How to excite a girl with massage so that she starts up: description, technology, dots on the body

How to excite a girl with massage so that she starts up: description, technology, dots on the body.

How to excite a girl with massage so that she starts up: description, technology, dots on the body

Many girls have a highly developed kinesthetic perception of the world – the transmission of information goes through tactile sensations, touching the body. Delicate strokes, kneading with their hands help not only to drop the load of the past day, but also to be excited before sex. Erotic massage is one of the best ways to warm up your beloved and configure in an intimate way. To spur a woman to the necessary rise, more often arrange a prelude in this format.

Let’s talk about that, how to excite a girl massage at home, so that she starts up and enjoys the subsequent penetrating contact. In addition, intimate massage is simply indispensable for those who want to diversify the proximity. We open the secrets of the seduction of the girl and talk about the most sensual points on her body.

How to excite a girl with massage so that she starts up: description, technology, dots on the body

Exciting massage to a girl, types, benefits for sexual attraction

With the help of erotic massage, you can find out your girlfriend on the other hand emotionally, and her correct emotions are a guarantor of high -quality sex. For your beloved, you can organize it in two versions: expected or improvised, general or point. Both of them will help her relax. To make an exciting massage to a woman at home, you do not need to have a medical education at all! It is enough to find points on the body, the touch to which is forced to feel the languor and a surge of desire. And such a manipulation with her body will become your “special chip”.

What are the benefits of exciting massage for a woman

Erotic massage not only relaxes, restores strength and serves as a measure of pleasure. He helps to know himself!

  • Stimulating erogenous zones reveals the sexual potential of the girl and enhances the overall sensitivity.
  • Exciting massage releases the hidden potential, which some ladies do not even suspect.
  • A psycho -emotional state is normalized, the nervous system relaxes.
  • Vegetative reactions improve, blood circulation accelerates.
  • The level of trust between a man and a woman is changing.
  • The sexual function is strengthened.
  • Touch during erotic massage positively affect the muscles, internal organs and skin.

The woman’s reaction is easy to read in the language of her body. She relaxes her shoulders, breathes more often, covered with goosebumps. Some girls are even able to experience an orgasm from a correctly performed erotic massage. Find out the sensual nature of your beloved!

What is needed for erotic massage

First of all, a man should take care of creating a pleasant situation. The room should be clean, warm, it is better to cover the bed with fresh bedding, arrange candles around the perimeter or at the head. Make sure that the lighting corresponds to the intimacy of the process.

Muffled light and temperature at 20-23 ° C will best harmonize with the upcoming event. Complete the situation with background music-preferably something from its repertoire.

All these preparations and conditions help the girl relieve stress.

Cosmetics and oils

No massage is complete without cream or warming oil. Pay attention to aromatic and essential oils. Can be purchased with aphrodisiacs to strengthen the attraction. Choose the smells that she prefers in perfume. Keep in mind that the consistency of the selected tool also matters. Some massage cosmetics are poorly absorbed due to a fat base-this can cause unpleasant sensations in a partner.

Lingerie and bed

We have already said that clean bedding is the key to your woman’s good mood. Do not forget to cook 2-3 terry soft towels to wipe the body after the end of the session. Cover the surface of the bed with a large towel. As a presentation, you can prepare your favorite new underwear or at least erotic panties. Girls love such gifts. Ask her to dress up in them for the planned session.

Toys for adults

Can a high -quality universal vibrator or massager damage the exciting massage? And what about a soft lamp, which will come in handy to drive it through the body and dilute tactile stimuli?

Pay attention how many creams, gels and oils in our sex shop! Go to the section of drugs and cosmetics and choose! You noticed gels narrowing the vagina? Be sure to try – you will be satisfied with the effect. Firstly, it really makes your lady’s pussy already, and secondly, gives pleasant exciting sensations! Do not forget to buy a vibrator to finally complete the unusual prelude.

How to excite a girl with massage so that she starts up: description, technology, dots on the body

How to make exciting massage at home, basic rules

Remember the basic rules applied at the time of bringing the lady to relaxation and ecstasy. Keep in mind that they are suitable for all women, but with changes to a specific person.

We remove her clothes slowly

We are in no hurry and do not pull the clothes of the lady with shaking hands. Gently, gradually remove the upper part from it, then the lower, then proceed to the exposure of intimate parts of the body. Do it to the music. You can come up from the back and undress it, whispering passionate confessions in the ear. Strong male hands and the warmth of your body will excite a girl.

We determine the most sensual places

There are zones of primary and secondary exposure, that is, the points on which it is worth exerting different influences. Conditionally erotic zones with less sensitivity are the neck, hands, buttocks, lower back, feet, earlobes. At the beginning of the massage, attention is paid to them.

Armpits, whiskey, hollows under the knee, a line under the buttocks, the solar plexus and the kidneys are better not to touch – tickling and unpleasant.

After the secondary erogenous zones are already warmed up, you can proceed to the primary (main exciting) points. Do not immediately select the genitals and chest – we leave it for dessert. The primary category includes the head, neck, chest, tummy, inside of the hips, genitals, intacious space.

By the way, do not forget about the “cat” zone – it is located between the shoulder blades. Why such a name? . Women are no exception, and stimulation in this area will be pleasant to her.

Female exciting massage technique, instructions for a man

We smear our hands under a warm crane, wipe it dry. Lubricate them with a moisturizing and softening cream, take a lotion or cream for erotic massage, and return to your beloved. We begin to warm up her bodies and initially do an exciting back massage for a girl.


Lubricating her back with an intimate gel for massage, go with your hands from the neck, go with soft movements to the shoulder blades, move down the back and reach the buttocks. And now back up the back, enveloping the waist, through the shoulder blades and back to the neck. No sharp movements, everything should be smooth and gentle. Exciting back massage for girls is the basis of a pleasant procedure, warming up. If she is pleased, then you can knead the skin a little.


And now her hands. With both palms and smooth movements we move from shoulders to hand. A special zone of attention – wrists and fingers. Stroking and warming these places, do not forget to kiss – double erotic stimulation. In addition, in addition to pleasant sensations, such a procedure favors the work of lymph nodes.


We knead the buttocks smoothly and tenderly, as if gently knead a butter. Well, in fact, the ass is bunches. Breaking them with kisses. Your girl will probably like light spitches, such a small fraction of a sexual game.


Now we do an exciting massage to the girl on her legs. Start from the hips and down to the heels. First one leg, then the other. First we rub out, then knead, then we “calm down” with light touches with your fingertips on the skin. Since the girl lies on her back, we will go with her feet later. Special zones are considered the inner thigh surface above the knee by 12 cm and part closer to the base of the sock.

Be sure to massage the girl’s legs – this enhances blood flow to the genitals! If you massage one point, then make circular movements in the direct and reverse direction.


In its original position – lying on the back. We start massage with earlobes, rubbing them, then – neck: gentle stroking, circular movements behind the ears, rubbing from the chin to the collarbone. By the way, ears are one of the erogenous zones of a woman, so be sure to walk several times with your fingers along the edge of the ear and back.


We massage the head, gently pressing the fingertips on the skin. Start with the crown and go down to the neck in a circle. Do this no more than 5 minutes.

How to convert a simple massage into exciting

Erotic massage with a continuation – this is our goal. Do not linger for a long time on the site below the navel, otherwise the experimental risk risks overtaken ahead of time. We process all particularly sensual zones with light barely tangled touches.

Do not want to try water massage with shower gel? Hand sliding will lead not only a girl, but also the performer himself. Such massage copes with psychological clamps and gives a powerful energy output. For an endless paradise festival, take a paralle -form soap and go through the body of a partner.

To correctly excite a girl and convert preparatory caresses into intimate massage, use combinations of tactile elements. Combine manual techniques with kisses, light biting. Change the pace and methods of exposure: rubbing, kneading, stroking, vibration.

The combination of genitals with massage of another part of the body is considered to be very exciting. Sensations in these zones are characterized by power and variety.

Exciting breast massage

Pleasant minutes of experience, both for a girl and her boyfriend. By this point, the nipples are already in your beloved from excitement. This is good. Rotational movements in both mammary glands to warm them up, and later massage each breast separately. Then take both breasts in each palm, squeeze together and tickle the nipples with your tongue – a paradise pleasure for your lady’s heart.


Of course, in no case should you knead it and rudely massage it. There are professionals for this if massage is required for medical purposes. Therefore, only light rubbing from chest to bottom of the abdomen is recommended.

Hips massage from the front and feet

On the hips and Ikram we act according to the old scheme, as you did it when it was lying on the stomach. Rubbing and circular movements up to the feet. Warm up the skin.

Feet – a very sensitive place. Someone is ready to fall asleep from pleasure when the limbs massage him, and someone, on the contrary, is ready to kick the masseur from unbearable tickling. Therefore, there is at the discretion of your girlfriend – will she like it or not.

Each foot individually – from the heel to the fingers, simultaneously fragmenting the sole. Also, particular attention to each finger: stimulation – kiss, stimulation – kiss. And so 10 times. And rub the whole foot in the whole. By the way, those who like this massage should be done longer.

A particularly sensitive part is a zone over an ankle. The impact on her leads the girl to obtain a bright orgasm. Massage her counterclockwise in a circular motion with light pressure, slowly but for a long time.


The highest point of pleasure is the crotch. And now, as a conclusion, the time has come to finish erotic massage, without even resorting to sexual intercourse. Of course, the copulation itself is at your discretion, but, as an option, try and thus give your girl pleasure.

Squeeze its labia between the middle and index finger, and spend several times along. After that, go to the very middle – the same fingers stimulate the clitoris, small labia, and so on until the entrance to the vagina and back. Each time, your movements become faster, but without unnecessary pressure, so that the girl does not hurt.

How to excite a girl with massage so that she starts up: description, technology, dots on the body

That we do not touch during erotic massage, forbidden zones

There are forbidden zones, touching which lead to the opposite effect. We do not touch the front of the neck (a feeling of lack of air), the area with armpits (tickling), whiskey and heels (painful), kidneys (unpleasant, sometimes painful), solar plexus (difficult to breathe).

Be sure to cover the processed areas of the body with a warm terry towel to prevent hypothermia. Do not rush and do not use strength, otherwise overload the lymphatic system.

Be sure to try to make an exciting massage to the girl, having previously blindfolded her eyes with a silk scarf! Improvise, fantasize, play!

How to understand that the girl was excited and ready for intimacy

With complete relaxation, the body becomes limp, the face relaxes, the shoulders lower, the breath becomes frequent, the “goose” skin appears, the nipples swell, the labia moisturizes, the fingers on the legs are extended alternately. The girl herself can move more relaxed.

If you want to try anal sex, now it’s time to do her anus massage. Draw with light movements with one finger between the buttocks, massage the anus. In parallel, caress the clitoris so that the woman is as excited as possible. Do not immediately enter your fingers in the ass, pay more attention to the prelude.

We guarantee that by that time your cutie will already wriggle with pleasure and all wet from grease. And when the climax comes, and the first tremors of orgasm begin, try to find a point g with her-having put the middle finger in her vagina by 5-6 cm, touch the front wall. But also, the fingers of the other hand do not forget to stimulate her clitoris along the way.

Everything, the final, the girl in the seventh heaven is with happiness, the explosion of orgasm, the curtain!

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