What are anal traffic jams?

What are anal traffic jams?.

Anal traffic jams (they are also plugs) – toys that make diversity into erotic games. Not only restless young experimenters buy them, but also long -married couples, who are needed fresh sensations and emotions, like air. Since the sex-toy industry does not stand still, but is developing rapidly, manufacturers of anal traffic jams try to make them softer, more realistic, more pleasant. Innovative materials are used, various design solutions are received on the market, the buyer can only choose the cork he like and enjoy its use.

The principle of the anal traffic jam

How exactly the pair uses anal plug depends on the preferences. Traditionally, this thing is introduced into the anus of a woman (logically!) to stimulate the nerve endings inside. Plag can be used in order to prepare a partner for anal sex, who has not yet been sophisticated in it, because the beginning of such an act “from a place to the quarry” can be quite traumatic. Anal traffic jams are both female and male. And no, the use of male plate has nothing to do with homosexuality. A rare man may admit that soft stimulation of the anal opening, coupled with the direct massage of the prostate, really gives indescribable sensations.

What are anal traffic jams?

The most unusual and interesting anal traffic jams

According to buyers and statistics of acquisitions, people really like silicone anal traffic jams. The Japanese silicone, firstly, makes such corps very pleasant touch, and secondly, it provides delicate and tender penetration into the zone of its application. In addition, the manufacturers have thought out and gave such plugs various vibration regimes. Therefore, depending on the imagination of partners, the cork can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a mini-vibrator for clitoral stimulation, or the excitation of other erogenous zones … In general, for anything. When choosing anal plug, you should pay attention to its size. Small traffic jams – for beginners and for innocent, delicate games. Big – for acute sensations, up to BDSM.

Firstly, it’s beautiful ..

However, on the use of Japanese silicone, exquisite form and vibration, traffic jam manufacturers did not stop. Aesthetics was used. Now traffic jams are equipped with decorative “crystals” of different colors, for a more luxurious appearance, and some even tails. Yes – there is where to apply animal passion in the most complete sense of the word. Obedient fox or wayward, aggressive cat? You decide. The only thing: in an intimate game without rules, there are also rules, observing which you can love each other without risk and negative consequences. Having made a decision to buy anal traffic jam, be sure:

  • Consult a partner
    Find out the attitude of the partner to this kind of toys. By the way, joint viewing and discussion of sex shop catalogs brings and excites closer
  • Pay attention to the size

What are anal traffic jams?

If you have not had to use a plague before, it is better to start with small sizes

  • Follow hygiene with an intimate toy
    Do not throw an anal plug anywhere, clean it after each use and do not use vaginally immediately after anal penetration, and then it will not bring possible hygienic problems.
  • Buy only in good stores.

Do not save on pleasure and quality.

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