Upper or lower? Roles in anal sex | Anal toys

Upper or lower? Roles in anal sex.

Upper or lower? Roles in anal sex | Anal toys
You think anal sex is to find a volunteer, add a little grease and go to action? If you are our reader, you don’t think so! We examined all aspects of anal sex and masturbation to turn them into your favorite lesson and prove that in this intimate act there is something more than a long prelude and liter of lubricant.

Anal games can take many bizarre forms Depending on where they occur and who takes part in them. Who will take an active role and who – passive, whether it will be penetrated with a toy or penis – the rules of the game are established exclusively by players.
Sexual identity and relations between partners have a tremendous influence on the physical manifestations of love. Let’s figure out all the intricacies of the process.
What you read can really surprise you!

Upper or lower?

This, of course, is not about the position of physical bodies in space.
Perhaps you have ever heard this question (or asked it yourself). These terms are usually used in gay councils to simplify the identification process and clarify in future possible relationships.
Upper (he "Top"), of course, performs penetration, and most often it does not allow to penetrate.
Lower ("Bottom"), respectively, is the host.

As well as "upper", He can be completely indifferent to the sweatshirt (change of roles) and not show any interest in penetration into his partner.
However, it is worth remembering that…

Upper and lower – not the Absolute

Many "Upper" And "Lower" choose one role for themselves and strictly adhere to it.
The selected sexual role affects the choice of a partner – after all, everyone wants harmony, mutual understanding and consent in sexual life, and a couple "Topov" or "Bottom" simply cannot receive the necessary from each other in full.

It can be assumed that all the upper ones are super -maskulin dudes with a muscle mountain (notorious "Mighty, smelly and hairy"), and their opposites are certainly tender and feminine. Sometimes this is true, and the stereotypes still work, but the gluing of labels based on appearance and leisure speculations is a rather useless activity that limits and prevents enjoying all human diversity. Not to mention the fact that sometimes it is simply offensive.

Many sexually liberated guys can easily adapt to the partner and change their role in bed depending on his preferences.
In the end, a variety of anal games is cool, and some simply do not want to put themselves in the framework of one type of sexual activity, missing all possible buns from another.
It will not be difficult for them to try on the image of a humble slave or a strict dominator.

Interesting fact: According to several studies, the vast majority of men practicing one -sex sex position themselves as "Svitchi", Or universal partners.

"Upper or lower?" – Better refrain from this question.

Upper or lower? Roles in anal sex | Anal toys
If you are hetero, you may have a huge temptation to look at the sexual life of a friend of gay, because this is so new, incomprehensible and alien.
But even if you are incredibly interested in how it happens "They have" – Try to understand that this is really not your business and finish this. Because if he wants to tell you how this happens, he does not have to ask him twice.
Representatives of the LGBT community are constantly faced with misunderstanding, aggression and discrimination, and the circle of friends, perhaps, the last place where they would like to meet with this.

Pegging – passive anal sex for hetero -male

We have already written about pegging (pumpki).
If you are absolutely convinced heterosexual, but do not mind playing a little with your ass, you can always connect your partner to the game.
In short, pegging occurs when your girlfriend puts on Strapon and occupies a dominant role, penetrating your anus.

Girls, don’t be afraid of pegging! Your man is unlikely to move to the enemy side, but you will become even closer, and you can study all the sides of each other’s sexuality.
Or maybe this will become a new stage of your relationship.

Anal games – for all

Contrary to the large number of slurred rumors, Passion for anal sex or masturbation will not change your sexual orientation.
If you have never fantasized about sex with a guy, you will not begin to suddenly fantasize after an orgasm from phalloimitator In your ass.
You may like it Prostate stimulation or even Anal tunnels And hooks – Everything is permissible and normal, but gay man is only when he experiences an attraction to other men.

How to approach pegging

Upper or lower? Roles in anal sex | Anal toys
Thanks to a large assortment of sex toys, each couple will be able to choose the most comfortable option for themselves.

  • As in any anal sex, Start with small devices small diameter and length – for example, a small phalloimitator or traffic jams, which will not cause discomfort when introducing.
  • Do not regret the lubricant (it is better to take a special anal, And he must approach the material of the toy).
  • Heat yourself thoroughly.
    Apply a grease abundantly, slowly enter the phallus or a cork into the anus, listening to your feelings.

    Many men like to masturbate simultaneously at the same time, Swearing your penis and scrotum – it additionally relaxes and gives pleasure. Continue to explore your anus, first carefully, and then increasing the pace and changing the rhythm until you find your optimal.

Important: term "Pegging" implies that one of the participants in sex is not a man.

That is, transgender men, women and other individuals who do not identify themselves, like a man, can also participate in this exciting process.

Choose your own anal adventures

For many of us, a clear definition of our sexual role and identity helps to feel confident. Without relaxation and comfort, a person simply will not enjoy sex.
When it comes to anal pleasures, be slow and careful, Gradually finding out what you are ready and capable of, and what is better to leave outside your sexual life.
While your relationships are built on honesty, open communication, harmony and good lubricants, you are fully prepared for anal adventures.

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