The most important questions about wearing anal traffic jam

The most important questions about wearing anal traffic jam.

Anal stimulation likes to many, and it is not surprising that you may want to enjoy these sensations throughout the day. This can make everyday life much more interesting, is it not so? But before you try to wear anal traffic jams for a long time, you need to know some things.

For long -term wearing a traffic jam, a certain preparation is required in order to stretch the anus for comfortable and safe wearing a cork, especially while moving. But even with sufficient preparation, it is not recommended to wear anal traffic jams for a long time, especially the whole day or night.

Standard recommendations

Most experts and producers of sex toys do not recommend wearing anal traffic jams for more than 30 minutes at a time. This time is enough not only to enjoy anal stimulation, but also in terms of security.

The best use of anal plug is the expansion of the anal sphincter and preparation of the skin and muscles for anal stimulation.

Why do people like to wear traffic jams for a long period of time? Wearing anal traffic jam can create a positive stimulation of the prostate, and some just like the feeling of fullness. But it is important to understand that if you use it, there are serious negative consequences if you use it.

Side effects and risks

If you use anal plug for a long time, this can lead to painful side effects and long complications.

Almost all traffic jams have "Shayka" – part between the stimulating part and the base, and it is noticeably thinner in diameter. This prevents the slipping of anal traffic jam from the anus.

However, when someone has a traffic jam for a long time, the sphincter around the cork can become inflamed, which makes its extraction very difficult, and sometimes even impossible. In addition, the surrounding tissues of the anus and rectum can swell. As a result, you may have cracks, hemorrhoids and other damage.

Long wearing will not weaken the anus

The anus incredibly effectively performs its work: it compresses to hold the feces in the rectum, and relaxes when the time comes. Neither a massive anal traffic jam nor feces can prevent the anus from returning to the same size.

Ways to safely renew the traffic jam

If you are sure that you want to extend the anal traffic jam, despite potential risks, you can take some measures to make this more safe and less uncomfortable.

Long -term wearing anal traffic jam and sleep with it is not the same. Sleep with a cork in the anus, even if you just dock it, you can’t! If you sleep, you can skip the signs of the problem that arises, such as discomfort or bleeding.

1. Selecting shape, size and material

If you are going to wear anal plug for a long time, there are several things that you should pay attention to.

The size, shape and material of the anal traffic jam are important, but it is no less important to choose a toy with which you are familiar. If you have a cork that you often use and consider it convenient, it can be a good beginning. If not, start from scratch and spend some time to get used to a new traffic jam before prolonged use.

Choose softer materials instead of solid, such as metal, if you want to avoid discomfort and bleeding. The silicone cork will be more pleasant for long -term wearing and will allow it to extend it.

Size and shape are also important. You should not choose a massive cork that can quickly begin to cause inconvenience and discomfort even for an experienced expert of anal toys, but too small plug can become a problem. Too small plug can be completely in the anus after a day spent on business or at work.

When it comes to anal stimulation, the toy may be too high in the rectum, which will complicate its independent extraction or make it completely impossible. This happens rarely, but it may be, therefore, the shape of the anal toy is crucial.

Anal traffic jams have a wide base so that they do not penetrate too deep. For long-term wearing, it is recommended to choose traffic jams with a T-shaped limiter, especially if you are going to go about your business and move a lot.

Pay attention to silicone safe B-Vibe cork, having a T-shaped limiter. Anal traffic jams B-Vibe Snug Plug are great for long-term wearing. We also advise you to consider such an option for long-term wearing as B-Vibe Novice Plug traffic jam, which is controlled through the application and allows your partner to participate in the process.

2. Using a lubricant

When it comes to anal stimulation, you can’t do without a lubricant. Without it, you can cause very painful damage to the anus and rectum (if you manage to enter the toy at all).

The lubricant will not only help the introduction of anal plug, but also provide comfort when driving. And she will move when you move.

For introduction and extraction, it is necessary to lubricate both anus and cork. It is also necessary to use a lubricant during wearing to avoid irritation.

A water-based lubricant is suitable for use with condoms and will definitely not spoil the material of sex toys, but silicone lubricant is more thick, slippery and durable, which makes it an excellent means for wearing traffic jams.

Just do not use silicone lubricant with silicone toys. This can lead to the destruction of the toy material, as a result of which pieces of material toy can remain even in the anus.

Need a lubricant for long -term wearing a cork? Here are some popular options for silicone lubricants:

Prefer water -based lubricants? Try one of these options:

3. Breaks in wearing

Do not try to be a hero – even the strongest and most experienced submissive needs to take breaks! Along with regular breaks for re -lubrication, it is recommended to check your condition during the day to make sure that there is no bleeding or other problems.

If you have blood or it hurts, remove the anal stimulator as soon as possible. The same goes for signs of irritation, such as inflammation or redness. It is also recommended to take it out when you go to the toilet.

4. Comfortable linen

Choose clothes comfortable for wearing anal traffic jam. If you wear a cork throughout the day, functionality and caution should be priority tasks, starting from underwear.

Be sure to wear linen that will help to hold the cork on the spot. Probably no one would like the anal cork to slip out of the anus during an important meeting or dinner.

Since the flow is possible, you can put on underwear intended for wearing during menstruation. And if you choose the right size, they can be worn by men. A thin gasket can also be suitable, and also help to disguise the bulge of the base of the anal cork. You can also take some napkins safe for the body so that you can quickly wipe the excess lubricant.

5. Subsequent care

All day of anal stimulation can lead to the fact that your muscles will get tired or will be excessively tense after extracting the cork. Take a warm bath with English salt to calm the exhausted muscles and relax them, and let the anus take a break from stimulation for several days.

6. When to consult a doctor?

Contact a doctor or another medical specialist if you have:

– problems with the extraction of traffic jams;

– severe or prolonged bleeding or pain;

– signs of infection, for example, increasing pain, edema or discharge from the rectum;

– abdominal pain, which can indicate the perforation of the rectum (which is extremely rare).


Wearing anal plug all day or even for a long time is not recommended, this can lead to painful consequences. Nevertheless, we understand that some people are happy to take risk for a long pleasure. If you are from their number, take the necessary precautions to protect yourself (and, of course, your anus).

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