Pregnancy after anal – is it possible?

Pregnancy after anal – is it possible?.

Pregnancy after anal – is it possible?

We all know that unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy. Is it possible to get pregnant with unprotected anal sex? For some, this topic for discussion itself may already seem absurd, but let’s figure out in detail this issue.

Of course, technically it is impossible. Pregnancy occurs after spermatozoa penetrates the uterine cavity, and since the anus is not associated with reproductive organs, which means that it cannot lead to pregnancy directly.

But at the same time, there is still the probability of getting pregnant. Vaginal and rectal holes are quite close to each other. After the end of the unprotected intercourse, the seed fluid enters the anus. If your partner after that quickly extracts his penis, then a small part of the seed fluid will result and can get to where I would not like. Of course, it will not be so much, but this is enough for pregnancy.

If even the seed fluid fell into your sexual paths, two more factors must coincide – you have the ovulation period and the survivability of spermatozoa in your partner.

Pregnancy after anal – is it possible?

Although in this case the chance of pregnancy is completely small, do not neglect the use of condoms. Remember that it protects against sexually transmitted diseases, with any type of sex.

Recall that the mucous membrane of the anus is not intended to combat infections, unlike the vaginal mucosa. Therefore, the fact that in no case can not be done at once is to move from anal sex to vaginal, and vice versa.

This can lead to infections and complications. If you intend to have anal sex before vaginal sex, you need to change the condom.

We will summarize. The probability of pregnancy after unprotected anal sex is extremely small, but real risk is infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

Never forget about security and then you can with complete calmness to enjoy.

Pregnancy after anal – is it possible?

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