immediately, sometimes after a few minutes or hours, and then the process, on the contrary, will not become hygienic.


This is the procedure for thorough intestinal cleansing. Lasts from 30 minutes to several hours. Made by an enema with a large volume or special hose. Water from the tap is directed into the body in a large volume, and then flows out. The process is repeated at least 3 times, until the discharge is “clean”. The rectum and part of the large intestine is completely washed in the process.

Washing is not recommended by doctors, as it can adversely affect the microflora of the body. Before the procedure, you need to talk to your doctor.

Necessary accessories for anal sex

An important stage in preparation for anal sex is the acquisition of useful accessories. They will help to enjoy the process, avoid negative consequences.

  • Lubrices for anal sex. The lubricant protects the thin mucous membrane from injuries. It moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity, and also promotes slipping. Lubricants can be on water-based, they can be used with sex toys. Eats options on a silicone basis – they are used even in water, they are not immediately washed off. Lubrication can be with aroma to mask natural smells. And warming and cooling lubricants are also interesting, they increase pleasant sensations.
  • Condoms for anal. So that bacteria from the intestines do not get into the urethra and do not cause inflammation, it is worth using a condom. He also protects against contact with feces. In the anus, more intense friction occurs than in the vagina, so condoms for anal are stronger. They do not make the process less tangible for a man, but at the same time protect it from diseases.
  • Intimate goods. Preparation for anal requires time, and not always the first experiments cause pleasant experiences. Sex toys help to get used to the sensation of an object in the anus faster, they help to relax and start to have fun.

Having lubrication is a necessary condition for anal sex. If it is not at hand, you need to abandon such an experience.

Is it possible to use a children’s cream or saliva as anal lubricant?

Improvised means cannot replace anal lubricant. They are created for external use, and if oral gets, they can cause an unpredictable reaction.

Important: Children’s cream, lotion, petroleum jelly or vegetable oil are not suitable for anal sex.

Than the use of inappropriate tools is dangerous:

  • Latex destruction. All oil -containing substances destroy latex. The condom loses its protective properties, it may even break. When they are used, there is no protection against STDs even when using a latex product.
  • Violation of microflora. Inappropriate funds are designed for external use. When entering the body, they violate the internal balance of the body. The minimum threat is dysbiosis. Maximum – serious inflammation. Treatment of any diagnosis will cost more than buying a lubricant.
  • Injuries on the body. Lubricants are developing professional laboratories, they protect the skin from injuries. And if small cracks appear, serve as rapid healing. If a cream or petroleum jelly enters the wound, inflammation is formed in almost 100% probability. And although it does not always have to be treated with medication, it heals much longer.
  • Additional cracks. Saliva or lotion dries, and if the funds are not enough, the chance of injury increases. You can not notice in time that there is not enough lubrication, and then find a lot of problems.

The price of anal lubricant starts at 300 rubles per tube. This is an affordable cost, and it is lower than the costs of eliminating the consequences of using improvised means for anal.

How to stop being afraid of anal or sexual preparation for anal sex

Anal sex scares not only hygienic problems, it is not always clear – what feelings will be. And that is why sometimes it is worth exploring your body in advance. Masturbation will find out how this happens, what responses in the body causes.

The space around the anus contains a huge number of nerve endings. But not often people stimulate them. Therefore, the area is “sleeping”. The first touches do not always give a pleasant response, more often it simply does not. But if you start caressing the ass, experiences will become brighter with each experience.

First you should not strive to introduce something inside. It is enough to explore the area around, begin to react to the touch of hands and sex toys. And only then can you proceed to immersion of the fingers. Such experiments will allow you to understand that anal sex is not scary, but very interesting.

Anal sex toys for beginners

In preparation for anal sex, you can use sex toys. It is easier to prepare anus for penetration with them. And they also give a lot of pleasant sensations during use.

  • Anal traffic jams. Cone -shaped devices with a thin leg. Introduced into the body, giving a feeling of fullness. The diameter starts from 1 cm, it is very pleasant to get used to stimulation. Can serve as a decoration of the body, rhinestones or tails help even during proximity to look elegant. And these are wonderful gifts.
  • Anal traffic jams for wearing. Can be in the body until 8 o’clock in a row. Incorrect under clothes. The presence of vibration is a big plus, because you can enjoy even in a crowded place if you control from a remote remote control or from a smartphone.
  • Stimulants for the anus. Created for active frictions. Smooth or embossed surface massages the entrance. Often the diameter of the devices is not large, and the shape can be any. Phalloimitator and metal rod – examples of stimulants for the anus.
  • Balls and beads. Balls of different diameters on a soft hitch are anal toys that increase orgasm intensity. They are inserted into the body during the prelude, and during the peak of pleasure they are pulled out of the anus. The experimental complex is very bright, both men and women will like it.
  • Anal Christmas trees. Stimulants with different diameters. Gradual expansion facilitates the introduction to the body. Can serve for wearing, for active movements. Fans of massage will like it very much. Facilitates preparations for the penetration of a member.

The presence of vibration in any sex toy is a significant plus. Outings will use the maximum number of nerve endings, cause a surge of blood to the anal region, which will enhance excitement.

When you can’t have anal sex?

In preparation for anal, it is important to know when anal sex is contraindicated. If there are the following diagnoses, it is better to refuse to stimulate the anus or make it only with the permission of the attending physician.

  • Inflammation in the pelvic organs. If there are problems with the urine system, it is better to refuse anal sex. He can provoke an exacerbation of the disease or its spread to a large area.
  • Infection of the urine system. With anal, the probability of transmission of the disease is much higher than with vaginal sex. And if there is a suspicion that the partner is sick, it is better not to risk even with a condom.
  • Prostatitis. If there is this disease, and anal is planned in a passive position, you need to talk with the attending physician. Even the massage of the gland can be contraindicated in certain periods of the course of the disease.
  • Pathologies of the anorectal zone. Cracks, breaks, hemorrhoids – this is a contraindication to anal sex. He can provoke a deterioration in the course of the problem, and also prevents the cure.
  • Delay of excretory processes. If there are problems with urination or constipation, you need to refuse experiments. Examination and treatment are required, and only then you can try something new.

Treat carefully to health, and if there are doubts about the safety of anal contact, consult your doctor. Contraindication to anal sex may be the threat of miscarriage, psychological diseases and much more.How to prepare for anal sex? | Preparation for anal | How right

Questions about preparation for anal sex

A glass of beer or champagne in front of the process can help, but it is better not to use them. At the first experiments, it is very important to control the process so that there are no injuries. A sober person is better aware of his sensations, he can stop in time. Anal sex in a drunken form is categorically contraindicated.Discharge is possible, although they rarely happen. And after sex on a member, there may also be the remains of feces. What to do in such a situation? Use napkins and go to the shower. You need to be prepared for such surprises and you should definitely not be scared.The lubricant with an anesthetic removes unpleasant sensations. He helps to relax sphincters, which means to get more pleasant sensations. But such a lubricant should be bought when the first experiments have already been completed. In the first anal sex, awareness is important, you need to monitor real sensations so as not to harm health, and dullness of pain is inappropriately. And by 5-10 times an anesthetic lubricant will become an assistant.There is no single answer, it is individual in every pair. The easiest way is to interest the girl so that she herself wants to try.

What prevents her from agreeing and how to behave – read in the article “How to persuade her to anal sex”.Hair removal in an intimate zone for anal sex is not required. Hairs, if any, will not interfere with the penetration. Delete them or not, everyone decides.Constipation is a disease, and it is important to find out the cause of the situation, and then undergo treatment. Anal sex will not help solve the problem, or can seriously aggravate it. With this diagnosis, anal is prohibited.

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