How to choose the perfect Ben Wa Balls?

How to choose the perfect Ben Wa Balls?.

Along with the delivery of pleasure, the regular use of vaginal balls will help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic bottom over time, which will make your vagina more elastic, improve control over the bladder and, which best will delight more intense and long -term orgasms. Sizes, shapes, weight, materials and design of Ben Wa Balls vary a lot, and this guide will help you decide which balls are suitable for you.

Kegel exercises

Kegel simulators, also known as double Ben Wa Balls, are intended for healing. They can be of different sizes and weights, which allows women and forms to enjoy the effect of training with them.

Kegel simulators are designed to tint the muscles of the pelvic floor, muscles in the vagina and around it. You can walk with them, but you can get a lot of benefit by performing accompanying exercises that consist in compressing the muscles of the vagina around the balls. Most often Ben Wa Balls is equipped with a loop or tail for easier extraction.

Women after childbirth and in old age should start exercises with lighter Kegel balls.

Recommended parameters:

Weight: about 30 g.

Diameter: 3-3.5 cm.

Material: silicone.

Design: a single ball with a tail or loop.

Supplement: displaced center of gravity.

Young women and those who have not yet gone, should start with heavier loads.

Recommended parameters: weight: about 60 grams.

Diameter: 3-3.5 cm.

Material: silicone.

Design: a double ball with a tail or loop. Supplement: displaced center of gravity.

Women who have already used Ben Wa Balls for Kegel’s exercises for a long time, should go to the next level of training.

Recommended parameters: weight: 90+ gr.

Diameter: 3.5-3.8 cm. Material: silicone.

Design: a double ball with a tail or loop. Supplement: displaced center of gravity.

Wearing Ben Wa Balls with a displaced center of gravity can also have a positive effect.

Inside they have freely moving balls that make vaginal muscles to contract. A sexual positive effect is a spontaneous stimulation of the G zone, which is available even from crowded places.

“Ben-va” And “JigGle” Typically, Ben Wa Balls Ben-va is more like sex toys than a tool for sexual health.

There are two types of Ben Wa balls: with a displaced center of gravity and without. They are also of various sizes, some of them are so small that they can be used even with penetrating sex. Ben Wa Balls Ben Wa with a displaced center of gravity are an excellent example of balls designed for pleasure.

Sets Ben Wa Balls

Kegel exercises are popular among women who seek to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor over time. Such sets have balls of different weights (often size), which allow you to gradually tone the muscles and eventually go to training with a heavier weight. Just start by wearing balls when it is convenient for you. As soon as you feel that the tension has become less, try to replace the ball with a more severe. You will immediately notice the difference in the complexity of holding balls in place. If you have chosen a set in which there is one silicone case and several balls, you can try a more complex training – wear balls without a case so that the muscles work more intensively. This practice will instantly lead to strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Ben Wa Balls FIFTY SHADES OF GREY WAS SELVEN THE SIMENTS OF THE SRUSENTS FOR WOMENS OF WOMEN. One of the metal balls "50 shades of grey" are one of the most difficult Ben Wa Balls. Having a weighted structure, their diameter is only about 3 cm.

To prepare the body for such difficult training, try using balls in a silicone case from the same series. Light weight about 60 g. more convenient for most women and offers training before using heavier devices.


If you want to use vibrations in a crowded place, you should pay attention to remote control models. Many of them have an egg -shaped shape, and the functionality of remote control makes the egg ideal for sexual games with a partner. Just give the remote control to him and enjoy the incredible feelings that are spontaneous sexual stimulation.

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