Prostate massage guide for beginners

Prostate massage guide for beginners.

Anal stimulation can be considered some perverted people and to some extent to be a taboo, but this is a sexual practice that can be pleasant for many people regardless of gender or sexual orientation. For men, the strongest point of pleasure is a prostate, which can be stimulated through the wall of the rectum. There are many ways to stimulate the prostate. You may have to experiment a little to understand what you and your partner like.

What is a prostate and where it is?

A prostate is a very sensitive iron the size of a walnut, which is inside the body. The prostate is one of the most important organs of the men’s reproductive system. She releases liquids in sperm before ejaculation occurs, which contributes to the mobility of spermatozoa and extends their life time after they leave the penis. Typically, the prostate gland is below the bladder between the rectum and the urethra, at the base of the penis.

External prostate stimulation

You can stimulate the prostate during anal sex, but it can also be stimulated from the outside. Perhaps you should first try it, especially if anal stimulation for a man for the first time. To massage the prostate outside, you can use your fingers or everything you like – touch, rub, stroke the crotch (area of the skin between genitals and anus) and press it a little on it. As always, communication is a key point, and if you are planning to make a prostate massage to a partner, communication with it may give you to know if you need to dwell on external stimulation or you can start anal stimulation.

Preparation for stimulation

Before the internal stimulation of the prostate, you may want to take some cleansing measures. Many people are afraid to get dirty during anal stimulation, so it can be useful to urinate or empty the intestines before you begin stimulation. Douching or using an enema for cleaning is a personal choice;This provides more thorough purification, but in some cases, with non -compliance with safety precautions, it can cause inflammation and injury, making you more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Anal stimulation, as a rule, does not cause states such as constipation, diarrhea or hemorrhoids, but if you experience them, it is better to wait until they pass. If you are going to use your fingers (or your partner), you need to trim and file nails so that there are no rough or jagged edges.

Discussion with a partner

You need to discuss with a partner how far you want to go. You want to resort to some specific fantasies? What about those boundaries that cannot be crossed? After discussing all the restrictions, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and get the maximum pleasure.

How to do prostate massage to a partner

When you both feel ready and your partner begins to enjoy stimulating the perineum, you can start stimulating the outer part of the anus so that the partner is accustomed to such touches. If the partner is ready for anal penetration, you can start by inserting a finger into his anus.

It is very important to use a lubricant, since the anus is not a self -combat. The use of a large amount of lubricant and its timely re -application can provide a more smooth sliding.

You may have to experiment both with various provisions that provide easy access to the prostate, but first it is best to put a partner on your back. You can insert your finger by about 2 centimeters, and if the partner feels comfortable, draw a finger up along the wall facing the front of the partner’s body. Then try to find a round onion of the fabric – this will be a prostate.

Having discovered a prostate, move your finger in an alluring movement, as if you asked someone to come closer to you. Massage the prostate with a fingertip with a fingernail. During this, you should consult your partner to find out if he wants a change in pressure, speed or number of fingers.

Keep in mind that anal stimulation can cause a sense of need to go to the toilet. Often it is just a feeling that causes anal stimulation, and it may take some time to get used to it.

General advice

– Gradual stimulation. Start stimulation with small (possibly with one finger) and slowly so that getting used to penetration. In the future, you can increase the pace or deepen.

– Using a lubricant. It is worth repeating that the lubricant, especially with anal stimulation, is simply necessary, and you should not regret it. The use of a lubricant not only facilitates penetration, but also prevents gaps and injuries, which can reduce the risk of IPPP.

– Use barrier methods to prevent IPP.

– Use sex toys, but wisely. The best sex toys for anal stimulation is smooth, unconscious, flexible, suitable in size and having an expanding basis, so that they can be easily extracted.

– Do not hurry. If you spend more time to enjoy this experience, this can increase sexual stress, and also simulate a more comfortable. You can start with a warm relaxing bath or with oral stimulation.

– Be open for new sensations. Men can experience an orgasm by stimulation of a prostate, and this type of orgasm is not always accompanied by ejaculation. This can be a completely new experience, and this is normal.

– Follow the situation. Be prepared at any time to slow down the stimulation or even stop if too severe pain or discomfort is experienced.

Innovations in sexual life can be a little frightening, but also very pleasant. At a minimum, when stimulating a prostate with a partner, you will study together, trust each other and get a new experience.

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