Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

How to make a girl breast massage.

Massage of a female breast is a useful procedure that every modern girl should perform. Simple manipulations not only improve health, but also increase self -esteem, and also positively affect intimate life. However, before you do breast massage, you need to learn about its features and existing techniques.

What is the benefit of breast massage?

Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

Milking the chest is not only pleasant, but also useful. Massage has a beneficial effect on the bloodstream, preventing the development of cancer diseases. In addition, kneading allows a woman to understand and love her body. Getting rid of the complexes, you can even turn a small bust into your dignity. In addition, proper stimulation will improve its appearance. If you use oil and cream during massage, then the skin will gain elasticity and elasticity. Not a single man can stand before such a chest.

An indisputable advantage of home massage is to improve the quality of intimate life. It is this part of the female body that is considered one of the most erogenous zones. The stimulation of the mammary glands will make the girl moan from pleasure. However, many representatives of the fair sex tremble from such touches, bashfully covering the nipples, thereby depriving themselves of a bright orgasm. Massage helps to liberate, turning a shy girl into a passionate mistress.

It is important to note that the correctly executed technique will not harm women’s health. In addition, such manipulations allow you to detect tumors that can be malignant.

How to massage breasts – recommendations

Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

Today there are several techniques, the use of which can improve the efficiency of massage. However, there are a number of important recommendations that should be observed:

  • Before starting the procedure, lubricate your hands with oil or cream. This will make the massage more pleasant, since the skin in the breast area is especially delicate and sensitive;
  • The massage should start from the nipples, gradually moving to the outside. Movements should be smooth and soft. Eliminate pressure;
  • Rubbing of the chest is carried out only with the help of fingertips;
  • Do not pull the skin with sharp movements;
  • If you do massage to yourself, then you need to knead the chest with one hand, and hold it in the form of a bowl with the other;
  • knead the bust strictly in the direction of massage lines;
  • Massage halo should be done especially carefully. Rough touches can provoke irritation.

As oil for breast massage, olive, almond, coconut or jojoba is suitable. They are rich in vitamins and useful trace elements, which will only enhance the effect of the procedure.

How to make erotic breast massage

Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

To give the girl an unforgettable pleasure, it is important to know how to massage the chest. For an intimate version of the procedure, follow the next algorithm of actions:

  1. Begin to carefully knead the nipples with the index and thumb, slightly pressing them. Movements should be light and smooth.
  2. Put the palm on the chest. Squeeze slowly, and then light it up. If you want to enhance the sensation, then you can turn your hand in different directions several times.
  3. Start the massage of the lower area of the bust. Put the thumb on this area, place the rest on the upper chest. Squeeze the bust with a light, sensual movement. Such an action must be done several times.
  4. Put the whole palm on the mammary gland, and make a couple of circular movements.
  5. Move your arms to the side of the chest. Gently squeeze them together.

Such a massage will allow the man to arrange the girl to himself, as well as liberate her, bringing him closer to a powerful orgasm. And those who want to get such a pleasant procedure can be found on a dating site.

Massage techniques to increase the bust

Not every lady boasts a bust of the 3rd size. However, do not despair if nature has not awarded with beautiful forms (do not be upset, men have such nasty members that they can’t compare with the female “horror stories”). Everything is in your hands, in the literal sense of the word. Regular massage for breast augmentation and the use of special techniques will positively affect the volume and appearance of this area.


Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

This is a method of therapeutic effect on the body based on a acupressure. With it, you can increase the size of the breast if you observe the technique:

  1. Put your finger under the bust of the nipple. Press and hold 2-3 seconds slightly. Massage the point on which it is located.
  2. Find the area between the chest glands. Gently press on it.
  3. Retreat from the nipple up 2 cm. Put your finger on this point, and make several circular movements, gradually increasing the amplitude.

Important! The technique should not be practiced during pregnancy or lactation.


Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

This is the simplest, but no less effective technique:

  • Keep your chest with one hand, and pat it with the other;
  • Make a few stroking movements from the nipple up;
  • Change the direction of movements: now massage should be from the nipple to the external side.

The procedure will not take much time, while you will definitely be satisfied with the effect.

Feng Shui massage

Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

Such a technique not only increases the bust, but also returns its beauty. The technique is as follows:

  1. Put your palms on the chest and make a few circular movements.
  2. Cut your palms slightly on it.
  3. Gently pinch the bust. This must be done from the outside to the internal.
  4. Hold the bust with one hand, and with the other move the movements from the bottom.
  5. Squeeze your chest hard with your hand. Linger in this position for 2 seconds. Repeat one more time.

Many women note an increase in the bust after a month of regular procedures.

Japanese Reiki technique

Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

For the correct implementation of such a technique, follow the instructions:

  • Put your palms on the bust. Start rubbing it with circular movements in the direction inward. Then the right hand should move clockwise, and the left is against.
  • Press the glands slightly, and linger in this position for 2-4 seconds. Make a few circular movements.

Do manipulations within 5-6 minutes.

Breast massage for lactation

Breast massage for a woman – methods and techniques

Particularly useful for women during lactation. Leading gynecologists recommend that such procedures even before childbirth. This will maintain elasticity and avoid stretch marks. However, continue to do massage after the birth of the baby, during the period of feeding. Such actions will save from stagnation of milk, and will minimize the probability of mastitis. In addition, simple technique can improve lactation:

  1. Perform strokeing movements around the areola.
  2. Neatly light presses feel all the chest glands. If the seals are detected, massage this area a little longer to get rid of lactostasis (milk stagnation).
  3. Put your hands on a bust so that the nipple is in the center of the palm. Press a little on the chest with the whole palm. Repeat 6-10 times.
  4. Grab it with your hand, and draw even lines in the armpits, then up to the shoulders.
  5. Place your palm under the gland, slightly shake your hand, so that the chest is a little “swaying” a little. Make such movements for 1 minute.
  6. Grace it up with one palm from below, the second – from above. Make a few rotating movements in a circle.

Important! Before you start the procedure, take care of hygiene: rinse the chest with water with a comfortable temperature with water, then wipe it dry with a soft towel.

Now you know how to do breast massage correctly, and you can put your knowledge into practice. Most importantly – follow all the recommendations and technique of execution. In this case, the result will definitely delight you.

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