The first anal. Where to begin?

The first anal. Where to begin?.

The first anal. Where to begin?

Anal sex is interesting to many couples, but not everyone knows what actions will help make experience bright and interesting. How to prepare, how to take the first steps and enjoy? We made a simple instruction that will help you enjoy without pain and fear.

Anal sex Requires preparation, implement this simply with special devices. They will give a lot of pleasant moments, help to avoid pain. Requires: grease, anal traffic jams, anal Christmas tree and mini-clisms. All these items You can buy a set, Which is very convenient.

The first anal. Where to begin?


So that everything works out with anal sex, you need to get rid of prejudices. Anus is a delicate zone where there are many sensitive endings. And the affection of this area likes men and women.

You can use anal sex-toyvars to both. And this diversifies intimacy, make sex brighter and more interesting. Such actions expand the possibilities of experiments, strengthen trust, make sex multifaceted and bright.

And if you use the right sex-Tovars, you will be able to massage a man’s prostate. And this will not only give pleasure, but also will serve as the prevention of many diseases.

Elimination of discomfort

The first anal causes a lot of doubt. People are afraid that there will be «Dirty» or an unpleasant smell will appear. So, indeed, it can happen. But this is easy to avoid. Necessary Simple preparation, which is carried out in advance. It takes from 15 to 40 minutes, and eliminates all the experiences.

Intestinal cleansing will remove fears. It is enough to make a small enema (200-300 ml) an hour or two before the experiments so that everything is «purely». Warm water is used for her without additives.

Mini -clisms – it does not hurt. With its help, a glass of water flows inside. And this liquid washes the contents of the intestines. And penetration after such actions does not cause a sensation «I want to go to the toilet», There is no probability of getting dirty.

The first anal. Where to begin?

The first steps in anal sex

Anus — delicate zone, and it is worth gradually acting for pleasant contact. To enjoy anal caresses, use toys. They will allow «to wake» This area will help you tune in to such caresses. They will also help to gradually prepare a hole.

For girls, a straight line is suitable for the first anal experience Anal plug. Its shape is cone. She Gradually expands the hole, it’s nice. And then it allows you to get used to the sensation «subject inside». The cork should be left in the body for several minutes, and at this time go to the caresses of other zones.

The introduction of anal cork painlessly. With good grease, it penetrates almost instantly. And she is left in the body to get used to.

For men, the first experience is possible with a regular traffic. But it is much more interesting to use Prostate massage. He will touch the very delicate zone inside, and each body movement will seem magical.

Remember that the introduction of any sex toy should be done smoothly so as not to injure delicate skin. And it is important to use high -quality lubrication that will help glide.

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