How to wear anal plug?

How to wear anal plug?.

Wearing anal cork can be incredibly exciting sexual experience. But before starting to wear anal plug, it is worth studying some of the subtleties of this amazingly pleasant practice.

How to get used to anal traffic?

Get used to anal traffic alert gradually, as well as its wearing. This is due to the fact that the muscles that you strain to hold the cork must be trained. Increase the time of wearing plugs gradually. The same advice applies to the situation when you decided to buy an anal plug to wear another diameter or weight.

How long can you walk with anal traffic?

Thought about how to wear anal cork and how long? You yourself can decide for what time you want to wear an anal plug. First of all, it depends on your comfort. Someone can be comfortable to wear anal plug all day, and someone after three hours of wearing is already starting to experience discomfort or pain. If discomfort or pain occurs, it is recommended to immediately extract anal toy.

Do I need to use a lubricant when wearing anal cork? When to use a lubricant?

Be sure to use lubricants for any anal stimulation, including when wearing traffic jams. Use the lubricant when introducing, but do not forget that for greater comfort with prolonged wearing plugs, it is also recommended to apply a lubricant.

Which lubricants are best used when wearing anal traffic jam?

Now you know that lubricants must be used when wearing traffic jams, but what can be used to lubricate anal? Silicon and oil lubricants are supported by the prolonged sliding effect, but be sure to pay attention to the compatibility of the base of the lubricant with the material of the anal traffic jam.

Can I sleep with anal traffic?

Is it possible to wear an anal plug while sleeping? Let’s say right away: we do not recommend wearing an anal plug while sleeping.

It is not recommended to sleep with anal traffic, because during sleep, pain receptors of the body temporarily become inactive. In addition, an unconscious state during the use of anal plugs is very dangerous.

Is it possible to wear anal plug during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, before using an anal traffic, be sure to consult with a specialist and be sure to follow his recommendations. If you have no health problems and low risk, the use of anal traffic jam during pregnancy should not be harmful or dangerous.

For example, with the placenta, it is impossible to use anal traffic jams, as this can lead to damage and undesirable consequences.

Do I need to remove an anal plug during defecation?

Yes. You will not be able to empty the intestines when you have an anal traffic jam in the anus.

Do I need to remove an anal plug when urinating?

Not necessary. But to urinate when an anal plug is in the anus, it is very difficult. This is due to the fact that to hold the anal cork, it is necessary to strain the muscles of the pelvic floor. But when urinating it is necessary to relax these muscles, and an anal toy can fall out.

Why does the pain arise after prolonged wearing anal cork?

Discomfort and pain can most often occur due to the fact that your pelvic bottom muscles have been in suspense for too long. Most often, the muscles should rest, and then start wearing anal cork again. So you train your muscles, and in the end, pain and discomfort will stop bothering you.

If you wear an anal plug for too long, the anus will not be completely closed?

After long -term wearing anal cork, your anus may seem a little more ajar than before wearing. This is a normal situation, and after some time (about a couple of hours), the anus sphincter will fully close.

Is it possible to use anal traffic jams to prepare for anal sex?

How anal plug works? She stretches the anus and the sphincter reveals a little. That is why the use of anal traffic jam in front of anal sex is a great idea.

How to wear anal plug?

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