20 hot ways to get excited to the limit

20 hot ways to get excited to the limit.

20 hot ways to get excited to the limit
Erotic excitement, like the East, is subtle, and depends on many factors. And sometimes I really want to feel this sweet languor, but for some reason it doesn’t work out.

Do not be sad, in our collection there will definitely be the one that will help to wake your excitement!

Everything that worries you

It is difficult to concentrate on pleasure if you think only about work or household chores. If so, take paper, pencil and write everything that causes concern, without stopping, until the head becomes clear. Having stopped worrying, you can experience an orgasm faster.

Sex History

Usually, if we are talking about erotic stimulation, they immediately remember about porn, that is, visual exposure. However, one should not forget about audial triggers, so many people like groans in bed so much – they start and associate with pleasure. For example, you can listen to sexual stories that a seductive voice whispers.

Tactile exposure

Pick up everything that you consider pleasant or exciting. You can squeeze something soft, stroke leather or silk items, bury your fingers in sand or cereals, roll some multifaceted item in your palms. Do this consciously, focusing entirely on your impressions.

Sex is impossible without touch, and even those sensations that seem far from bed will help direct thoughts in the right direction. In any case, this will give relaxation and pleasure.

I’m writing to you…

Sexting helps to launch an erotic imagination. If there is no addressee for playful correspondence, write sexual dreams for yourself in notes on the phone, or imagine that you could tell your loved one in the future. You can also take several pictures in the style of “nude” to feel more liberated. Or re -read old messages to remember how exciting it was.

Not one porn

Have you noticed that sometimes sex scenes in ordinary films are much hotter than in porn. Maybe you like “9 ½ weeks”, where the heroes of Kim Basinger and Mickey Rurrka feed each other on the kitchen floor? Or a sensual dance lesson between Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dances? Find such shots in your favorite movie, and watch again and again until you feel excitement.

Learning – sex

Sexual education is now in fashion, and you can get it in different ways: read thematic books, attend masturbation courses or erotic techniques. It is difficult to remain calm when they tell you and show how to experience pleasure – there is a desire to do it on your own. Another interesting option: to go to the site of the store and dream, as you play with all these devices.

Tear the whole body

Before plunging into masturbation or having sex, start by stimulating any erogenous zones, except for the genitals. Neck, chest, nipples, hips and other points that you usually ignore. Focus on sensual touches to yourself, take Vibropulu or Vibration to the finger, to wake the “sleeping” areas and experience even more new sensations.

Play in an erotic game

If you need an interesting way to get excited with a partner, try to play in Erotic game. There are many different options – from books with coupons where you can enter your desires, to sets with intimate tasks. It is not necessary to buy ready -made, even ordinary “jenga” will become sexy if you attach a little imagination.

Make an erotic selection

In the phone or laptop, you can create a folder (just do not forget to put the password), where everything that causes you arousal: erotic pictures, books, clips, etc. D. When you need to get excited quickly, just open the desired file and look at something from this collection.20 hot ways to get excited to the limit

Launch feelings

You can stimulate desire by activating the senses: hearing, vision, touch, smell and taste. How can I do that:

  • Eat an aphrodisiac, for example, chocolate, sensually licking it from the fingers;
  • make non -teddy lighting in the room;
  • turn on relaxing music;
  • beds silk sheets;
  • Take your favorite perfumes or lights of aroma lamp with sensual aroma.

Breathe deeper

This is the easiest way to distract from everything and plunge into yourself. Take a convenient position, close your eyes and breathe very deeply and slowly. Try different techniques, for example, take a deep breath, read to three, and then exhale. The constant practice of deep breathing will help you improve sex and facilitate the achievement of orgasm, making it brighter.

From all angles

Erotic shooting has several advantages at once:

  • the opportunity to pamper yourself;
  • feel beautiful, confident, feminine;
  • learn more about yourself and your sexuality.

You can entrust the photo shoot to a professional, but if you are not ready to appear before someone naked in every sense, take a tripod and phone. And then everything is simple: you can put on a set of sexual linen or remain naked, use various accessories, take any poses. The main thing is to relax and enjoy the process, because no one will see these photos if you do not want other.

You are beautiful!

Put on your favorite set of sexual linen or stay naked and located opposite the mirror. Do not criticize your body, but on the contrary, admire it, because it is unique. Look at yourself with adoration, gently walking your hands on each bend. Is it possible to resist such a beauty and not make it good?

Sex literature

Choose reading to your taste-it can be a love novel, erotic fan fiction with your favorite heroes, or even reviews and reviews on sex toys.

Massage yourself

It is always nice to take care of yourself, so why not give yourself a wonderful self -massage session? Take your favorite lotion, cream or oil and massage their hands, stomach or legs for them. Take a hurry, note all the sensations that you have in the process, if there is a desire, you can dream about something or about someone. Here the goal is not to be excited or to get an orgasm, but to give yourself a little tactile pleasure, get in contact with your own body, find out how it can answer the touch.

Remember all

We argue that you have such a sexual memory from which your legs begin to tremble? Reproduce him in memory, feel in the smallest details, if you are mentally at that moment and listen to the sensations that have appeared.

Dance baby

Close the door to the room, turn on your favorite songs and dance as if you want to conquer everyone, and you yourself are a real sex star. Maybe at first it will be uncomfortable, but then you will like it!

Study yourself

Change something in your habits of masturbation, for example, to do this in a different position, or without removing panties. Or add anal affection to your pleasure sessions if they have remained for you “outside the game”. After you can share your feelings with a partner – he will certainly appreciate it.

Fantasy world

Most likely, you still have a couple of not realized sexual fantasies. Why not imagine how this can happen, even if you are not going to implement them in reality at all.

Keep calm

There are times that I just do not want to have sex or masturbation. This is normal – for a full life, it is not necessary to be constantly in sexual tone. Relax and do the way you want. After all, sex is only one of the aspects of life, and not the main thing in it.

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