How to do erotic massage correctly?

How to do erotic massage correctly?.

How to do erotic massage correctly?

Massage – This is a pleasure for a partner that you can create with your own hands. You do not need to be a professional masseur for this. It is enough to follow our simple advice, and your partner will be at the top of bliss.

Massage – This is the benefit not only for the body, but also for your relationship. Firstly, it allows you to relax and relieves stress, which makes your partner less irritable. Secondly, thanks to massage, your second half will feel that they love her, that they care about her. Thirdly, erotic massage makes a stronger psychological connection with a partner, increasing the degree of trust between you. And to everything else massage – This is a great prelude.

So how to make a relaxing erotic massage correctly? Let’s look at all the stages.

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