10 fascinating games for prelude | Psychology of relations

10 fascinating games for prelude.

10 fascinating games for prelude | Psychology of relations
Preliminary caresses can be a game! Not just flirting and bright touch, but something big. It is not difficult to turn a married bed into a place of adventure, you just need to show imagination and choose the best script.

The routine over time penetrates into various spheres of human life, and sex is not an exception to the rules. It would seem that until recently only the thought of intimacy with a partner was breathtaking, and after a while passion and attraction are fading away. Diversify an intimate life You can in various ways. To begin with, you can make adjustments to preliminary caresses, because it is this process that is one of the most important in sex. With the help of prelude, partners are heated and prepared for intimacy, so it is important to make it colorful and emotional, applying some simple tricks.

Sexy games for prelude

In order to make preliminary caresses exciting, it is necessary to show a little imagination and resourcefulness. What sexual joys can be used during warming up?

How long the prelude to?

The answer to this question each person has his own, because all people need a certain time to warm up before sex. Each pair sets its own time period, which will be required for prelude. It could be 10-15 minutes. Necessary Take a timer or an alarm clock and trash the right time. For this time period, partners can kiss, caress each other, and also do everything that comes to mind, except for penetration. You can finish caresses and master your partner only after a sound signal.

Limiting the senses

Reception with blindfolded can strengthen the sensitivity of the female body and give the lady unforgettable emotions. To do this, you need to undress the partner naked and tie her eyes with a scarf or fabric. After that, you need to start caresses, kisses and stroking erogenous zones. Unhurried, teasing movements will drive a girl crazy, who will look forward to when the man takes possession of her.

The option of sexual games can diversify tied hands women. With the help of fabric or handcuffs, you need to tie a partner to the bed. Such a sexual technique will bring a lot of new emotions into the intimate life of a couple. Now the female body is fully belonging to a man who can do everything he wants with him.10 fascinating games for prelude | Psychology of relations

Light BDSM

This version of the game for preliminary caresses is suitable for steams that love rudeness in bed. Most men love when women obey them, because it is laid down in the nature of the stronger sex. In this game, the lady tells her lover about her sins, and he decides her To teach with the help of physical exposure. The cruelty of punishment in this case depends on the sensations of the partner. It is important not to overdo it, so as not to inflict injuries to your loved one.

Tender touch

For preliminary caresses will do Erotic massage using special oil. It is necessary to apply a special remedy on your hands and begin to massage all erogenous points of the body. With the help of a massage lotion, the sensations will increase that it will give many positive emotions for both participants in the process. And it does not have to be washed off before sex, so this composition can be used as a lubricant for intimacy.[/list]

Bold experiments

You can diversify the prelude before sex using razors. Why not allow his partner to help put an intimate zone in order? With the help of a razor machine and gel, a man will bring beauty in the bikini area. The whole process will excite and bring a couple closer, which will definitely affect the sensations during sex.

Games for desires

The subject of the game during the prelude can be ordinary playing cards. You need to take a deck and assign a certain value to each card. For example, the tubercular suit will mean kisses, the peak will be responsible for stimulation with hands, worm for oral affection. Thus, you can significantly improve the time of the prelude and warm up each other well.10 fascinating games for prelude | Psychology of relations

Fanta for adults

Much more tasks can be tested with erotic fantasy. This is a sex game for adults with fascinating tasks. It all starts with exciting conversations, gradually turning into an ardent adventure. You can buy phants for those who are only recently found for those who live together for many years.

Role-playing games

Erotic dressings – This is also a way to diversify the prelude. You can reincarnate in plumbing, superman, stewardess or angel. Buy a suit for playing It will always work on our website. The new image will allow you to realize fantasies that were hidden somewhere in the depths. And each time you can come up with a new script, use other costumes, this will definitely not get bored.

Experiments in the bathroom

Water games. Start sexual action is in water. An ordinary bath is suitable for this, where the couple may be together. It is not always convenient to have sex in the water, but it’s very nice to play with each other. You can even get children’s toys and arrange battles or relaxing, enjoy each other’s massage. And your favorite partner can be washed, which is also very exciting.

The above tips are a practical guide to improving the sexual life of partners. With the help of simple games, you can get unforgettable sensations and emotions that turn up the idea of an intimate life. It is important to always feel your loved one and do everything necessary for his pleasure.

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