What is important to know about anal traffic jams?

What is important to know about anal traffic jams?.

Anal traffic jam is an amazing sex toy that can give a pleasant stimulation of the anus. You have ever used anal traffic? No? Then it’s time to try! Or you already have experience using anal traffic jams? This is also good, because you will never stop studying, and you can also draw one or two tips from this article.

What is anal traffic jam?

Anal plug – a small sex toy designed for anal use. Anal plug can provide pleasure from stimulating numerous nerve endings and serve as a preparatory step before anal sex. In the latter case, the traffic jam gently relaxes the muscles of the anus to alleviate the subsequent penetration of the penis, dildo or vibrator. It is especially pleasant to use anal traffic jam for additional stimulation when wearing. Anal traffic jams can use both men and women.

Anal traffic jams are suitable for use by both women and men?

Certainly! Anal traffic jams can use both men and women. Each of us has an anus, and the cork can have exciting stimulation. And, by the way, to dispel all prejudices and uncertainty, heterosexual men use anal traffic jams as often and with the same pleasure as women.

What are the sensations from using anal traffic jam?

As already mentioned, in your anus there is countless nervous endings that are very sensitive. This means that the anal cork will give you a great feeling of fullness, and the more nerve endings you stimulate on the way to orgasm, the more intense it will be. If you are a man, anal cork will perfectly affect the prostate, which will certainly increase your pleasure. For women, the use of anal traffic jam is quite interesting with simultaneous vaginal penetration: when the plug is introduced, the vaginal channel is narrowed, therefore, during the penetration of the penis, vibrator or phallimitator, additional pressure on the zone g is an additional pressure. Experience great sensations and guaranteed strengthening orgasm!

How best to introduce anal plug?

Unlike the vagina and penis, the anus does not produce natural grease. That is why it is recommended to use a large amount of lubricant and allocate a sufficient amount of time for a comfortable introduction of the toy. Enter the anal plug slowly. If you use silicone anal traffic jams, use water -based lubricants (a combination of silicone and glycerol). Since the anus is very sensitive, you should use only high -quality lubricants. Then slowly enter the plug – do not rush and use exactly the speed that is most convenient for you.

How much time you can wear anal plug?

The duration of wearing anal traffic jam is very individual and depends on your experience using such sex toys and, of course, on your preferences. You are a beginner? Then we recommend starting with a small cork and a short wearing time. As soon as you and your anus are accustomed to a new type of stimulation, you can gradually increase the time of use. You already have experience using traffic jams? Then you know what you like and what your anus does not like. The main rule for using anal plugs is the same as for any other practice: listen to your body and you will understand that it gives him pleasure. If wearing a cork begins to cause discomfort or even pain, it is worth immediately extracting it.

Anal traffic jams are designed for temporary stimulation or preparation for anal sex. Therefore, we recommend not to wear anal plug around the clock and take breaks. If you want to wear a traffic jam for a long period of time, you should additionally apply a lubricant to prevent too strong friction.

What to consider when wearing traffic jams during sex?

Wearing anal traffic jam is an excellent solution for women, because it narrows the vaginal canal and can stimulate the erogenous zones even more intense. That is why it is worth carrying an anal plug during intercourse. It is important to make sure that the anal cork does not injure the man. This is due to the fact that there are anal traffic jams with a wide base, which slightly covers the vaginal hole and, thus, unpleasantly rub on the penis during penetrating sex. If a condom is used, it can also break if the friction is too long.

For men, wearing anal traffic jam during penetrating sex can provide a particularly intense orgasm. The intensity of orgasm depends on the number of nerve endings that are stimulated. Therefore, when anus (including the prostate) is stimulated in addition to the penis, this promises a real orgasmic fireworks.

Is it possible to wear anal plug in everyday life?

No one can forbid you this, but at first you will have to get used to the anal traffic jam. This is due to the fact that a foreign body in the anus can be felt "wrong". Therefore, in the wear of traffic jams in the first place is practice. For beginners, we recommend small anal traffic jams up to 8 cm long. So you can gradually get used to the sensations and, when you are ready, go to a larger anal cork. First wear a plug at home and get used to the sensations in a safe place. Then you can go to short walks and gradually expand the radius. Soon you can wear anal cork for a long time. Since wearing anal traffic jam in everyday life is something very subjective and individual, you should listen to your own feelings.

Tip: even if wearing anal traffic jam in everyday life seems indescribably pleasant to you, give your anus the opportunity to rest. We strongly recommend that you take a break in wearing anal traffic jam.

Can others see that you wear anal cork?

Of course, it depends on the shape of the anal traffic limiter, but most often the anal cork is not visible. Most anal traffic jams have a smooth, flat base that adjacent to the buttocks. However, there are anal traffic jams of very bright, screaming colors – if you combine them with translucent trousers or underwear, the cork can be visible. If you are not sure, try to look in the mirror and make sure that nothing is visible.

Is it possible to sit with anal traffic? And walk?

Certainly! You can sit, walk or run with anal traffic. Some traffic jams have a more convenient shape for this than others. Keep in mind that when you sit down, the cork pushes a little further into the anus, which makes it even more noticeable.

Now that you have learned everything you need to know about anal traffic jams, only one question remains – which cork is right for you. First of all, you must make sure that your anal cork is made of pleasant for the body and high -quality materials, and also suits you in size. As mentioned earlier, if you are a beginner in this matter, you should start with a small anal traffic jam and, if you want, increase its size over time.

What is important to know about anal traffic jams?

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