Erotic massage to a man – 3 techniques

Erotic massage to a man.

Erotic massage to a man – 3 techniquesMany couples are faced with the fact that the former passion disappears from relationships, and sex becomes more rare, boring and monotonous. This leads to the fact that relations between spouses worsen and cases of change arise. How to prevent this process and return tenderness, love and vivid emotions to bed that you and your partner experienced each other at the very beginning of a relationship?

To do this, you do not need to resort to some extreme innovations or change partners, it will be enough to master the technique of erotic massage, which drives any man crazy. That is Novelty in bed can be achieved even without penetration into your vagina and without the use of erotic toys. You will need only your desire to make your man pleasant and a little erotic massage oils.

This is enough to surprise his man so much that he will look at you with other, in love eyes. After all, a man is by nature a fighter and a conqueror who is used to dominating. And you will let him relax and completely trust your hands that will turn him into a real wiped lion.

Thus, having made an erotic massage to your husband, you will give him both affection, care, intimate communication and strong excitement. In order for you to fully implement this, you need to completely relax and get rid of the constraint. Don’t think about how you look, it doesn’t matter at all. And the most important thing, Do not be shy of your movements, do not be afraid to touch the most secret areas of the male body. After all, men value frankness in bed above all.

Particular attention payable. Your task is to create the most relaxed atmosphere, consisting of a muffled color, a pleasant aroma, properly selected massage oil. It is better to purchase oils in a store of intimate goods. Poor massage oil can ruin absolutely all the sensations from massage and caress. The oil should have a pleasant smell and have sufficient oilyness, which will allow your hands easily and without any resistance to glide through all the erogenous zones of your man.

Remember the basic rules that will help make such an erotic massage that your man will remember for a long time:

  1. Constant and smooth movements. In no case do not allow interruption of movements, your caresses should not be chaotic in nature. Smoothly move from one part of the body to another, gently fragmenting and stroking them.
  2. Determine all the erogenous zones of your man. Some zones will be purely individual, but there are classic points on the body, touching which causes a storm of pleasant emotions leading to excitement and a rush of blood to a floor penis.
  3. Make a manicure. It is very important that during massage there are no unpleasant moments as scratches and the touch of rough hands. Indeed, during an erotic massage, all the emotions of your man will be concentrated on the tactile contact of his body and your hands.

There are several types of erotic massage, namely:

  1. Hand massage,
  2. Hands and chest massage. Place his cock in a hollow between your breasts, then squeeze them with your hands and make movements up and down along the entire length of the excited member.
  3. Massage everything with the body. At the same time, you must lie on your man with a naked body and start sliding along it, paying special attention to erogenous points. Only after you feel that it is completely excited, you can proceed to an erotic massage of a member.

Erotic massage of a member

If you decide to make your man a massage with a continuation, then prepare for this in advance. To do this, you need all the same massage oil and a lot, many tenderness.

Erotic massage of a male member is a great way to solve many sexual problems, as well as the ability to significantly strengthen mutual attraction and passion. During the way you massage the penis, you must make your man completely relaxed. Therefore, it is best to carry it out after massage of the whole body, accompanied by caresses and stroking.

In order to bring a man to orgasm when massage of his member, you need:

  1. Erotic massage to a man – 3 techniquesPut your hands on the barrel of the penis and squeeze them slightly. Then you should start smooth movements up and down along its entire length, moving from testicles to head.
  2. Following, add movements in a spiral, while using a sufficient amount of lubrication or massage oil to eliminate friction.
  3. The next step will be the use of such equipment as conducting various movements with hands. That is, one hand will slide along the penalty in a spiral, and the second at this time will gently massage the testicles or the head of the penis. The use of this technique is very effectively and quickly brings a man to a rapid and bright orgasm.

Erotic massage can become a real salvation of your relationship, so be sure to try to realize it in your bed. And you can purchase all the necessary massage oils in the online store of erotic goods .

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