What excites women the most, sexy fantasies in the ladies’ head

What excites women the most, sexy fantasies in the ladies’ head.

What excites women the most, sexy fantasies in the ladies’ head

Women in the juice itself, when slightly over 30, begin to feel all the charm of sex and communication with men. It is at this age that they themselves seduce and certainly know what they want in bed. To this beautiful point, complexes and stupid stereotypes are withdrawn, only a real woman remains – a passionate, flirting, wishing, giving up intimacy to the full power of her libido. And the word “frigidity” gradually disappears from the vocabulary of representatives of the opposite sex.

By the way, men still remain in ignorance, what excites a woman the most, because the fantasies in her head are reliably hidden under the seven locks, and it is impossible to get anything directly. Such ladies are by nature a modest! Only anonymously do they tell amazing things in comparison with which male revelations seem to be a children’s innocent kiss on a bench in the garden. What makes beautiful ladies, about which they are so stubbornly silent?

What excites women the most, sexy fantasies in the ladies’ head

What excites women from the point of view of psychology and physiology

The area of sexual arousal is not only the body, but also the brain. It is absolutely true that the virgin is primarily started with a gray substance, and then switches to physical incentives.

Words and phrases

Representatives of the weaker sex are more emotional than men, and most importantly – they always want to hear verbal confirmation of his feelings from a partner. Compliments, recognition of love, highlighting her among the rest, frank conversations about the power of her female magic, and t.D. Everything that the male population does not really complain, if we speak frankly.

Male power

The dominance and manifestation of power (physical, spiritual) in solving life problems is very exciting women. When a partner shows that he is confident in himself, he can defend personal interest among his own kind and protect his female, female nature signals her that you can survive and give birth to healthy offspring. With such men, girls become more flexible, affectionate and caring. And it is these qualities of the male that make her want intimacy stronger.

Romance and romanticism

A man who knows how to switch from mammoth extraction in a lyrical way is simply invaluable in the eyes of a lady. He just fought in this world for his place under the sun and won the best piece of prey, and two minutes later he becomes gentle, gently looks into his eyes, cares sweetly and whispers to the ear about the upcoming evening on the river bank, with champagne, music and othera set of gentlemen. This contrasting transition starts and excites many girls.

Sincere feelings

When a man sincerely loves, this affects a woman in the very heart, and also makes the hips regularly moisten, because love pushes the stronger floor to beautiful deeds and miracles of technology in bed.


A generous boyfriend always has an advantage over a gloom, nervously considering the gans to the tent with ice cream. A man caring for his partner beautifully and generously always excites her stronger than anyone. Such a reaction is laid down by nature. The stronger gender is valuable to bring benefits to the house, that is, to its chosen one. Naturally, suitability for the role of a partner is evaluated by his solvency.

The appearance of a man

Girls are not so preoccupied with the appearance of a man. We have already said that its value consists of more important components. A greedy, rude, cowardly handsome man always loses to a generous and brave guy who looks a little better than a monkey. But still, the ladies pay attention to the figure and beauty of the face, especially with the visual type of perception of information. The most interesting thing is that a particular madam can pay attention to one or two certain parameters, that is, to have a narrow circle of selectivity. For example, some strong hands excite some Masha, because they are associated with her with the presence of power. Vanya, having pumped up powerful hands, will definitely like it.

When considering the appearance of a man, the girl makes a greater emphasis on his grooming, neatness, the ability to dress stylishly and give herself. A harmoniously looking young man causes desire, especially at the other time mentioned virtues.

Dimensions and proportions of a member

Women also pay attention to the main male organ, like guys on girlish charms. Especially with appropriate clothes: pants in a blast, shorts, swimming trunks, etc.D. The area of the groin can cast a look due to banal curiosity, and then obscene thoughts appear further.

By the way, whether the woman is exciting a penis? Of course yes! But if a man thinks that from waving a huge penis, the size of eggplant, she will immediately faint, then he is a complete fool. Member, first of all, a powerful gun from a skilled owner. Even medium sizes, the penis is able to bring a woman to madness if it is right to manage.

Knowledge of erogenous zones

The volume of knowledge is more often determined in the process of proximity, but the excitation of the girl is noticeably intensifying if a man skillfully treats her body and deftly pleases every erogenous centimeter.

Different affection and techniques

Men adore the prelude and skillful caresses in their direction. Women are no different from them. What caresses excite the beautiful half? The most familiar, about which everyone knows:

  • delicate kisses on the lips, neck, tummy, chest;
  • neat touches with hands to erogenous zones and perineum;
  • caresses of the clitoris and perineum with the tongue;
  • massage techniques and t.D.

By the way, an accidental touch can excite if a man is already cute for a long time. Such increased susceptibility to tactile contact is possessed by kinesthetic people, for whom physical bodily sensations are priority.

What excites women the most, sexy fantasies in the ladies’ head

Female breasts

This is a special area of sensitivity and a real symbol of femininity. The breast gland reacts more to stroking and massaging light movements. Nipples are responsive to different stimuli: stroking, twisting, stretching, pinching, etc.D. Some ladies during masturbation bring themselves to orgasm exclusively with tickling and tugging of the nipples.


All people react to smells, and the female half including. Most of the girls, the smell of a pure body excites, without impurity of sweat or tons of cosmetics. It is such aromas that captures a sensitive female nose and reacts to them most actively. Spirits, deodorants and shower gels interrupt the natural smells of the skin, genitals, and sometimes interfere with the development of natural attraction. This occurs at the level of ancient instincts of reproduction. By natural aromas, the lady determines the “” gentleman, who suits her in sex.

Attention to the little things

A man attentive to a woman excites her interest and desire. What can a guy be interested in? Her well -being (especially during menstruation), deeds at work, mood, success in sports, hobbies. The girl will be insanely pleasant to chocolate for tea, when the mood is not very and weather – rubbish. The headache tablet brought in the evening after her complaints about migraines will be remembered better than a chic bouquet for March 8.

Most of all, women’s affection and care respond in the first days of menstruation due to poor well -being. They, like pussy, want to be on pens, in warmth and comfort, to stroke, regret, caress. Sincere care and attention during this period, without a share of sexual connotation, are madly exciting a wonderful floor.

Diversity and spontaneity

Romance and cunnilingus is good, even very, but quickly gets boring if there are no other scenarios in bed life. Dear men, women like the variety of places, time, circumstances, and the one who can regularly ensure their change will be the perfect lover.

Female sexual fantasies that they imagine

Women with a healthy imagination always fantasize sexual themes, and most often their scripts are far from the image of a permanent partner. Many, when they sleep with their husbands, represent anyone, but not his!

Actors and acquaintances of men

In the place of her partner, in the midst of sexual intercourse, a lady can represent an actor, president, any media person or neighbor Vasya. If his image excites her, she thus reaches an orgasm faster.

Scenes from a movie or cartoon

Some girls sleep with ugly men and imagine themselves princesses, concubines in a harem who are taken by force and rudeness. Such fantasies are quite normal, given that dominance on the part of a man initially excites most ladies.

Double penetration

No wonder in the porn industry most of the videos aims to satisfy this lust – women actually dream of during an intimacy about the second cock. It is not a fact that this fantasy will be embodied in life, but thoughts about an imaginary second partner help to end regularly.

Do you want your woman to stop imagining another male next to you? Buy her rubber phallus and realize the most secret imagination from her head – double penetration! Your love games in your hands! Do not wait for it to embody vulgar ideas into life without you, but just act.

Wild orgies

It is not necessary to watch porn to imagine how you have sex with a lot of people of both sexes. Many are overcome by pictures with orgies, in which it is difficult to make out who, to whom and where the member put, and who in turn licks the vagina over that red beauty.

Sex with a woman

Bisexual scenes are often present in the imagination of girls. Why is a woman exciting a woman? Because the girl’s body is beautiful, she always knows where it is better to caress, more patient than a man. In the end, one -sex contact is always interesting. In adulthood, this is a manifestation of unrealized teenage thoughts.

Many girls fantasize about sex with themselves like, but the degree of bisexuality is very different for everyone. Most have a desire to touch the soft breasts, and to do Cooney – causes rejection.

The desire to dominate

Oddly enough, but in female fantasies there is sex with a strapon. There are ladies who constantly dream of how they will have anal sex with a partner as a penetrating side.

Sex with a disabled person

The list of sexual fantasies includes even an intimate with a disabled person. Someone has this deviation (if the craving for the disabled and constant), someone just has a fantasy associated with the desire to rule over the weak.

What excites women the most, sexy fantasies in the ladies’ head

Sex with a stranger

Stormy sex with a stranger causes spontaneous sexual impulses, and such abstractions in female heads increase sexual potential with a permanent partner or during masturbation.

Be a slave

Many women, even those who compete with men in life, subconsciously want to obey a stronger male. From here fantasies about sex is forced to. Daytime “steering in a skirt” do not mind being in a subordinate position at night.

Sex in an immobilized position

Paroxysms of passion cover ladies when fantasizing on the topic of tied hands and blindfolded eyes. So all the sensations are aggravated, and you can also not see some of the disadvantages of the partner, the concentration on which spoils sexual intercourse.

Sex in a crowded place

Even mature women have fantasies in which they publicly make love. What is connected with is exactly unknown, but it is quite possible that such expressions take the beginning in their youth, when adolescents are clinging to public places and experience the most vivid emotions, and endless adrenaline beats with a stream.

By the way, nature sex is also a “tails” of stormy street youth. A woman is trying to breathe “young” life in the current situation with such fantasies.

The role of a prostitute

Sometimes very shy women in their imagination draw passionate pictures of how they drop, like a snake of old skin, their fears, constraint, complexes, and have euphoric sex with a crowd of unfamiliar men. Lack of prohibitions excites any woman.

Sex with a doctor

Doctor is a good cute uncle, saving you in a terrible moment of weakness and pain. If in his thoughts he is a hero of an intimate scene, then the girl wants protection and care. Many representatives of the weaker sex fantasize about gynecologists, surgeons, etc.


Yes, you read everything correctly! Some ladies during intercourse represent how they masturbate! The explanation is simple – it enhances sensations, because memories of how nice to retire with you live in memory!

Other virgins dream of male masturbation. Such women are bright visuals that are excited from the once -seized scenes.

Dear men, you just read revelations about female sexy fantasies. In no case do not think that your girlfriend imagines this due to the fact that you do not give her something. Sexual anchors in many ladies are formed in youth or in the process of gaining intimate experience, and you could not participate in this. Any bed addiction has deep roots and is formed by instinct or under the onslaught of circumstances that you may not know about. Do not score your head, but simply understand one fact: for a woman to get excited, she needs to join the process emotionally! And this is already in your hands!

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