What is a prelude in sex

What is a prelude in sex.

The male body is arranged in such a way that the average representative of the stronger sex, in principle, quickly becomes ready for sex. However, women do not need to remember about this at all: in order to enjoy the penetration itself, they need special training, often quite long – in fact, the prelude. What is a prelude in sex and why it is so important?

You need to understand that preliminary affection is necessary for a woman not only from the point of view of psychology, but also from the point of view of physiology. The vagina must be prepared for frictions, for this a sufficient amount of lubrication is necessary. I recommend using special exciting lubricants that will make penetration much more comfortable and more pleasant, and the excitation process is brighter and more saturated.

What is a prelude in sex: clarification

This is special affection, and a man should really show patience – he will be rewarded for him, but later. First of all, it is worth remembering that there are no preludes of “quickly”, it is very important not to rush and escalate the girl’s sexual appetite, to strengthen her excitement. If everything is done correctly, the result will be just amazing. It is also worth remembering that preliminary caresses are preliminary that they precede sex. But just tease a partner and ask her halfway is not a prelude. And it can end badly!

If you want to make preliminary caresses perfect, you need to simultaneously use lips (and tongue) and hands. Such multitasking will amaze any woman and make the subsequent sexual intercourse much more hot, because she will definitely want to show gratitude.

Prelude is a very intense moment that will be discharged actually during sex. And in order to increase this stress, you need to say – and do not whisper tender nonsense – there is no extremely obscene: vulgar words, a little rudeness, emphasized sexuality. A girl from such a thing to definitely fall apart to the limit – and here she can be taken.

At the same time, it is very important that the interest in the body of the beloved during preliminary caresses is sincere. Many girls believe that for a man the main thing is to “take”. And before being offended, it is worth wondering if they are so wrong? After all, representatives of the stronger sex extremely rarely enjoy the prelude, trying to go as soon as possible to the “main dish”.

So everything turns out chaotic, randomly and extremely similar to a favor, and this can hardly be pleasant at least someone. A sincere desire to give pleasure – this is the key that opens the treasured casket.

Finally, it is important not to forget to ask the partner if she likes what is happening, and not to get her endless interrogations, namely, to be gently interested. This is especially important if the couple will have sex for the first time.

What is a prelude in sex in terms of physiology

Why is the prelude important from a physiological point of view? The fact is that the girl has a lubricant in the process of preliminary caresses, her body seems to be revealed, preparing to accept a partner. And the more it is warmed up, the more vivid sensations during intercourse the representative of the fair sex will be able to get herself and give a partner. Again, there is something to try.

At the same time, if you do not pay enough attention, there will be too little lubrication, which can lead to unpleasant sensations and even damage to the vagina in particularly difficult cases, a guy who is careful about his beloved will never allow this.

And something else that the men who have already learned the importance of preliminary caresses should be remembered: before going to sex, you need to check if the girl is already wet enough. And if not, caresses must be continued. It would be stupid to touch the partner’s vagina endlessly touching the partner’s vagina, it would be stupid, you can gently massage the clitoris, kiss it in the neck and lips. The use of the lubricant, which was discussed at the beginning of the article, will significantly enhance the effect of your efforts and the subsequent orgasm.

From all of the above, it becomes obvious that it will not work without preliminary caresses. And why, if it’s so nice!

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