Preparation for anal sex. What to pay attention to?

Preparation for anal sex. What to pay attention to?.

Not everyone is fans of anal sex, while others adore it. It is unlikely that any other practice is so tarnished with false shame and myths as anal sex. But why anal sex is often called dirty and painful? We will explain and tell you how to perfectly prepare anal for anal sex.

More and more about sex, and an increasing number of women and men can talk about it openly. However, when it comes to anal sex, shyness quickly makes itself felt.

The myth that anal sex is always painful and that good anal sex should even cause pain is almost as tenacious as the statement that the anus zone is always dirty. What sensations with anal sex are normal? The fact is that anal sex can cause pain if you do not pay attention to your needs and if you are not relaxed. Of course, the anus is a sensitive zone, and suddenly a strong penetration into it can be unpleasant. Without a lubricant, anal sex brings even greater discomfort. However, proper preparation for anal sex and knowledge of how to use an anal lubricant will help you make this sexual practice funny and painless.

What about the factor that the anus and the anal zone are considered dirty? Isn’t the anus incredibly non -hygienic? This is another untruthful myth. Feces are in the rectum only when you need to go to the toilet. If you are already emptied, your anus is clean, and the penis of the partner will not reach the place where the feces are located. But here there is the possibility of preparation, for which you can study information on how to clean the rectum before anal sex.

Anal sex myths

1. For anal sex, condoms are not needed

It is not true! Although it is possible to get pregnant with anal sex only in very rare cases, the risk of IPPP transmission is much higher. The reason for this is that the mucous membrane of the anus is easier to damage. If sperm even falls into a small and harmless wound, this can lead to the transfer of HIV or other viruses and bacteria.

2. Women have anal sex only for men

Not true! We do not exclude the fact that some women try anal sex only for the sake of their partner, not understanding why men can like anal sex, but this does not apply to everyone. Some women even show the initiative themselves and incline the man to anal sex. In addition, anal toys are as popular among women as among men.

3. When moving from anal sex to vaginal, the use of one condom is suitable

This is also a myth that is absolutely not true and to which you should not listen to any circumstances. If you want to get into the vagina of a partner after anal sex, it is strongly recommended to change the condom. The reason for this is that intestinal bacteria can cause bacterial infections in the vagina, which are not only painful, but also not harmless.

What needs to be done before anal sex?

1. Talk about your fears in advance

You decided to try anal sex, but not confident in yourself? Do not be silent, talk about it with your partner. If you find that you cannot overcome your fears and the thought of anal sex is unpleasant for you, do not do this! If your partner already had anal experience, he will be able to facilitate many of your experiences during the conversation and talk about how they are preparing for anal sex.

2. Take a shower

Since the topic of anal sex is already tarnished by the wrong idea of non -hygienicity, it is recommended to pre -take a shower. You will feel cleaner, and your partner will be more pleasant if everything is fresh. By the way, there is enough water and soft agent for intimate hygiene.

3. Anal shower as an auxiliary

This form of preparation as cleaning the intestines for anal sex is an option, but not a prerequisite. You can study information on how to use anal shower to thoroughly rinse the rectum before anal sex. You pour warm water into the container, insert a small hose into the anus and pour water into it. After that, emptied.

4. Relax before penetration

Before the start of anal sex, it is important to relax. If you or your partner are very nervous or tense, prepare for a special moment with the help of massage of the buttocks or even the whole body. The more relaxed the passive part will be, the calmer you can survive your joint adventure.

5. Use lubricants

This is one of the most important steps in preparing anal sex! The use of lubrication is mandatory, and saliva or oil is not what you can use instead of lubrication for anal sex. The mucous membrane of the anus does not produce moisture, no matter how strong. Remember that instead of lubrication for anal, other products that are not intended for this is unsafe. Only using a lubricant, you can prevent the appearance of painful microwaves. This, by the way, is the main reason that happens after anal sex – some women and men may experience painful sensations.

Now that we dispelled several myths about anal sex, if you are interested in anal sex, try. If you want to experiment yourself, decide which anal toys to buy and enjoy pleasant stimulation. By the way, they are intended not only for women, but also for men.

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