Erotic massage of the buttocks

Erotic massage of the buttocks.

If you know how to do erotic massage of the buttocks, then this knowledge will help to diversify sexual life. So, for example, after such a massage, you can start the genitals by delivering really unearthly pleasure to your partner.

  • Help your partner relax. For example, some women, due to the presence of certain complexes, may refuse to massage. Therefore, your task is to assure the woman that everything is fine with her body. Make compliments about your partner’s body! Start massage already when a person is still in clothes.
  • After you felt that your partner has already relaxed enough, You can start stripping it. To obtain the maximum effect, it is advisable to remove not only the clothes that are below the waist, but also the one that is higher. If you do not take off clothes during massage, then the massage will be more like relaxing than erotic.
  • Do not concentrate in one place, T.e. Massage the entire area of the buttocks. Use both palm and fingers. You can also diversify your actions with light flipping on the buttocks or lightly chipping. Perhaps your partner will also wish to feel easy biting. In a word, do everything to excite your partner.
  • Show your love. Your partner will have more pleasure only if he knows and feels that you yourself like to do massage. So, for example, you can publish a light moan that means pleasure, or just make a compliment to the partner.

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