Massage of a member – 14 techniques. Video watch online

Massage of a member – 14 techniques.

If you still thought that massage of a member means just to grab his “friend” and drive back and forth-you were deeply mistaken. There are a lot of various techniques with which you can deliver an unforgettable sensations and orgasms to a man. If you really want to satisfy your man 100%, you just need to know how to do a member massage truly cool. Before continuing to strongly recommend watching your skills, useful for your skills, how a girl fingering the guy in 17


How to do a member massage and where to start it

Before you start massage, make sure that you have removed all the jewelry from your hands: bracelets, rings, rings, etc.D. All these items pose a potential danger to a member of a man. Large and long nails after an unsuccessful massage can also forever force men to be afraid and fear them. If you really like a long manicure and you cannot live without it, just be extremely careful and careful.

If, for example, you are in a hurry when you make a massage of a member to your man and you do not have the necessary accessories of such as a lubricant, just flatten it well before you start. Grasp the male member with all your fingers. Just put the little finger so that every time he goes down to the testicles, the little finger is lightly rubbed with testicles.

Correct grip and compression have a key role. If you see that your actions are not entirely pleasant, you probably took a member not quite successfully, that is, too much that it can cause pain, or very weakly, which will not be enough to deliver pleasure. Feel free to ask your man and ask him for hints. Only the truth is born in the dialogue!!)))

Technique 1: “Get fire”

One of the interesting ways to massage the penis is to take it with both hands as if you took a wand and were going to get it off, as ancient people did. Unlike a wand, you will not get fire, so do not get carried away too much by rubbing it, do it moderately actively, as this can bring the opposite result.

Technique 2: “Pressure”

With one hand, take a dick at the head and pull the whole skin down to its root. Then, with the same hand, squeeze it a little. With the other hand, you will rest on your head in a flat palm and begin to make small circular movements with it, as if you were rubbing something. In this way, massage the entire surface of the head. But it is worth noting that it will be especially pleasant for a man when a girl makes a member massage thus in the area of attachment of a bridle to the head, since this area is especially sensitive in men. Then you can add vertical movements of the palm along the entire length from the head to the base. With the hand that the girl holds the penis at the base, she can press on the palm of which she massages a member. So you can continue as much as you please.

Technique 3: “Cut the head”

Take a member so that his head looks up. Lubricate the other hand with a lubricant or oil for erotic massage. Now, with a lubricated hand, cover the head on top, clasp it with your fingers and start circular movements constantly changing direction. Such a member massage will give special pleasure, since the entire surface of the head is massaged, in which most nerve endings are collected.

Technique 4: “Sliding”

Take its testicles with one hand and fingers with your fingers massage them. With the other hand, press the male member to his stomach and cover it with your palm so that your fingers are along the penis. Now you begin to massage a member, moving your palm from the head to the testicle, then on the contrary – from the testicles to the head. Constantly control the pressure, degree of pressing, so that it is pleasant not painful.

Technique 5: “Endless input”

The girl puts a compressed fist on the head. Then smoothly string his fist on a member so that he is protected inward. She brings his fist to the testicles after which he immediately does the same with the other hand. And so in a continuous rhythm, the girl sorting her hands one after another. Cloth fists not weakly, so that the member enters them quite tightly in them. Men like it when their friend comes in tightly.

Technique 6: “Infinite conclusion”

Almost the same technique as the previous one, only now we are pulling a fist from the penis. That is, grab it tightly for the base and tighten the fist through the head. Also, sorting out with your hands one after another, we massage the member.

Technique 7: “Eight”

The girl takes with one hand by the penis at the base, and with the other hand a little higher by the head, so that there is a small gap between her hands. Then, squeezing a member tightly, moves his hands to meet each other, and then vice versa – from each other. At the same time, it rotates the hands along the axis of the penis in opposite directions – it twists the brush inside, then on the contrary to the outside.

She can also move her hands in one direction, that is, two up, two down, but at the same time continue to twist the brushes in opposite directions.

Technique 8: “Unscrew the lid”

You probably ever opened a bottle of water or drink. So, in the same way you masturbate his head. She takes the first fingers of her palms in the ring of the first 3 fingers and captures the head with them so that her thumb of the palm is below, and the little finger and ring finger looked upward. After that, the ring around the head begins to rotate, as if a girl wants to unscrew her.

Technique 9: “Rubbing the bridle”

This method intends to take the guy by the member, so that the thumb looks up and with this finger slightly pressing on the bridle to massage it with circular rubbing movements.

Technique 10: “Octopus”

Octopus technique is better to use when a man needs to give a little cool. The girl emits the movement of the octopus in the water with her hand. That is, placing his fingers, covers his head with his palm, then collects his palm, clasping the body of a penis with his fingers from different sides and smoothly pulls his hand, sliding his fingers to the head upward. So repeat it over and over again or you can sort it out with your hands – then one hand, then the other, as in the “endless conclusion” technique.

Technique 11: “Rain”

Like the previous “Osminog” technique, the rain technique is intended more relaxing a man and receiving interesting sensations to them. The girl simply, fingering both hands, hits the fingertips all over the penis, moving from one zone to another. If the girl has long nails, this will give a man a special sensation. He will actually feel like droplets of rain fall and break on his cock.

Technique 12: “squeezing”

The girl input with her hands squeezes the penis of a man in one place in another. Calculate the degree of squeezing yourself, focusing on the sensations of your man. But men like it when they are taken stronger. Only the head should not be pressed hard, since she, like the clitoris of a woman, is very sensitive.

Technique 13: “Horner”

The girl takes one hand a dick for the base, and the other takes the head between the two fingers with the index and middle, so that the palm is deployed to her face. Fingers wrap the head straight along its edge, that is, by deepening under the head. Then the girl, squeezing her with her fingers, begins to rotate her hand in different directions.

Technique 14: “Rubbing”

You have ever seen how frozen limbs are heated? That’s right, they are actively rubbed. The same girl does with a member of a man. There is something in common with the “Get Fire” technique, only this time the girl puts a male penis in one palm, and the other covers it and begins to rub it intensively from all sides, as if trying to warm it up.

These are just a few examples of how you can massage a man. Despite a large number of various methods and techniques, most men like it more when a girl combines a member massage and blowjob.

Massage of a member – 14 techniques. Video watch online

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