Sex story: a young guy seduced a mature neighbor for anal sex

Sex story: a young guy seduced a mature neighbor for anal sex.

Sex story: a young guy seduced a mature neighbor for anal sex

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Sex story: a young guy seduced a mature neighbor for anal sex
I am 60 years old. I just retired and was looking forward to this time that I will spend with my wife. Before the wedding, we were virgins, and although I had a violent life, we only had sex with each other. Our sexual life was regular, although sometimes it was difficult due to its night shifts. She was a little liberated in terms of sex and enjoyed them just like me.

All the plans that we invented were destroyed in an instant when she died of a heart attack at night at work. Our two adult children have long moved away from us, and I was alone for the first time, and this was the last time 40 years ago.

Sex story: a young guy seduced a mature neighbor for anal sex
Not knowing what to do with myself, I decided to start a small lawn mowing, because I lived next to the rich area and there are many people who do not want to pay a lot of money for this service, although they have a lot of money. And since my business began to grow and develop, I allowed myself to start losing weight and began to bring myself in good shape. Finally, long workouts and diet returned me the weight that I had for 25-30 years ago. I even found cubes on the press under the layer of fat I threw off.

One of my first customers was a young couple at the age of about 30 years. Diana was extremely attractive, worked as an administrator in the educational center. With her short, dark hair and an excellent figure, she was perfect. I saw that under these business costumes she has excellent chest and dense ass. Her husband was just as attractive. Mikhail was a slender tanned blonde. He worked in the field of sales, although he seemed to be not as successful as she.

They were a very bright couple. When I mowed, they often rested by their pool, and I could see that they had excellent bodies. I secretly hoped that they would invite me someday swim with them in the pool so that I could look closer to their beautiful bodies, but I was not lucky. They were also struck by grief. Diana, while on a business trip, died in a car accident. Michael was very depressed.

A few months after her death, when I mowed their lawn, Misha came out to talk to me. He invited me to the pool and treated me with beer. We talked and moved to the topic of loneliness. He wanted to know how I live with this.

When we sat and drank, he accidentally asked how I cope with my sexual desires. I was very embarrassed, but shared that I watch porn online and at the same time masturbate. This was my only way out in this situation. On this I finished the conversation and continued to mow. He sat by the pool and looked at me.

Sex story: a young guy seduced a mature neighbor for anal sex
A few hours later, he called me and invited me to dinner so that we could talk. After eating, he asked me if I want to see porn. I agreed, and he turned it on on the big screen of the TV in the living room. It took me a few seconds to understand that it was his own amateur porn, and he and his wife were performers of the main roles.

The camera was installed in their bedroom, knocked on the bedroom door. A woman in a night shirt went to the door, and Diana stood in them in one of her business suits. Then I realized that a woman in a nightie and with blurred blond hair was Michael. Misha slowly section of his wife, starting with a jacket and blouse. Then he took off her bra and began to suck her boobs, which were even better than I imagined. While he was taking off her trousers, I saw a noticeable bulge in her underpants that she wore. Misha took them off and I saw that she was a huge strap -on. He immediately knelt down and began to suck her dildo. And then I saw his erection under the night. I looked mainly at her body, but was surprised by his ability to suck this cock. When she turned to the side, I saw that her ass was even better than I thought.

She was lying on her back on her back and he began to caress her pussy, periodically sucking the phalloimitator until she finished. Then he lay on the bed on his stomach and lifted his night shirt to show his ass, and Diana lubricated the dildo with her own juices. Before I thought, she spread his legs and began to fuck her husband, both moaned loudly. He endured the bed abundantly, Diana did not lag behind him and finished one more time.

I can’t say what part of this Home-Video I liked the most. I turned to Mikhail, and he dropped shorts and jerked off in the living room. Although I was in shock, I continued to watch him until he finished, spraying on his beautiful body. I apologized and left the house. Returning home, I mastered frantically and finished almost immediately.

Sex story: a young guy seduced a mature neighbor for anal sex
In a day or two, Misha called me to apologize. I told him that this is not necessary, because porn clearly started me, but before I have never been to a man. After this dialogue, I heard him deeply sighed, then asked me if I wanted to come to him again.

I began to refuse, but he invited me to go dressed in a business suit. I thought for a moment and then said that I would come when I would get a shower and dress. I was lucky because I had only one gray striped suit, which was almost the same as Diana wore on the video. When I took a shower, I had to resist the desire to masturbate, anticipating what will happen next.

I came to Mikhail and called. He went to the door in the same night shirt, in a wig, with cosmetics on his face and drink in his hand for me. I was struck by how attractive he was in this, especially his elastic ass, which could be easily discerned in the dress. I quickly drank a drink and he took me to the bedroom.

He slowly began to undress me, took off his jacket and tie. Then he took off his shirt and began to kiss and suck my nipples. I took off my socks, then he unbuttoned my belt and threw the pants to the floor. He wrapped his lips through my boxers that got up and carefully bit. Then he pulled off my boxers and began to suck my cock. I, jokingly, apologized that he was not as big as the phalloimitator used by his wife, but it seemed to him.

By his gesture, I lay down on the bed and allowed him to do what he wanted. He continued to suck my cock and lick my eggs. He raised my legs and licked my anus, it seemed to me that I almost finished from it. I got up and put it on the stomach on the edge of the bed. I stroked his ass through a silk nightie, and then raised it to his back.

I again stroked his tanned ass, then knelt down, licked his anus and put his tongue into the hole. I put him on my knees and began to fuck him with his tongue, until he began to expire juice. I took off his nightie and introduced my cock into him. I began to fuck it first quietly, then more often and stronger, I reached out and took him by the member and jerked him off while I fucked him. When he started to finish, I continued to fuck him. And soon I also endured violently in his ass. I collapsed on top of him. I told him that I would still mow his lawn, but now we both knew the price that he had to pay.


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