Prelude in front of the proximity – 10 intimate games for two of the Kama Sutra

Sex Prelude – 10 bed intimate games for two of the Kama Sutra.

The right mood is the key to success in any business, and even more so in bed matters. This is especially important for women whose excitation mechanism is much more complicated than in men. Girls extremely rarely can quickly “join” in sex. They need time, the right atmosphere, the right mood, and so on. In simple words expressing themselves, they need high -quality sexual prelude before intimacy.

All this can give erotic intimate games for two, which partners can play in bed before sex. The KamaSutra book contains several options for such sex preludes, bedding for steam games that will help you tune in to intramantism and getting sexual pleasure.

It is worth saying that some options for the preludes that will be described in this article quite unusual. But let me remind you that they are taken from the ancient Indian texts of the Kama Sutra. And let it not be embarrassed that these are tips from the book that was written more than 1000 years ago, for evolution these are funny numbers and our physiology during this time was completely not trained.

Let’s get in more detail with these erotic games for a man and woman.

Prelude game 1 – erotic touch

The scientists conducted careful research to find points of pleasure on the human body. The conclusions are disappointing. These points can work for some people and at the same time can be absolutely useless for others. Some of these points coincide with the nerve endings of our nervous system. But there are people who are completely different from those who are known to the scientist.

In Kamasutra, attempts are also made to find these points. The book speaks of centers where female passion is concentrated. Let’s learn about them. We will explore the most ancient map of human eroticism – Kamasutra.

The sexual game, which we will now consider, must be performed together and, if possible, naked. You can explore these points with fingers, lips and tongue. You can choose any option. Guess how these studies can end.)))

How it’s done

This intimate game begins with the woman lying on her back. A man begins touching, slowly and sensually. With his fingers, lips or tongue, he touches the points that are called “tender dots” in the Kamasutra – behind the ears, foreheads, cheeks, lips, eyes of chin and nose. Now touch these points awakening the desire. Take your time. Gently touch each of them – nose, lips. Slide down the neck to the shoulder.

Now you go down towards the pubis, drawing the line between the breasts. Just do not touch the nipples, moving along the hollow line passes through the center of the body, through the navel.

Here you got to the intersection between inguinal bends that you also cover kisses. Now you go down to the hips. Stop your hands or head here and wait until the partner will tell you where to move on or just finish the way at this point. By its movements and a general state, you will understand in which direction your erotic game should develop further.

Kamasutra says that sex does not have to include penetration. It is possible to experience the fullness of emotions and arouse them in your partner without penetration and this is very important.

You need to feel the reaction to our touch. We can laugh, move, moan. The main thing is that there is no cruelty and alienation between partners. This bed game will bring you great pleasure if we completely give ourselves to it and dissolve in our inner world.

Feel the connection between sensations and consciousness. Awle feelings in yourself and in your partner. If only we know this and expand our perception, then the world of sexual pleasure will become much richer!

Game Prelude 2 – kisses

Sexual game that will now be considered will help you reveal your sexuality. From the 18th to the 20th century, the kiss in Western culture was given such great importance that it was even considered indecent. In this context, women often fainted, receiving the first kiss from a man. Some girls even thought they could get pregnant from a kiss.

Similar sexual repression has disappeared in our time. Now a kiss is even a form of greeting. And this passionate form of expression of love, which is permissible in public places.

Lips very well fix the temperature and hardness of what they touch. We try the temperature and hardness of the food with lips. This sensitivity is similar to the sensitivity of the genitals. Therefore, we can say that a strong kiss is a sexual relationship of a less intimate nature.

This intimate game will open for you a new side of the kiss. To try various types of kisses, you need to take your partner to put him against himself and the game begins!

Types of kisses

Kamasutra calls the kisses “Kumbala”. According to the book, women are a leading link.

  • Elementary – This is the touch of lips lips. No smacking, sucking and pressure. Just touching the lips to the lips to feel their warmth.
  • Straight – implies direct pressure.
  • Trembling – allows you to study the partner’s lips. Only the lower lip moves, as if pulsating.
  • Gentle – The woman’s eyes are closed. Her tongue touches the lips of the partner.
  • Inclined – the neck becomes supple and the head moves under the pressure of kisses.
  • Compressed – She squeezes her partner’s lower lip with her lips
  • Very compressed – She takes her fingers with her lower lip and runs her tongue along it. In this case, the language also compresses.
  • Kiss the upper lip – a woman squeezes the lower lip of a man, and he is her upper lip.
  • Close – Partners hold their teeth and suck each other’s lips.
  • War of languages – language penetrates the mouth of a lover., touching the tongue, lips and gum of a lover. Both languages caress each other and play.

One phrase from the Kama Sutra sums up this sexual game:

Kisses and hugs should precede every love act, but this can be done at another time.

In love, both order and spontaneity are important. Apart from the first sexual experience, a woman must kiss a partner without hesitation. Excitement and provocation, these are satellites of sexual prelude before proximity.

Game Prelude 3 – Dance

The next intimate game will help you not only gain control of the body and feelings, but also how to relate to other people, and especially your partners. This sexual prelude is based on a tantric tradition. Try it with us. Let’s start!

How it’s done

Lie on the floor in a large room and try to get contact with the ground. After all, it is the Earth that supports the weight of our bodies so that we do not do. Each movement of our body is reflected in contact with the ground.

Put one leg on the other and turn over with your whole body. After multiple rifts, try to roll through your partner’s body. You must feel each other, divide the space without avoiding and without advancing, with complete dedication.

Thus, the bed game “Dance” teaches us to handle our body and body partner. Teaches to move freely without losing contact with each other. Then take the decision and complete the contact and continue the rolls yourself.

This game teaches you and partner the use of body language.

We are used to considering that communication is a language function. However, Kamasutra says that the body can teach us a lot if we listen to it.

Game Prelude 4 – Hug

The results of the latest Western studies argue that physical contact is extremely important for our emotional and physical good. Physical contact has the therapeutic effect and is often used in the treatment.

Many modern medical centers hold special nurse for sisters, where they are taught manual treatment. However, in India, in the days of the Kama Sutra, the embrace called “Alinding” were considered very valuable because of their therapeutic and love effects.

It is these secrets that reveals the next sex game “Hug”, which will be described below.

The value of hugs

Physical contact is not only pleasant, it is extremely necessary for us. And in confirmation of this in KamaSurra, there are often recommendations on the use of various types of hugs and accompanying caresses. This is the simplest type of physical contact. He does not have to have a sexual nature, but such an intimate game can become a good prelude to sex.

How it’s done

Stand up and hug your partner. Hold your arms, feel it. When doing this, you already provoke the release of endorphins (hormones of happiness), stimulate the circulation of these hormones responsible for a joyful mood. Feel your partner sharing your warmth with you and give him your warmth.

Feel that you have entered as much close bodily contact as possible. This bed game will create an amazing atmosphere of harmony and love.

When you are hugged, it increases your self -esteem, prolongs life, slows down aging and drives away all our fears. This proves that we are not alone and is a demonstration of generosity and generosity, and in addition, it opens our hearts of love.

So keep hugging. Hug your beloved or beloved, your children, parents, friends, by the way we know that hugs are good for health. Hug a lot and often!

Game Prelude 5 – Hug 2

In Hindu mythology, there are a lot of powerful gods who are constantly struggling with each other. However, there are very few reports in myths about their actions dictated by love. But in painting their love affairs are depicted very clearly.

Kamasutra says that if the partners are very in love with each other, then their arms are like an attempt to get into each other. This is called “Hugs of milk and water”.

How it’s done

Erotic game “Hug 2” suggests that all parts of the body should come into direct contact with your partner. Chest with chest, navel with a navel, hips with hips, knees with knees, feet with feet. Hug the partner behind the back or by the neck with our hands. The chins are in contact.

Your passionate embrace begins with the fact that partners cross their hips and squeeze them. You do not just press one thigh on another, but you direct pressure on the genitals. Then a woman can put one leg on his leg, and the other to wrap the other leg of a man like a grape vine. After that, the woman, having wrapped his foot on a man, climbs through his body. In the process of her ascent, she must press her pubis against his body.

Now that the hugs have excited partners. An intimate game is moving to the next stage. A man squeezes a woman tightly, and her chest is pressed tightly against his body. The woman raises her breasts until she becomes at the level of his face. She asks to kiss her breasts. He may not be limited to kisses. Can caress the way he wants it.

Such embrace is very beautiful and exciting. We guarantee that such a prelude is worthy of testing it. After this, you simply cannot help but make love. Such hot embrace not only increase the level of endorphin (hormone of happiness and good mood), but also increases pressure and stimulates the release of sex hormones.

Game Prelude 6 – Love breath

In the east, the respiratory process is associated with the disclosure of energy sources. Energy is the food of the gods and, unlike earthly food, it is vital. You can live without food for several days, but you can’t live without breathing and 5 minutes.

The concept of breathing is actively applied in the art of love. Proper breathing facilitates communication, stimulates desire, increases our sexual power.

It is our next sexual game that is dedicated to breathing.

How it’s done

Sitting opposite your partner, we look in his eyes. Our gaze should be fulfilled by love, tenderness and affection. If it is executed by burning passion, even better!

When the game has begun and visual contact is established, we must synchronize our breathing with the breath of a partner. To do this, just hold your breath and take a breath at the same time, while the rhythm of breathing must match.

We must send a charge of passion and affection for our partner from eyes to eyes at the same time as exhaling. In response, we get a similar charge from our partner with a breath.

To make an erotic game more touching and it is easier for you to synchronize your breath, we advise you to put your hand on your belly or chest of your partner. Having taken 21 in a breath (it will take 1-2 min.), hold your breath on inspiration, and then hold it out by exhaling it. After that, we will do it with partner 21 again.

Now that our breaths and energy flows are in balance and when we arrive in complete unity with our partner, we breathe a single breath with him, we can feel how our sexual energy has grown, how it overflows us and how our love universities strengthened us.

Kamasutra says that this intimate game develops our ability to feel the body of his partner as his.

Game Prelude 7 – Intimate caresses

An intimate game for two about which will go further a very unusual one and you can practice it at home alone or with a partner. This ancient technique uses the simplest objects to reveal those pleasures that are hidden deep in our bodies, to awaken the forces that were in hibernation.

There are sexual caresses of various types that we will voice in the future. Today we will simply indulge in what itself spontaneously comes from us from the inside. We just sit next to our partner to carefully caress him. No need to use power, you just need to feel the love that passes through us, goes through our pores, flowing through our hands to our partner.

How it’s done

One of you caresses a partner. The other simply accepts these caresses and tries to catch all his feelings and all his feelings experienced in response to the touch of the partner. Remember that this sexual game does not tolerate rush. At your disposal all the time of the world.

Let’s start with it, and then the palms. Towards the face, we run the fingertips on the body, leaving no unprotected zone. We do not even forget to run through the hair and the head of the partner.

From there, having run out of the shoulders, we go to the chest, then down to the hips of the legs and feet. Then we climb the body in front right to the pelvis. We made a full circle that can be repeated from the point that you like best.

If the situation does not have sex, we can safely avoid compromising caresses. And vice versa, if all the same prelude in front of the proximity, you can repeat the cycle stopping at the founding points of the partner’s body.

Kamasutra says that this bed game increases our sensitivity, regardless of whether we caress or caress us. When the partner passes 3 full cycles over the body of his beloved, he has the right to count on at least 3 full circles from the opposite side. Having finished this prelude for some time, we are sitting motionless, once again experiencing everything that we felt accepting and exposing caresses.

Game of Prelude 8 – submission

We often hear that people complain about cool relationships. Perhaps they love each other, but do not obey each other.

Submission is a complete return to each other, it is extreme proof of love and trust. No matter how many hours and minutes subordination lasts.

Many couples are concerned and excitement at the first stage of seduction, when they are not yet confident in their love. Some retain distrust of each other.

This intimate game will teach you subordination and confidential proximity.

How it’s done

Partners are sitting with their backs to each other, cockers are in contact. Now try to reveal your perception, feel as much as possible. You will feel different things: contact of bones, support, muscle tension, pressure and weakness, maybe even trembling.

Describe your sensations to the partner. Then change the position of the back to take a more convenient pose. We move to the 2nd part.

Now take your backs from each other. One of you sits in the lotus pose, and the other to go to his back so that his head lies on the feet of a sitting partner. You are completely relaxed. A partner who sits lovingly concerns another. Caresses, kisses, strokes hair and ears.

The one who lies, with each new touch, feels an increase in submission, relaxation and defenselessness. He is trying to guess the further actions of his partner, allowing him to do everything he wants. This should last at least 5 minutes. Then the partners change places.

This intimate game can be perceived as very tender or as very erotic, depending on the style of execution. But the main thing is what lies behind all this. I obey my partner and suggest that he do what he wants from me.

Kamasutra says that the return is important in love and sex. Start giving your partner satisfaction and this will bring you satisfaction.

Game 9 – Stop Union

Training is primarily connected with the ears, eyes and actions of the hands. But our body has other opportunities to perceive the world around.

For example, the feet, which even a few decades ago ignored even masseurs. Then, thanks to eastern wisdom, in particular Japanese, they paid attention to them and even made them priority, since there are many nerve endings and energy centers on the feet.

India has known this since ancient times. In India, there were tables that depicted nerve centers on the feet, which not only influenced health and mental activity, but also sexual potency.

Our erotic game will be dedicated to the feet. Now let’s start!

How it’s done

Partners sit opposite each other, stretching out their feet exactly. The feet of partners are a few centimeters from each other. Close your eyes to feel the internal contact of the stop. Feel their temperature, muscle and skin tension as clearly as you can.

Then slowly reach your partner’s feet. Feel contact, look for the same points that it is or it on your feet. Slowly touch your thumbs. Repeat the same on the second leg. Then stop contact and feel how your sensations have changed. But that is not all!

When the sexual game will approach the end, you feel that your feet will be filled with energy and interesting sensations. Start to caress them the body of your partner, as if caressing him with your hands and eyes.

This sexual game is held with eyes closed. In the process of it, crazy ideas and fantasies about our sexuality come to mind. Then the couple can do everything that comes to their minds. They enjoy their whole body, although it all started with the feet.

Kamasutra assures that the combination of feet with the disclosure of consciousness is very effective. Try it!!!

Game 10 – Game of heads

According to the Indian tradition, the head is not only a place of feeling but a center of perception and movement. Memory is located not only in the brain but throughout the body. In my head, memory is reproduced like all feelings.

Our next bed game, besides the fact that it is pleasant, will make us arouse strong feelings that were suppressed in the process of evolution. A woman should dissolve her hair, remove the hairpins and buckles. And so let’s get down.

How it’s done

Sexual game begins with the fact that the participants are on the floor on all fours. They represent themselves as animals. Their heads are raised upward.

At the first stage, we are approaching the partner only our heads – arms and legs do not participate. We caress the body of the partner, showing affection. The body will be covered with goosebumps, but don’t think about it, just enjoy. Continue so for 2 minutes. When the sensations begin to weaken, go to the 2nd part of the intimate game.

Now three heads on the head of a partner. Can be connected to this forehead, but the person is not involved. We go to the final stage full of emotions and feelings, allowing you to turn on the face and other parts of the body, except for the legs and arms. We enjoy it as much as we want.

According to Kamasutra, this sexual game arouses animal memories of energy about energy and eroticism in us. This changes our attitude, destroys prohibitions and extends the boundaries.


Well, such unusual bed intimate games for couples we examined in this article. For some, they may seem strange or even ridiculous places, but do not rush with conclusions until you try. After all, in the book of KamaSutra, a millennial erotic experience of Indian culture was collected. And if there is something about something, then obviously not. Perhaps this is the end. We are waiting for your comments with great interest. Write what you think about ancient Indian preludes before sex, and also share experience if you have already tried something!)

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