Hard sex: why rudeness and absence of prelude is an undoubted plus

We will have hard sex?.

Hard sex: why rudeness and absence of prelude is an undoubted plus

The famous psychologist Justin Lemiller after a large -scale survey, which passed more than 4,000 Americans, concluded that the dreams of powerful or rude sex are included in the three leaders among sexual thoughts along with fantasies about group and unusual intimacy. Researchers Jenny Bivon and Joseph Kertella revealed that 52% of the girls have ever fantasized about the gross behavior of a partner in bed, and 32% excited themselves with thoughts about rape.

To realize the scenarios of physical cruelty and outright pain in bed are still ready for few, but you can add a reasonable fraction of rudeness and animal passion with a traditional idea of sexuality.

Set aside the prelude

Long warm -up, tender kisses and erotic massage are completely superfluous when serious passions rage. Lift your favorite skirt, push the panties to the side and stick a member without unnecessary preparations – a great start to hard sex. If at the same time pressing her delicate face with your cheek with a hard two -day bristle, a degree of emotions will definitely inflate.

Falf words

To call her a bitch, a whore and a depraved rubbish – maybe at first the gentle words in bed were more organic, but in established relationships it is useful to add a fraction of rudeness. Falf words remove the restrictions on socially acceptable: it is at work she is a respected accountant, and in bed – a dirty girl and a lustful female, obscene vocabulary is able to cause a serious explosion of passion.

Torn linen on it

This is the moment that should be agreed with the girl in advance – she is unlikely to appreciate if the set of the agent of the provocateur, standing a whole fortune, will die at the hands of an impatient lover. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to break synthetic linen – twitching, you can damage the girl’s skin, so it is better to stipulate such impulses in advance so that she can put on cotton panties or put scissors nearby nearby.

Limitation of mobility

In a fit of passion, it is unlikely that you want to mess with handcuffs, plastic ties or ropes: a simple but effective solution is to just press the wrists of both hands of a girl with your strong brush. A demonstration of the physical superiority of a man starts very much, especially in spontaneous unplanned sex.

Hair wound on a fist

Just a classic of primitive passion: take it by the tail, while the member plunges into a pussy in the Doggi-Stail pose. In a missionary position, you can limit its mobility by pressing the hair to the pillow: so she will not dodge the kiss if she is ordered to resist in the course of the role -playing game.


The main thing is not to overdo it, biting the lower lip in the kiss and glancing his teeth in the neck or earlobe of the ear. Small pain in hard sex will be an amazingly piquant peppercorn, but abrasions and bruises on the neck are unlikely.


It is not necessary to completely block oxygen to the girl, strictly taking her hand by the neck, it is enough that she feels that her lover was overwhelmed by serious passions, since he grabs her like a cat during a rut. If a woman is not at all against slight strangling, then a good idea will be closed her nose and mouth with her hand, most importantly, let her go in time.

Come into it

Rough fast sex – just the situation when the lubricant is not needed. To enter the girl with a sharp pumpkin, not paying attention to the moisturizing pussy is the technique that will wake the flame of passion. Even if she hurts a little – well, did she not want to wider?

Hard sex poses

Press your beloved to the wall, impatiently tear off her panties and get back – an incredibly exciting scene. A good idea will also beg it at right angles and put it on the table – the sticking ass provoke a stone erection. If at the same time, press her head to the surface of the countertop, then from this manifestation of the domination she will lose her head.

Play rape

In the planned game, of course, we are not talking about spontaneity, but in the process the animal passion does not fail to appear. By depicting a cruel stranger who throws the poor thing on the bed against his will and throws the hem of the skirt on the face of the unfortunate victim, you can cause a girl a storm of passion. No wonder in their secret fantasies many women draw rape a pretty colleague or completely random passers -by on the street. The resistance of girls in the blood, and in the case of a game rape, will have to open her desire to open, exciting her pursuer more and more.

Give free rein

Several whipping slaps on the elastic ass – and the girl understands that animals of passions woke up in her lover. Squeeze her hips to light pain, leaving fingerprints – even if there are traces, she will be pleased to remember that the power of her loved one was so great.

There is an assumption according to which rough animal sex is associated with extinguished instincts, thanks to which the female has surrendered to the strongest and aggressive male. True, there is no confirmation of research on such a hypothesis yet. Be that as it may, hard fast sex without a prelude will help to refresh feelings and throw coats into the flame of passion.

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