How to use anal balls correctly | Anal toys

How to use anal balls correctly.

How to use anal balls correctly | Anal toys
Anal balls are a simple, but very interesting device that is perfect for men and women, both beginners and pros who have already appreciated all the charm of anal caresses. Read this article and find out how to use their help incredible and exquisite pleasure.

What are anal balls

This is a sex toy for anal stimulation, consisting of several beads (round or oval shape). Anal balls can differ in size (from small to larger), and connect to the thread from nylon or silicone, or to be cast into a single form.

When buying anal balls or beads, it is necessary to choose safe (incorrect) body materials, which will be easy to care for. The presence of a wide loop, rings or grounds for holding is very important, as this reduces the chance that the toy will get stuck inside the body.

Hard material, for example, metal, provides intensive stimulation and is well suited for playing with temperature. But at the same time, it can be inconvenient for use. For beginners, anal ballicon balls are best suited. They are more flexible and safe.

Why choose anal balls

Anus is often overlooked as a source of pleasure. There is still a lot of stigma around the anal game, but if you can overcome this, you will find yourself in a completely new world of sexual pleasure. When anal balls are pulled out, they stimulate the nerve endings surrounding the sphincter muscle, bringing a very pleasant sensation.

Pros of anal balls:

Suitable for beginners

This is a particularly good choice for people who just want to get acquainted with the sensations of the first anal penetration. It is best to choose balls of different sizes, that is, with the smallest diameter at first and gradually increasing to the base. The sphincter must stretch so that the bead slipped inside. You get used to the smallest balls, and when the sensations become comfortable, go to larger.

It is convenient to study yourself

These amazing toys will be a great addition to masturbation. If you are a beginner in anal game, the use of balls independently helps to get used to and find your own stimulation methods.

Interesting pair experience

The use of anal balls during prelude or sexual intercourse also positively affects the relations of partners. Adding to the intimacy of any sex toys requires open and continuous communication (before, on time and after) both about the emotional and the physical side of the action of action.

Stimulate the nerve endings of the anus

It is assumed that the anal balls are inserted one at a time to feel the fullness. And half the pleasure is also removal. Movement stimulates the nerve endings of the sphincter, creating a feeling of massage. You can pull them out gradually – one by one, slowly or quickly to get even more pleasure as you pass through the hole.

Free hands

The advantage of anal beads is also that for their use you can do almost without the help of hands. For example, introduce balls and leave them inside, and at this time orally, fingers or other sex toy stimulate penis, clitoris, vagina. Such double stimulation creates interesting sensations and enhances pleasure.

Intensive orgasms

Pulling out anal balls at the time of orgasm can strengthen the resulting pleasure several times.

Safety rules when using anal balls

Acquaintance with anal game can be quite difficult, but at the same time a very exciting activity. Especially if you are a beginner in anal sex toys. What you need to know before starting to use anal balls?

Any anal toy should have expanding base or loop, So that the device could not be inserted completely.How to use anal balls correctly | Anal toys
Always choose non -toxic, safe for the body Materials.

Prepare for the game. A few hours before the start of any anal stimulation, you need to go to the toilet, wash. If desired, if you are very worried about the opportunity to get dirty with the remains of feces, you can make an anal shower or douching. But this procedure should not be carried out often so as not to damage the intestinal microflora.

A lot of lubrication. There is no natural moisture in the anus, so the use of a lubricant should be mandatory for anal games. For silicone anal balls, it is best to choose a water -based lubricant, so it will not damage the surface of the device.

Know your limits. This is necessary to understand how many times you can penetrate a sex toy inside the anus. Of course, abundant use of lubrication will help the muscles relax and take balls comfortably. But if you felt pain, then it’s time to stop.

Act gradually. When you start a game with anal balls – this is all about the introduction. Apply a lubricant to the anus area. Then you can push the first (smallest) beads through the muscle of the sphincter, holding it in a closed form. Do it slowly, inserting one ball at a time to prevent pain.

Never Do not use the same toys in the vagina and anus, since this can lead to the spread of bacteria and infections.

Do not share anal toys, If they are not used with condom. Better yet, everyone has their own set.

Breathe. If you are nervous about anal stimulation, take a few deep breaths. Try to relax so that the introduction is comfortable. You or your partner will take time to get used to the feeling of each bead before inserting the next.

Take your time, act with the speed you need. The anal chains are very flexible, so they will bend and squeeze a little when you enter the next ball. Beads will be rubbed against themselves and the anus when they are introduced. Most likely, you will have to twist them to find a convenient position.

When you finish playing with a toy, Do not forget to clean the anal balls soft soap and water or a special cliner. Correct care will maintain the integrity of the toy so that it can be used to use further.

How to play with anal balls

  • Find time, preferably more than an hour;
  • Excite well;
  • Apply a lot of lubrication to your fingers and distribute around the anus;
  • Add grease to the balls;
  • Very slowly enter them into the anus;
  • Enjoy the rest of the game session;
  • Get the balls slowly, wash and remove in the bag until the next time.

Recommendations on the use of anal balls

Try Solo

This is necessary to find out your preferences, to determine the limits when it is worth stopping. So you will feel less pressure, because you yourself decide how it is convenient for you to do, at what pace to move. You will prepare for joint use alone and gain experience that you will then share with your partner.

Play with them in the bathroom

If you are worried that you can stain the bed while playing with anal balls, take them with you to the bath.

Do not forget about the prelude

Do not rush to insert the entire chain at once, arrange a small prelude. Spend them along the crotch (your or partner), gently massaging and rubbing it with balls.

To begin with, you can enter only two or three beads into the anus to get used to sensations and understand what you like more-insert or pull out.

Play in different poses

It is convenient for many people to introduce balls, standing on all fours. This position helps you reach your own anus and insert beads. There are other poses:

  • lying on the back, lifting his legs up;
  • squatting;
  • lying on the side, pressing his knees to the chest.

How to use anal balls correctly | Anal toys
Add vibration

Vibration helps the sphincter muscles to relax faster and gives much more pleasure, thanks to the additional stimulation of the nerve endings both around the anus and inside.

Play with movements

Some people like to introduce anal balls, and then hold them in the anus. This is done for the time of intercourse or masturbation, or even for a long time. Of course, such wearing is not for everyone, but you can try to understand whether it suits you or not.

For others, the very peak of pleasure associated with anal beads occurs at the moment when they pull them out one at a time. This creates the feeling of “cotton”, which varies depending on the size of each ball.

Pull two or three balls and enter one back (change the quantity at your discretion). Gradually, the speed of introduction and stretching will ensure amazing stimulation.

Temperature game

Put metal balls in cool or warm water for a few minutes before inserting inside. Since the tissue of the anus is very tender, be sure to check that the toy is not too cold or hot. Optimum temperature-36-40 degrees.

Transfer control

Anal balls are also well suited for games in dominance and submission. Let the partner decide for himself when to insert and pull the chain out of your anus. You will enjoy anticipation, and he will enjoy your moans and prayers.

Combine with orgasm

As soon as you feel that you are about to experience an orgasm, pull out anal balls. A surge of pleasure from this action will raise your orgasm to completely new heights. And even make it longer when you get every ball. It may be difficult to correctly calculate the time, so try to listen to the signals of your body to track the onset of an orgasm.

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