How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques.

How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

New sexual experiences do not always arise from experiments with sexual intercourse itself and its modification or a change of partner. The desired effect of novelty can be achieved even without vaginal penetration! An unforgettable pleasure of a man will be given by a skilled erotic massage technique when a woman affects erogenous zones throughout the body, gradually approaching the most important.

Men – conquerors, predators, males and fighters by nature. They are aggressive, belligerent, but they do not always want to play their role through rudeness and dominance. One style of sexual communication is boring, and when this happened, try to stretch the stage of rapprochement, because the intrigue always fascinates, excites and attracts! Many representatives of the stronger sex are happy to play a game where you have to wait and endure to get the coveted body. So today we will tell you about, how to make erotic massage to a man and diversify your bed leisure with completely different practices.

All rules, how to do erotic massage to a man at home

Men, like children, want attention, affection and female care, as well as good sex and intimate communication. Sometimes you can pamper a loved one! Therefore, let’s learn a qualitative error in all rules. And let’s start with the definition of what can be done and what is not worth. First, remember: erotic massage is not always sex!

How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

Without constraint and prohibitions

First of all, the girl should not be shy. To relax the partner, she must achieve psychological comfort herself. You need to open up, tune in an intimate fret, and then cover every centimeter of the body of the chosen one with all possible manual and bodily caresses. Feel free to touch certain zones, do not be afraid to seem to be vulgar or pervert – men like ladies who know how to discard all the quirks in bed. There are no prohibitions between two.

It is advisable for the girl not to strain during an erotic massage session, since any excitement will be transmitted to the partner. Focus on the following rule: you do not need to be afraid of mistakes or do something wrong. In the end, this is not a passage by a professional masseur of the exam to determine the skills. In addition, during an erotic massage, men most often concentrate their attention on receiving pleasure, which means that any painless oversight may remain unnoticed.


Of course, the atmosphere and the situation should be configured for complete bodily and mental relaxation. This is the room, and cleanliness, and some additional surroundings in the form of a soft terry towel or roller under the head. Imagine what a man would like after a long working day, what would you like yourself? From this and start!

It is best to do erotic massage in a cool room, where cleanly, quietly, a little gloomy and smells of something pleasant. The main attribute will be a convenient bed on which you can comfortably place a partner and move without restrictions when performing massage techniques. If you plan that massage will only be a prelude to sex, and after the main action will come, all the more try to equip the main place of development of events as convenient as possible.

Without gluttony

It is better for both of you to replace a dense dinner with a light snack, otherwise the body will spend strength on digestion of food instead of surrendering to sensations from sensual touches. Yes, and your fuse will not be at all the one when hearty rolls or a piece of meat gurgle in the stomach. Men simply adore after a good meal to sleep a couple of hours. You run the risk of lulling it.

Cosmetical tools

For exciting massage, you need a special oil that does not cause allergies if it suddenly accidentally or intentionally enters the genitals. As a rule, such funds have seductive aromas and have aphrodosa in the composition that affect each other’s perception.

If you want to make an erotic massage with the direct stimulation of the genitals, keep in mind that the head of the penis can dry when you are busy with its other parts, and this delivers painful sensations. Will have to constantly add massage oil or artificial lubrication.

You can start erotic massage in the bathroom, slowly soaping the body of the partner and fragmenting its feet with brushes. Then there is a smooth movement to the bedroom.

The constancy of movements

Massage movements cannot be allowed. Your task is to create an unknown contour by which you are working out all the intended points. . Keep the intensity of passions until you reach the peak of his emotions.

How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

Designate the erogenous zones

A man has quite a lot of sensitive and biologically active points on the body. The main effect must be directed to them. Usually start with fingers or arms and move to the center of the body. Limbs are kneaded very carefully and gently to cause global relaxation. It is important not to skip places on the body, the impact on which will help to achieve the desired effect:

  • back;
  • earlobes of the ear;
  • chest and nipples;
  • feet and palms;
  • fingers on the arms and legs;
  • the inside of the thigh and elbow;
  • neck;
  • buttocks.

Erotic massage is an explosive mixture of conventional massage with petting elements. Everything can be used here: hands, tongue, chest, lips. The main thing is to remember that it is impossible to tear your fingers from the body of a man, even if weak female hands are tired and would like to take a short pause. The gap is especially acutely felt at the energy level.

Do not expose your body

For some reason, many women have an opinion: erotic massage should be done completely naked or as naked as possible. This approach is not entirely true. A man at the sight of female charms and contact with them will quickly get excited, and your plan may suffer a fiasco. It all ends with quick sex. You have a task: to make a partner with tender and light touch, stretch the pleasure, make him achieve the peak of pleasure and excitement, and then bring it to orgasic discharge with either hands/mouth, or in a classic penetrating way. Therefore, to solve the goal, a seductive peignoir, a set of underwear or shirt is suitable.


During the session, keep feedback with your favorite. Be sure to be interested in his feelings and experiences that you like, which is better to exclude from your manipulations. You can accompany his reactions with a positive assessment and praise, light hints of the upcoming sexual intercourse.


Long nails and groomed rough skin are unlikely to give a pleasant sensation to your chosen one in contact with the skin. Any careless movement is the risk of scratching the guy and knocking down the entire erotic mood. By the way, cold hands also spoil the effect even from very skilled techniques. Make sure that your palms are warm, soft and tender.

Synchronization of breathing

This is not so easy to fulfill, but with the proper concentration of attention you can learn to breathe with a partner synchronously. Try to catch his rhythm of the breaths and now breathe to him to the beat, smoothly and deep. You know how to set up one pace? Put your hand on his back in the area between the shoulder blades! And now synchronization!

How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

What movements are used during erotic massage

Erotic massage differs from sports and medical and health and technology, and movements, or rather the degree of reproduction. The task of the first is not to strew a partner, but to relax a little and prepare for sexual intercourse or climax using oral and manual stimulations. What movements are suitable for an erotic breeze?

  • Stroking. It is with them that any massage begins. As a rule, they are carried out with soft warm palms. Movements are performed in a circle, diagonals or zigzag. You can stroke with the phalanges of the fingers and clenched fists. If you massage the guy’s feet and palms, then stroke the tips of your fingers, as if smoothing the surface of the skin.
  • Rubbing. At a faster and more active pace, they work out the back, torso and upper part of the legs with rubbing movements. Pands, fists, rib of the palm and its back side are used.
  • Compression and tingling. These are more stringent effects that work out all the muscles of the body. Used after stroking and rubbing. Ideal for massage of the buttocks, back, forearm, places between the index and thumb. You can pinch if the partner is about to fall asleep.
  • Cross. Such movements are used to change phases of wakefulness and relaxation. It is best to use them in the area of the legs and arms. The impact goes on the edge of the palm and the wrist.

You can roll the skin roller in different directions, change the depth of study of each area, alternate short and long stimulation phases. End all actions in circular or pathetic movements, gradually reducing the degree of pressure and intensity.

You can start from the bottom up, moving from the feet and above, or, conversely, go down from the head and neck. In both versions, we go around the genitals and the inside of the hips, leaving these zones for dessert.

How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

How to do erotic massage to a man, technology

In this article we will tell you how to make an erotic massage to the guy, starting from the lower extremities. Put the man on the prepared surface face down. Always start by studying the back of the body. We breathe smoothly and deep with your beloved. Hands are warm and soft.

Massage the feet

With your palms or fingertips, we begin to stroke the feet and fingers. This is a very sensitive zone on the body of a man, one might say, highly ergenic and insanely intimate. Thousands of nerve endings are concentrated on it, responsible for the whole body. In men, the skin of the feet is too dry, so take the oil and lubricate our arms and legs of the partner abundantly.

On the outer side of the caviar, about 15-17 cm from the ankle, in a small deepening next to the berets, there is a very sensitive point, the pressure on which causes a surge of erotic fantasies and desires!

Put one of his leg on your knees and stroke in circular movements pass through your fingers and feet, as if smoothing your skin. Then apply rubbing techniques as if kneading a piece of plasticine. From smooth actions, proceed to a more stringent and intensive. Move to the caviar, from time to time returning to the feet. Caviar can be pinned and squeezed. Stretch the heel from the center to the edge of the fingertips, massage the ankle with the thumbs with thumbs, heat the joint and legs with the edge of the palm.

We do not touch the site from the knee and above, but only with slightly stroking movements we quickly go upward.

Boward and back massage

First wipe with barely caught movements all sections of the back and lower back that you plan to work out. You can touch them with breasts and hips. Alternate strong pressure with weak, go on the edge of the palm in cross technology.

A technique has a very spectacular effect that allows you to stretch the muscles from the buttocks to the interlopath zone. With one hand, we intensively iron towards the buttocks, the other in the opposite direction – to the shoulder blades. We do it diagonally. We change our hands to the opposite diagonal. And so several times.

Rub the zone from the neck to the coccyx along the entire spinal column, heading in the circular clock, then in the opposite direction. Pay special attention to the sacrum zone, since the nervous endings responsible for excitement, blood circulation in the pelvic organs and an erection are located here.

As soon as you feel that the partner is too open from your efforts, go with your lips all over your body, barely touching it, pour out several erogenous points with warm breath! He will not be up to sleep!

You can just follow the topography of the back muscles and use any movements. This is very exciting men.

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How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

Hand, hands and head massage

The neck reacts to the intimidating warm -up movements. Work out the collar zone with large and indicative fingers. You can just knead the forearms and stroke well.

From your neck you can move to your head, running your fingers into your hair and pulling it slightly, and then go through your palm at the very tips, your fingertips slightly open the area behind your ears and move closer to the temples. You can just stroke him on the head, starting from the forehead and heading to the neck, as if combing your hair with your fingers.

Massage your neck again, kiss and go to your hands. The forearm is not the most sensitive zone, because here you can do with light stroking and collecting movements. We go to the hands of hands. Stroke them up and down and vice versa, hand your palms point.

Determine the bend of the wrist on the part of the little finger – there is another sensual point that causes a surge of sexual desire. A few presses are enough for the partner to react.

When you work with your hands, put them on your knees or conveniently place them on the bed. Just do not hold on weight, otherwise, instead of relaxation of the muscles, get stress and fatigue. From the center of the palm, make stretching movements to your fingers with your fingers. Twist a spiral, zigzags, circles – any figures and ornaments.

How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

Massage of the chest and abdomen

The guy’s chest can be massaged as the back, but with less intensity in the chest gland and solar plexus. But the stomach, especially the path from the navel to the groin, is a very sensitive part. Pass your fingertips along the entire body, you can touch your hair, as if teasing your partner. Stroke the lower abdomen with your palms. Movements are soft, light, without pressure and twisting.

Massage of the inside of the hips

In this part of the massage, you can allow a man to join in the process: touch you with his hands, direct your movements in the desired channel and catch the general rhythm himself. The inside of the hips is good to massage more intensively. Resort to touches with the body and genitals of this pleasure area. Create from knee to inguinal region and go back, lingering a little on the bend of the legs and hips.

Distract from this site and draw in the body along the body of the partner, touching the chest and genitals of all processed areas. Go to delicate kisses and affection with your tongue, getting to the most cherished place.

How to make an erotic massage of a member and scrotum

By this point, the man is already excited enough to quickly ejaculate from the direct stimulations of the penis – the restrained desire breaks out at a huge speed. Massage of the penis can be done with the hands and tongue at the same time or choose one technique. If you wish, go to the final stage using penetrating sexual intercourse. How to caress a member during an erotic massage?

  • Hold the hands on the trunk of the penis, slightly pressing on the base and middle. When you go to the head, alternately strengthen and weaken the pressure. Use circular and spiral movements, licking the tongue of the head to moisturize it and stimulate as much as possible to ejaculation.
  • An amazing effect gives the following arrangement of the hands on the penis: capture it from above, while the thumb looks at the pubis, and the rest – at the testicles. Thus jerk up and down, sometimes pressing the head with his thumbs.
  • Pull the foreskin with one hand, and neatly caress the upper part of the dignity in a circle carefully. Spend your tongue under the “dome” back and forth several times and switch to the fragments.
  • Maximize imitate sexual intercourse with your hands and mouth. Add compressive movements to recreate the narrowness of the vagina.
  • Pull the head with your mouth and create a vacuum. Get down to the middle, while massage the base of the penis with your hands, making circular stimulations.
  • Alternate sliding a well -moistened hand from the base to the head and vice versa. When you get to the base, just remove your hand.
  • Apply the “endless entrance” technique: jerk off without stopping with one hand, then the other to create a feeling of frictions in the vagina. This technique is good and when moving from one technique to another.
  • Try to delay the ejaculation, slowing down at the very peak of his emotions, and then again included in the process. Passing the climax gives a bombing effect during the coveted orgasm. They say that it turns out to achieve it after 5-6 stops.

We also recommend that all movements repeat in such an amount that the number is multiple of 8. This allows the partner to feel the whole range of experiences from each reception.

The manual and oral caresses of a member, turning into prostate stimulation, will be an ideal option. Of course, provided that the man accepts this.

How to make erotic massage to a man: rules, training, best techniques

Erotic prostate massage, how to do the right thing

One of the varieties of erotic massage is the stimulation of the prostate. Getting with nothing of incomparable pleasure is not the only advantage of exposure to the prostate gland through the anus. But not all guys find a prostate massage by a normal phenomenon, considering it one of the manifestations of non -traditional orientation. Make a partner enjoy and make a preventive measure to prevent prostatitis is impossible if you carry out erratic actions.

But if the guy agrees to the massage of the prostate gland, you need to start with carefully stroking the crotch and anus, abundant application of the lubricant. It is believed that parallel oral and anal caresses help a man to relax the sphincter. The girl needs to gently immerse her index finger (without nails!) in the rectum of the partner and to feel a small solid base – this will be the prostate iron. Stroking should be alternately replaced with light pressure.

All touch should be very neat, since any careless effect leads to painful sensations. Believe me, if you combine prostate stimulation with simultaneous caresses of a member and scrotum, a man can capture very unexpected emotions, and an orgasm will be brighter than all those that he had previously experienced.

Professional erotic massage with the help of proper delicate touches can flanch the body of a lover until they feel a frantic desire and seething in the veins of passion. Want to try? Make sure of your own experience that nothing is possible!

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