Male erogenous zones – how to excite

How to arouse sexuality in a man.

Many women have repeatedly thought about how to become a good wife for a man not only in the kitchen, but also in bed. In order to arouse sexuality in a man, we will give you some very simple tips.

Male erogenous zones – how to excite

Male erogenous zones

In order for a man to experience peak pleasure during a sexual act, it is necessary to use his erogenous zones, that is, those sensitive places on the body that can cause pleasure when touching them.

Satisfied with a common, but erroneous opinion is that a man has only one erogenous zone and this is his penis. Of course, this is irrefutable, because the male dignity is in reality the most sensitive place. However, in addition to him, there are many other male erogenous zones. Following this myth is negatively affected by both the sex life of the men themselves and their partners, because then sexual consoles become less bright and complete.

How many erogenous zones then in men? There is no only answer to this question, since their number will be different due to individual characteristics. As statistics show, on average men have from 3 to 5 erogenous zones. However, with a strong desire and the ability of a partner, you can open up to 9 such sensitive points. Of course, this is slightly less than that of the fair sex, but the sensations that these places will bring will be no less strong and emotional. Thus, any ordinary and boring sex can turn into a real extravaganza only when touching only a few points.

Point G in men

Male erogenous zones – how to excite

So, we will reveal the secret: a very important erogenous zone of a man is the prostate iron, it is considered to be a ji point in men!

The prostate gland performs the following functions in the body of the strong half of humanity:

  • First of all, it is it that contributes to the development of a substance that is part of the sperm.
  • At the moment when the penis is in a standing position, it is the prostate gland that ensures the closure of urination.

We will try to recall the course of anatomy: the male point “Ji” is located between the anus and the testicles, and it looks like a small pea. Many experienced women say that only a touch to the prostate gland can bring a man to orgasm, but you need to touch a special.

The fact that men have a ji point – we already found out, now let’s figure out exactly how to stimulate it.

  1. Before touching this point and wait for your man to enjoy, you will have to first warm up your partner thoroughly. Be sure to be in full excitement, and only then you can start finding where the ji point is located in men.
  2. Massage will help you configure your sexual partner to touch all its parts of the body and the distance between the anus and the testicles will also be no exception.
  3. Try to gently and affectionately strok the prostate gland, having previously groped for this pea. Remember that when a man is excited, this pea will gradually increase in size.
  4. There will be a peak of pleasure if you click on the prostate gland, but not at all sharply, but very tender. Keep in mind that a rough sharp press on the “ji” point can simply lead to the fact that the man will not finish.
  5. The internal massage of the prostate gland is available only for experienced women and for those men who are not against experiments.

How to excite a man

Male erogenous zones – how to excite

A woman who wants to make a man is pleasant to know what excites a man. Then she will certainly achieve the expected result, and we will give advice on how to correctly excite a man:

  • First, remember that a man loves his eyes. So you need to take care of your appearance. In addition to making a beautiful hairstyle, manicure and pedicure, you need to buy a beautiful outer and necessarily lower clothes. Beautiful sexy linen – the key to good sex. Choose your underwear bright and sexual, you will not be mistaken if you buy black and red lace. Stockings with a special belt for them will not leave a single man indifferent.
  • Forget about old -fashioned sex without light. A man loves his eyes, which means he must see you in complete beauty. Do not complex, because when having sex, all the thoughts of your young man will be busy with the achievement of pleasure, and not by considering extra pounds.
  • Remember that sex takes a lot of effort, which means after it a man in any case wants to eat. So leave part of the dinner at night. She will say thanks to you for the prudence.
  • Increase the time of preliminary caresses, thanks to them a man is excited the desire to master a woman. However, in this case it is important not to overdo it so that passion does not cool from delicate caresses.
  • Don’t be shy to ask what the man dreams about. Perhaps he has some unrealized sexual fantasy. Help him open and do something unreal in bed that both will like.
  • A variety of your sexual life with all kinds of role -playing games. Fortunately, in the modern age there are sex shops where you can buy sexy outfits for adult games. He will certainly like these outfits, because they emphasize all the advantages of the figure.
  • Do not inactive in sex. Any man likes it when a woman at least occasionally becomes an asset in bed.
  • Groan, scream, whisper during sex. Show, do not hide your true emotions. This is how the man will understand what to do, in what sequence and how fast.

We hope that these several of our tips will help you understand how to properly excite a man and arouse sexuality in your partner.

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