Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two.

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Among the wide variety of intimate toys for adults, anal traffic jam occupies a place of honor. If you are surprised by the fact that people are pushing something into the anus and at the same time experience a fairly strong excitement, then they themselves have never experimented in this way. And in vain! It is easier to prepare with anal cork and ass for the posterior penetration, and the sphincter muscles are trained, and for men, a plus from a medical point of view is a massage of the prostate, for which doctors take crazy money, and the sensations from it are not the most positive.

The use of anal traffic jam gives the effect of threesome, because not everyone will decide to drag the left person to his married bed, but acute sensations, eh, as you want! Role-playing games, double penetration, visual pleasure (yes, these toys can be very beautiful!), stimulation of the anus – a sea of desires are satisfied with the presence of one object in your sexual arsenal. By the way, species and sizes – a car and a small cart. Metal, silicone, vibrating, small, large, in the form of a Christmas tree – for different fantasies there is a device. Therefore, let’s discuss a piquant topic: Sex with anal cork, what sensations gives, and how to walk with her at all. Why do you need such a toy for couples or loners?

Why do you need anal plug, what types are

There are no classic anal traffic jams. There are different models – it all depends on your goals and advancedness in this matter. And, of course, from the volume of the wallet. You can buy a cork with natural fur or inlaid with precious stones, only whether you need it – is it a personal matter. Let’s analyze in order why you need an anal cork of each type.

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Inflatable anal plug and how to use it

For beginners and doubt the perfect option, an inflatable cork will be. The product is introduced into the anus compact, folded in form, and with the help of the pump is already inflated inside. So it turns out that penetration in the ass is painless, and in the process of wearing – a lot of pleasures. Although why only beginners? Perhaps the professionals will also want vivid sensations sophisticated in this matter. In general, such a plag is suitable for everyone.

Anal expanders are produced from silicone and can be equipped with a vibrational effect, which will give a lot of new impressions, also in some models the air pumping does not go through a pear, but by pressing the button on the remote control. Why do you need anal plug plug?

Everything is simple: BDSM lovers can in this way torture their partner, escalating and lowering the air. Even ordinary pairs that enjoy dominance will evaluate the effect of narrowing and expansion.

In general, the feeling of fullness and stimulation of the walls of the rectum will bring many positive emotions to any experimenters. For those who just prepare the ass for the penetration of the penis, such a toy will also become a significant help. Clear business, the rear passage is not expanding the first time.

Metal anal plug, what effect

Metal bushings are simple, convenient, durable. It is difficult to break them, easy to wash, a feeling of coolness in the pope, too, many people like. They are combined with any lubricants. The minus will be that for beginners a harsh. Still, at the beginning of the anal games there are more soft and flexible devices.

The smooth surface of the metal cork allows you to enter it very carefully, gradually, without any obstacles. The sensation of stretching is present, but the massage effect may not be. If you want to walk with an anal sleeve in a pope not only at home or during sex, then you need models with limiters, otherwise at the most inopportune moment it will slip out of the hole.

Silicone anal plugs, in which the chip

Medical silicone from which most of such toys make does not cause allergic reactions. He is pleasant to the touch, the muffle when introduced into the ass, can be inside for a long time without causing discomfort. The departure is light and simple, the smells do not remain and are not absorbed. For beginners, this is the most acceptable option. They are inexpensive and sold in all sex shops.

Most often produced in a drop -like form, therefore they create a feeling of pleasant pressure and fullness, a wide base does not allow them to pop out. If such a sleeve is decorated with rhinestones, then in addition to tactile stimulation, you will get visual pleasure. The crystal in the ass looks exciting, and you will want to behave more playfully.

PVC bushes

Inexpensive and simplest traffic jams for anal fun, which are easily washed, stored and used. They are produced in different colors and forms, bend well, although there are more rigid models, do not change the texture, do not absorb odors. Any lubricants are suitable.

Latex and gel anal expanders

Latex very quickly takes body temperature, and you immediately stop feeling a foreign body in the anus. It is safe, easy to care for, moisture resistant. Toys of the most bizarre forms are made from it, thanks to which the forbidden and depraved world of anal sex seduces and beckons each time more.

Gel traffic jams are created from modern polymer material with special flexibility and softness with tactile effects. They are easily introduced into the anus and contact with any type of lubricant. The material allows you to create interesting forms and bends, color solutions that attract both beginners and an old -timer!

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Ceramic and glass bushings for the anus

Ceramic toys are easily beaten and have a rigid structure. Not for beginners for sure. But they will appeal to advanced masters thanks to their beauty, charming coloring and unusual sensations when introducing into the ass.

Glass bushings are not so fragile, on the contrary, hardened glass can serve for years. They are washed by any means, combine with all lubricants, but quite heavy, that is, they are more likely to be experienced users.

Shape, relief and size of anal traffic jam, which is better

All traffic jams are produced in a drop -shaped, conical or curved shape, where the tip is playfully bent in one of the sides, although there are models in the form of a small penis. The relief is also diverse: smooth, ribbed, with pimples, expansion, protrusions, etc.D. The diameter varies from 1 cm and above. In principle, even large anal traffic jams are not wider than anal vibrators and phalloimitators. Diameter exceeding 8 cm – for fetish. Those who are engaged in fisting will understand. Other elephant sizes will not be needed.

For those who love a variety of sensations, there are bushings of several parts that are interconnected and have different diameters (corrugation in the form of a Christmas tree). Fans of playing “Sutted-Bluttered” during intercourse the use of such models gives a flight sensation.

Anal bushings have a base, the design of which is most often expanded to control immersion. Although there are not few varieties: suction cups, loops, rings, pens, legs-sprinkles-it all depends on where and how you use it. Using anal traffic jacket with spacers and suction cups is best for those who wear it during the day.

Of particular interest is anal cork with fluffy tails. The meaning of this basis is exclusively exciting in nature. This attracts men with its unusualness. Sexually, beautifully, playfully, in a curiosity and simply beckons with beauty, especially with the beloved among men “Doggi-Stayl”!

In any sex shop you will find whole sets of anal traffic jams. This is for the sophisticated. Typically, the kit includes several objects of completely different shapes, lengths and even colors. Target? Diversity.

Visit our sex shop and select the most beautiful and comfortable anal cork for yourself for everyday use or one -time fun with a partner! Experiment with dimensions and shapes, come up with new poses in which it will be comfortable to have sex with an introduced sleeve, tease each other and seduce! And maybe you will be able to persuade your man to know the pleasure of stimulating the anus, after which the horizons of your bed relations will expand to world scale!

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Why do you need anal traffic jam

A cork is needed to prepare the muscle of the anus for anal sex. So that a partner member does not deliver discomfort and pain, an erotic sleeve is installed for a while. Literally after 10-15 minutes, the muscles of the anus gets used to a foreign body, the reflex contractions of the sphincter cease. After that, the penis will easily go inside, and if the male dignity is too large in diameter, you can train your ass with products of different sizes. The best option is latex, gel or silicone anal troops of conical shape. And by the way, you can not be afraid that such a device will stretch the muscles of the sphincter too much – everything will return to the starting position an hour after sex.

A separate story is the use of anal traffic jam for double penetration. Paradox: Anal sex does not like most girls, but almost everyone dreams of double penetration. At least they write about it in their reviews.

On the front wall of the vagina in women there is point G, everyone knows about this, and it is it that is precisely to obtain an orgasm with zeal and perseverance. While the back wall during sex is usually not given due attention. With ordinary intercourse, this area is not used as follows due to the anatomical structure. But if you introduce another member into the anus, which, as it were, crushes the back wall, you will get what is needed: stimulation will increase, which means that pleasure will increase. Moreover, for both, because the already vagina, the more pleasant to the man, and due to solid bulges inside, the stimulation of the penis only intensifies.

To invite the third, of course, only the most desperate and not notorious couples are ready. For most, the output lies in the use of anal traffic jam – it will give similar sensations. To simulate double penetration, you can buy products in the form of a male member. Both a drop -shaped plugs and devices with rhinestones are suitable.

Few people guess that an anal plug in a sex shop is bought exclusively for treatment and preventive purposes. Do not be surprised! Yes, yes, this erotic gadget helps men to prevent prostate diseases. Sedentary work, sluggish and inactive lifestyle, bad habits, malnutrition – it makes sense to continue? At risk, all men after 30 years. At the first “bells”, the conclusion of the urologist looks like this – the massage of the prostate is not just necessary, it is required! This method will be more poional than any pills and suppositories.

Anal plug for men is slightly different from those designed to wear a woman. Gadgets for prostate massage have a special bend that exerts pressure on the iron. So now a man does not need to endure the presence of other people’s fingers in his anus and spend a lot of money on urologists – combine the pleasant with useful!

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Anal bushing for wearing, how to walk with anal traffic

As revelations from different forums show, many people walk along the street, go to the subway, to work with anal plugs in the asses! And get frantic excitement from this process. Someone manages to finish, others are madly starting in the evening, after which sex with a partner is on top. Why do they do it? They say that:

  • I like the sensations of fullness and pleasant severity;
  • it makes an idea and prohibition and intimacy;
  • It prepares perfectly physically and morally for the upcoming sex;
  • I would like to be noticed if the breeze is blown, and the skirt will rise (this, of course, to women);
  • The partner greatly excites the idea that the second half dwells somewhere with the “device” between the buttocks;
  • replaces the anal vibrator with which it hurts;
  • With corks of different diameters, I like the alternation of “narrow-chiro-uzko” when moving.

In general, it sounds pretty convincing and even starts a little, so let’s figure out what anal cork is needed for walking on an ongoing basis.

5 Rules for the selection of anal traffic jams for constant use

It is undesirable to wear rubber traffic jams for more than three hours, and plastic ones are even less. Silicon is considered the safest, from a medical point of view – with it you can “high” for 6 hours in a row. A metal anal cork can be worn at least all day, but it is advisable to do this with interruptions (every 30 minutes, not less!). During this time, the muscles will rest, and so far you can deal with hygiene issues, because before the next introduction of the gadget you need to thoroughly wash and dry.

  • For beginners, soft, flexible options are suitable, which are easily introduced and sitting tightly in the anus. Take with a voluminous base or legs-strings to hold stronger.
  • Silicone, latex and iron corks are much more hygienic than plastic, therefore we give preference to them. Keep in mind that iron samples are smooth and slippery, therefore, they are suitable for trained pros, who holds foreign objects well as sphincter. The thin neck of such devices does not cause irritation and stretching.
  • Better to start with small sizes. Start with 2 cm and gradually go to 4-5 cm in diameter. Not long, spherical or oval with thickening at the end will be perfectly recorded inside. The leg should not be too voluminous (do not confuse with the base).
  • First test the sleeve at home. Wash, sit down, make a few movements that are characteristic of behavior on the street or in a public place. If everything is in order, feel free to stick the toy into the anal and walk with a calm conscience.
  • Want to get excited right before arrival home? Set the sphincter for several minutes in a row – then tell about your impressions!

How to use anal traffic during sex correctly

So, we learn to insert an intimate gadget in the ass without pain and discomfort. To get carefully and pleasant, we follow the rules.

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Lubrication is required

Recall – without a lubricant nowhere. Put it on the plag, lubricated the ass abundantly, and you can start. If the “goals” are really gigantic in front of you, with a diameter of more than 4 cm, start with smaller stimulants. Anal cork of conical shape easily slipped inside. Literally 10 minutes and the muscles get used to. Here at this moment you can move on to the little thing. It is better to introduce it yourself, especially if you do it for the first time. After all, you yourself will feel your sphincter, which will help to adjust your hand movements and reduce soreness.

You need to buy a high -quality lubricant who will protect you from injuries. A delicious spit, a tube with a cream, even for children, Babushkin Vaselin and other paraphernalia do not fit! They contribute to the propagation of bacteria and infection of micro-bursts. If pain still interrupts pleasant experiences, buy a lubricant with an anesthetic effect. It does not affect the strength of orgasm and sensations from caresses – only blocks the pain.

Slow immersion

The anus is much already vaginal and is not at all intended for the introduction of something solid and large, therefore we try to outwit it with neat and gradual actions. So that the body is used to a foreign object, we introduce the sleeve very slowly, millimeter per minute. You can imitate progressive movements, but only very carefully and with complete relaxation.

Men like to play with the anus of their partner, so it is possible that your lover wants to do this intimate manipulation on his own. So that everything goes easily and without discomfort, the girl needs to relax the muscles of not only the anus, but the whole body. Although this is the task of a man that you can solve by making a general or erotic body massage.

Note to guys: the muscles of the anus relax at the time of the orgasm approaching. So that your girlfriend surrenders to you in every sense, take sex with her (vaginal) or give pleasure orally, and then easily introduce a cork into it. Do not hesitate, she will definitely like it!

Suitable pose

To conveniently insert the plug, take one of the proposed poses below. The anus in them is as open as possible, and the body relaxes without additional tricks.

  • Missionary pose with legs raised upside down.
  • Classic Doggi or Doggi with upwards raised up and an elegant deflection in the lower back.
  • On the side in the pose of the embryo.
  • A rider in a squatting position, when the entire crotch and the area between the buttocks are completely discovered.

By the way, in the same poses, sex with anal traffic will bring a lot of positive emotions, and all erogenous zones, including the back wall, will be stimulated in the vagina.

Do not be afraid if the first 10-15 minutes there is a feeling that you want to go to the toilet. This is from habit. Gradually discomfort will go away, and only positive emotions will remain. With each procedure, add 1-2 minutes to train the muscles. Do not save on lubricants. With insufficient doses, it will hurt.

And do not be discouraged due to stains from lubrication on linen. For some time it leaves the anus, which can be easily handled with the help of daily gaskets and wet wipes for intimate hygiene.

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

TOP-8 best anal traffic jams for women and men

Every year, manufacturers of sex toys delight with new products that bring more and more pleasant sensations of both a couple and solo artists. What anal bushings to give preference?

Hush (lovense) – a universal device to stimulate the anus

According to reviews, such anal plug is perfect for many hours of wearing. This device is equipped with a small motor that gives pleasant vibrations. An intimate gadget is turned on from a smartphone and even moves to the beat of music. And this super -wise erotic toy can respond to any noise, extraneous sounds and respond to them with vibration. It is convenient that the anal plug for wearing HUSH is produced in different sizes, so it is suitable for both experienced seducers and beginners. Undoubtedly, the device will like both a man and a woman. Plus everything – you can control the toy at a distance, so the model is ideal for virtual lovers. The price of the device is about 8 thousand. rubles.

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Anal plug BVIBE with vibration and remote control

Rimming device has a silicone case, produced in black and blue. Unlike most traffic jams, this gives the opportunity to experience unfamiliar sensations. The secret lies in the very design of the toy. In the leg of the anal traffic jam there are beads in 6 rows. They move in a circle and massage the anus, and in the main part of the device a vibrator is placed. Massage and pleasant vibration waves relax and offend the seventh sky with pleasure. Anal plug with vibration BVIBE is used by men and women. The diameter of the device in the largest part is 4 cm, in the minimum – 2 cm. In general, the unit is not small, it is unlikely to get used to it right away. Although it is possible that experienced lovers of anal sex will not surprise the size of this device at all, but they are unlikely to dare to call it mediocre. This traffic jam really stands out against the background of analogues.

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Anal stimulating plug for Nexus G-Rider prostate

The use of this thing requires skills and a well -developed anus. The stimulant has impressive dimensions, but thanks to an anatomically correct form, it can cause unearthly pleasure. The device acts not only on the iron, but also on the perineum area. To start the unit, just press one button – and it will begin … it is generally convenient to use it at home, since the device works on salt batteries and does not have a remote control panel. This, of course, is a minus that manufacturers have not taken into account. But, according to the reviews of men, the Nexus anal traffic jam increases sexual endurance and helps to solve the problem of premature ejaculation. Despite the shortcomings such as water permeability and work on batteries, the device cannot be attributed to cheap-the price of the Nexus G-Rider anal traffic jam within 5 thousand. rub.

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Scandal Play Play Kit Role Games from California Exotic Novelties

A chic set for anal role -playing games, which includes: a narrow hard plug made of PVC with a long black tail and gags with beautiful ribbons. These are sophisticated games, alluring and bewitching. A great reason to play dominance and submission even to those who have not tried BDSM!

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Vibrating Ass Blaster inflatable anal plug

You will simply break you from pleasure and excitement, even if this is the first experience of anal penetration! The cork can not only increase in the ass using a pump and an automatic button, but also vibrate, affecting the most sensual points inside. It easily slides in your anus, without causing pain, and also just comes out after multiple orgasms. Vibration has several modes. The kit offers professional lubricants for unhindered introduction. If you plan the night of the worship and the reckless sex, be sure to grab it with you or get under the pillow – let it be a surprise!

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Ribbed Vibro -Prophet Pinnacle Clear Vibrating Massager, 12 cm

Gel plag on batteries thanks to the ribbed texture gives simply stunningly strong experiences! The tip is narrowed and can penetrate deeper. Slow progressive movements will allow each rib and every bend. The base in the form of a ring makes penetration and extract convenient. Combined with water -based lubricants. Inexpensive, reliable, convenient and pleasant for both partners!

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Passion Plug Vibrating Set

The anal sleeve is equipped with a vibrating mechanism, but can be used without it. Only finger batteries will have to buy to an erotic gadget. The diameter of the toy is suitable for inexperienced guys and girls, and a 10-centimeter length is what is needed for masturbation. Just press it to an erogenous place and turn it on the vibration … Well, and then you will figure it out without us.

Sex with anal traffic jam: what is needed for, feelings of how to use it correctly. Top 8 best anal bushings for two

Anal plug with a sapphire crystal, 14 cm

A frank and exciting look at the back opens a partner when you arise with cancer with a golden metal cork from ShotsMedia, and the sapphire crystal is the main culprit of the endless erection of your loved one! Elegant design, refreshing the coolness of metal, sophisticated bends … The most ordinary vaginal sex in classic poses will be gracefully supplemented by such a device. The changing diameter will stimulate the anus and the penis of the chosen one with each friction. The cork can be heated or cooled before introducing into the ass, which will exacerbate the perception to the limit. A wide limiter will not let your partner come to play and hurt you.

Where to buy anal plug

Today, at your service, numerous sex shops working in offline and online mode. We suggest you visit our intimate product store, which works in both modes! The assortment here is impressive: metal, silicone, inflatable, polymer and many other anal traffic jams. In addition, you can buy a toy by retaining complete anonymity. Just place an order and wait for your package in opaque packaging.

If you are not sure in size or want to find a similar option, but cheaper, do not be shy and consult a consultant. Choose your accessory and get maximum pleasure from it, do not deny yourself in pleasant minutes alone with your body!

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