Proper preparation for anal sex

Proper preparation for anal sex.

Do you need an enema?

Hygiene with anal sex, of course, is important. The enema is usually used when they went to the toilet right in front of anal sex and if there is a fear of embarrassment. The fact is that if you do not have problems with the intestines, the internal sphincter has free space from any contents at a distance of up to 3.5 cm, which is quite enough for not very deep penetration. If you have a constipation and you cannot go to the toilet for a long time, it’s better not to take risks and make an enema. Also, the enema is needed before fisting, because when immersed in the anus of particularly large objects, the probability of getting dirty increases.

How often can you make an enema?

Do not forget that the frequent washing of the intestine can lead to unpleasant consequences. Experts do not recommend making enemas more often 1-3 times a month. If the enemas do too often, this threatens with a weakening of the tone of the colon, washing out beneficial microflora, a decrease in intestinal immunity.

Water enema or microclism?

Microclism is considered a safer method of cleansing the intestines, because the risk of getting used to the body is much less than to a regular enema, it is hygienic, and also conveniently in use.

Safe anal sex rules

1. Use a condom to avoid the introduction of pathogenic bacteria into the rectum microflora.

2. If you wish, alternate anal-vaginal sex after penetration into one place, never use the same condom for another, change it and only then continue.

3. For more comfortable anal penetration, you can prepare with anal toy of small diameter. 4. Be sure to use a lubricant compatible with condoms and the toy used, because the rectum does not emit natural lubricant. 5. Refrain from taking alcohol and using lubricants with anesthetics, which can dull feelings, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.

Is there a special diet for anal sex?

You can adhere to a certain diet that will not cause excess gas formation and stomach disorders.

What products should be avoided before anal sex:

– legumes (peas, beans, etc.);

– Charging in the body (beer, kvass, black bread, grapes, etc. D.);

– containing dairy products, often whole milk;

– all carbonated and alcoholic beverages;

– containing coarse fiber and sulfur (radishes, cabbage, gooseberries, onions, apples, etc.);

– chewing gum.

External caresses

If such caresses as Rimming are additionally planned, do not neglect the protection. For such purposes, latex napkins are used. If there are no napkins, then you can cut a condom. It is worth considering that latex napkins are practically not sold in the world due to low popularity.

When you can’t make an enema?

It is dangerous to make an enema in the following cases:

– with hemorrhoids;

– in the presence of cracks of the rectum;

– with dysbiosis;

– in the presence of various irritations and inflammations of this area;

– at high blood pressure;

– with tumors and obstruction;

– when weakening the intestinal walls;

– In the presence of infections of the anus.

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