What an anal traffic jam is for. How to use, how to insert

Anal traffic jams. What are? How to choose? How to use? Top 3 best.

What an anal traffic jam is for? Why buy anal plug?

Anal sleeve – This is an erotic toy for adults. What an anal traffic jam is for? It helps to correctly develop an anus for subsequent penetration. Also, with its help, you can narrow the female vagina and make massage of the male prostate gland. There are also decorative traffic jams decorated with stones, rhinestones and tails. Such a massager will diversify sexual life with various role -based experiments.

Let’s take a look in more detail why to stimulate, types of devices, their features and how to insert and use it correctly.

How to use anal traffic

The sleeve can be used, both alone, and together with a partner. It is ideal for representatives of any gender. Since in the area of the anus, there is a huge number of nerve endings, anal traffic jam is able to diversify sexual sensations and increase sensitivity during penetration. Why should it buy it?

  • What an anal traffic jam is for. How to use, how to insert
    Prepare for sex correctly.
    If you insert the plag for 5-10 minutes, the anus will get used to an outsider and during sex, you will not feel pain.
  • Double stimulation. For a variety of intimate life and new sensations, we advise you to use anal trial during vaginal sex to get even more pleasure.
  • Fisting. There are special expanding plugs, they are better than others to suit fisting lovers and make the process even more fascinating.
  • Constant pleasure. With anal traffic jam, you can walk up to 6 hours. Accordingly, you can enjoy wherever you want.

What are anal traffic jams

A large assortment of anal plugs will allow you to choose the right one for absolutely everyone. They differ in size, shape, material and purpose.

In form, traffic jams are:

  • Conical shape. The cork has a wide base, from which it gradually narrow. They do not cause pain and unpleasant sensations. Conical bushings are great for beginners and in order to walk with them for a long time.
  • Hollow -shaped. Looks like a drop and has a wide diameter of the entry, which is well expanding the anus. Suitable for experienced users.
  • Curved. The plugs of a curved shape are best suited for male prostate massage, because they simply insert them to achieve the desired point.

By functionality:

  • For beginners. Such devices have a small size and diameter, they are easy to insert correctly. Good for those who have never used anal devices before.
  • For socks. Wearing toys adjust to the physiological characteristics of the body and do not interfere with walking. Created from hypoallergenic, soft materials and can be inserted inward until 6 hours.
  • With vibration. The presence of a vibration grinder significantly increases its attractiveness. Additional stimulation of erogenous zones with vibration waves, will make the process even more pleasant.
  • For fisting. Fisting devices are usually much larger than usual. Their diameter can reach 20 cm. Giant devices must be used with lubrication for long sliding. There are also extensor models that increase in size, after immersion in the body.
  • Tunnels. These are devices with a hole at the base. If the diameter allows, through it, into the body, you can insert a vibrator or penis. Anal tunnels allow you to realize the most daring sexual fantasies.
  • With electrical stimulation. The current discharges that the toy provides cause much more emotions than ordinary vibration. Electric wave waves can be adjusted from light tickling to strong tingling. Electric plugs are often used in BDSM culture.
  • Anal traffic jams with the effect of oral caresses. Devices with this effect gently affect the nerve endings of the anus. This excites and allows you to achieve a peak of pleasure without human help.
  • Anal massagers for men. The device has a curved shape that is suitable for the features of the anatomical structure of men. The stimulant correctly concerns the male gland, delivering not only pleasant sensations, but also the therapeutic effect. There are massagers with vibration that make the process automatic.
  • Decorative traffic jams. They are decorated with rhinestones, stones or cute tails. They are better to insert them for beauty and sexuality. And models with tails allow you to reincarnate in any fairy -tale hero.

Also, all anal plugs can be selected according to the surface relief. It can be smooth, which will be better for beginners. Maybe be ribbed. Ribs and pimples, during penetration, will have additional stimulation on the nerve endings of erogenous zones.

What material are there anal traffic jams

Silicon – Safe, hypoallergenic material that can be in the body for a long time. Silicone bushings do not absorb odors, they easily wash and have a long storage.

Glass – hardened, super -resistant material. Glass traffic jams have a long service life. They can be chosen for ease of care and for compatibility with any lubricants.

Metal – durable, hard material with high thermal conductivity. Metal devices are ideal for experiments with temperature.

PVC – are both soft and rigid, differ in color, shape and degree of flexibility.

Gel – very plastic material from which flexible anal plugs are created, which are pleasant to use.

Latex – soft, practical material. It is distinguished by good elasticity.

Plastic – Solid material of low price category. Plastic toys are not suitable in order to walk with them, but they are easily cleaned and are inexpensive.

Beginners, we recommend choosing a silicone or gel sex toy. They are better inserted, designed for long use.

What is the right to choose the size of the anal traffic jam?

What an anal traffic jam is for. How to use, how to insert

If you are a beginner, we recommend choosing a plug with a diameter of not more than 2 centimeters. They will not cause pain if they are inserted and help you understand whether you like this type of caress.

For practicing users, we recommend choosing a device with a diameter of 2.5 – 3.5 centimeters. Approximate size of a male member.

For fans of fisting and expansion, there are models with a diameter of up to 20 centimeters.

When choosing a toy, it is better to start from your desires and needs, because it is for you to use them. In our sex shop, everyone can choose the right model.

How to insert an anal plug correctly?

Before use, it will be correct to disinfect the sleeve. To do this, you can choose any antiseptics from the pharmacy, or it is better to use special cleaners.

Further, you need to clean the intestines well. Souls and enemas will help you.

For perfect sliding, you need to choose the right grease. Read the instructions, it will be written there which lubricant and how much it is better to use. It is strictly prohibited, lubricate the anus with cream, petroleum jelly or baby oil. Why such victims? After all, this can damage the intestinal mucosa.

If you listen to these recommendations, then the stimulation process will be painless, long and very pleasant.

TOP 3 best anal traffic jams

Anal sleeve Silver with a red crystal heart

What an anal traffic jam is for. How to use, how to insert

A small anal plug with a limiter in the form of the heart is made of high -quality metal. The material allows you to experiment with temperature during sexual games. A wide size range makes it possible to choose a toy for both beginners and experienced users.


  • Hypoallergeny metal
  • High thermal conductivity of the material
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Compatible with any type of lubricant

Anal traffic jam Mood – Naughty 3

What an anal traffic jam is for. How to use, how to insert

Unique shape and soft silicone allow you to walk with it for 6 hours without a break. She is absolutely invisible under underwear and clothes. Does not cause discomfort and does not interfere with moving. Toy diameter – 2 cm. Length – 11.5 cm.


  • Safe material
  • Can be worn inside for a long time
  • Not visible under the clothes

Black anal cork large from DJ Doc Johnson

What an anal traffic jam is for. How to use, how to insert

A giant sleeve has a drop -shaped shape, which is ideal for expansion. Its diameter – 5 cm, and length – 14 cm. The cork is suitable for fisting and hard anal games. Soft polyvinyl chloride from which they are made does not cause irritation and discomfort when stimulating.


  • High -quality material
  • Convenient limiter
  • Size and diameter suitable for fisting

Now you know why and why you need anal traffic jam, how best to choose how many pieces to have in the arsenal, how to use it correctly and how to insert it correctly so that sex is long, pleasant and unforgettable. You can buy a high -quality anal plug. A large selection of models will allow each buyer to choose the right toy for a variety of his sex life correctly.

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