Lubrication for anal sex or olive oil?

Lubrication for anal sex or olive oil?.

Good lubricant for anal sex is simply necessary. The lubricant makes anal sex more pleasant, reduces the risk of a condom break and helps protect sensitive tissues. If you use latex condoms or any other latex barrier remedies, such as gloves or napkins, you should avoid the use of olive oil, because oils and lotions, as well as oil -based lubrication cause the destruction of latex. For any sexual activity using latex barrier protection products, lubricants on a water or silicone basis are recommended.

You have purchased a beautiful bottle of olive oil and now want to use it as a lubricant? This cannot be done in any case! Remember a simple equation: olive oil + latex condom = spoiled condom.

Water -based lubricant, which is most often recommended, you can safely use with latex and silicone toys, an additional bonus when using it is easy to wash off. For anal sex, look for options without flavorings (flavored lubricant may contain sugar and other ingredients that can cause irritation with penetrating sex). Water -based lubricants can be slightly sticky when dried, but they are easy to refresh them by adding water, saliva or more lubrication.

Some people prefer use Silicone -based lubrication for anal sex, because it usually provides a longer sliding, does not dry longer and does not become a sticky. Like water -based lubricant, silicone is safe for use with latex. The body does not absorb silicone, which means that it does not clog the pores, but to wash (and wash) from the body of a lubricant on a silicone basis can be more difficult. Silicone lubricant will damage silicone sex toys, so they cannot be used together if there is no condom on the toy.

Olive oil may be a lubricant option if you use polyurethane condoms instead of latex. Nevertheless, a slight warning against olive oil: it can be difficult to wash off, oil can clog pores, and also cause an infection or irritation, therefore it is not recommended for internal use (except for food, of course). Olive oil can be used in intimate life and in other ways, for example, as an external lubricant for masturbation (probably safer for use on the penis than on the clitoris) or as a massage oil with a very small risk of any health problems. If you decide to first use olive oil from the outside, and then have penetrating sex, even if you use a water -based silicone grease or grease, it is still recommended to use polyurethane condoms, and not from latex, because the condom may have come into contact with the remains of oliveoils that could remain on the sheets or on the body.

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