How to use anal stimulator. How to choose the best

Anal stimulants. How to choose? How to use? Top 3 best..

How to use anal stimulator. How to choose the best

Anal stimulant – This is an intimate sex toy for men and women with a long oblong base and a small diameter. Unlike anal traffic jams, stimulants are not intended for long -term wearing. How to choose what types are and how to use anal stimulant you will learn from this article.

What is an anal stimulant for

In the area of the anus and in a man and a woman there is a huge number of nerve endings, the impact on which can expand the facets of pleasure. To stimulate the anus, use special erotic devices.

When they are necessary?

  • In preparation for non -traditional sex. In order to expand the anus and make the process painless, you should choose anal stimulants. As a rule, their oblong shape and a small diameter, allow you to make the prelude process pleasant and exciting.
  • With masturbation. For those who love anal caresses, a stimulant can be chosen as a great masturbator.
  • For a variety of sexual life. If you and your partner do not have enough passion in sex, we advise you to choose a stimulator and insert it into the anus during vaginal sex. The effect of double penetration will appeal to every woman and a man will receive an unforgettable sensation. And thanks to the toy, you don’t have to call an outsider to the bedroom.
  • For a man’s massage, a man should be chosen a special stimulant. Curved form devices are ideal for influencing a man’s prostate for pleasure, and they are also chosen for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis in men.

What are anal stimulants for men and women

  • Anal traffic jams. These erotic toys can be chosen for long -term wearing and obtaining a feeling of fullness. Not intended for progressive frictions, but during immersion, you can play a little with them.
  • Oblong stimulants of a realistic shape. Look like an erect member of a man. Can differ in length and diameter. Used as a masturbator and phalloimitator.
  • Chains or balls. Several small balls are connected by a rope and gradually introduced into the anus. Such unusual stimulation prepares a hole for the penetration of a member. You can choose from three to ten balls.
  • Christmas trees. The device really looks like a Christmas tree. Consists of several parts on a stiff coupling. The diameter of each part is different. The base has the largest. The toy is designed for progressive frictions. The length and diameter can be selected for an amateur.
  • Prostate stimulants. The special anatomical shape of the device allows you to effectively affect the prostate gland of a man. This contributes to the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, and also causes pleasant sensations to a man during frictions.
  • With vibration. The device with vibration will deliver much more pleasure than the usual woman and man. With vibro-toy, progressive movements will be performed automatically.
  • Plugs for role -playing games. It can be various tails, as well as decorative anal jewelry. Tails and jewelry can vary in color and material. You can choose for every taste.

How to choose anal stimulant

How to use anal stimulator. How to choose the bestInitially, when you want to choose a gadget, you need to pay Maximum attention for size and material. If you are a newcomer in the field of anal caresses, you should not buy too much stimulant. Even if you are very excited and think that a huge device – This is what you need, it’s better not to take risks. For beginner men and women, it is better to choose plugs with a diameter of 2-2.5 cm.

For the first stimulation, it is worth choosing hypoallergenic, safe and soft materials. For example, gel or silicone. Over time, you can switch to glass and metal stimulants.

Next, think about what functions your perfect massager should have. If you do not have enough feelings of fullness inside – Take a look at the anal traffic jams. For progressive movements – You can choose oblong devices.

And finally, the most important thing – Do not forget to choose anal lubricant. Without lubrication there is a high probability of damage to soft tissues and the appearance of microcracks. In this case, anal stimulation will have to be forgotten for several months.

How to use anal stimulator

Before using the massager, you need to perform several simple but important manipulations:

  • Wash well and disinfect the device. For this, ordinary antiseptics are suitable that are sold in every pharmacy or special products for cleaning sex toys.
  • Lubricate the toy with a lubricant. It is better to choose precisely for anal stimulation. Never use on dry!
  • Before inserting the stimulant into the treasured hole, you need to be thoroughly excited and first massage the hole with your fingers.
  • Do not make sudden movements when you insert the toy. This must be done carefully and slowly so as not to damage the anus.
  • The limiter that is present in each stimulant will allow you to control the depth of the entry. Do not overdo it with this.

If everything is done right, the toy will not deliver painful sensations, and you will get just unrealistic pleasure.

TOP 3 best anal stimulants

How to use anal stimulator. How to choose the bestAnal stimulator of the Christmas tree from the jag jag

Anal Christmas tree – This is an ideal toy for those who are afraid to have unconventional sex. Suitable for both men and women. Soft polyvinyl chloride from which it is made, and gradually expanding diameter, will make the prelude process as comfortable as possible. Toy length – 14.5 cm. Diameter at the base – 3.5 cm.


  • Thanks to a small size, beginners can choose a toy
  • Created from hypoallergenic material
  • Does not require special care, is easily cleaned
  • Low price

How to use anal stimulator. How to choose the bestAnal stimulator without a scrotum from a jag jag

The device imitates an erect member of a man and is popular with most women. The length of the working area – 12 cm, diameter – 2 cm. The toy is perfect for progressive movements during the preparation of the anus for penetration. Also, this model can be chosen for narrowing the vagina after childbirth. And the flexible elastomer allows you to stimulate all the nerve endings located in the area of the anus.


  • Realistic form in the form of a member of a man
  • Safe material
  • Democratic price
  • The ability to reduce the vagina in the postpartum period

How to use anal stimulator. How to choose the bestFallomitator Anal Blush

A transparent phalloimitator with a smooth surface, which is ideal to stimulate the anus. The length of the working area – 7.5 cm. Diameter – 2 cm. Both women and men can use the toy, since it is created from a flexible elastomer.


  • Smooth surface and realistic design
  • Soft, flexible material
  • You can choose both men and women

Now you know how to choose and how to use an anal stimulator and man and woman, and now choose your perfect massager. High -quality toys from world manufacturers will open new facets of pleasure in front of you. Having tried once, you can no longer stop.

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