What to do if there is no prelude?

What to do if there is no prelude?.

What to do if there is no prelude?

The quality of sexual relationships between partners depends not only on mutual understanding and feelings experienced to each other. The introductory chord and a harmonic addition to sex will be a prelude, which is more important for a woman by force «Lagging» her excitement from male. However, a man will add preliminary caresses «peppercorn» and give brightness to the climax.

Why is there a prelude?

Often, a man to excite and readiness for sex needs little time, and kisses, affection and hugs are not obligatory. It is because of this that men think that women are arranged in the same way, and may not pay due attention to the prelude. It is worth enlightening a partner about its importance.

We will analyze several reasons for the absence of a prelude and ways to solve the problem.

What to do if there is no prelude?


Frequent phenomenon – This is inexperience. A man does not do something in sex not because he doesn’t want or he doesn’t like it, but simply because he does not know that his woman needs it. In this case, you need to correctly and without complaints about ways to improve the quality of sex, convey to your second half that preliminary caresses are necessary. In no case should you be offended, screaming, demanding or accusing – This will not help. You need to clearly make it clear what needs to be done, how to do it and why it is necessary.

A categorical refusal

The man realizes what his woman wants, but still does not do this for his thoughts – It can be psychological injuries, education or beliefs. With the help of a regular conversation, it is worth finding out what is the reason for the refusal of preliminary caresses, tell about some of your desires, study the reaction of the partner. Will there be a favorable result of the conversation – it is difficult to say right away. Sometimes it takes more time to liberate, and sometimes it is not possible to change the situation at all.

Having learned to understand the position of your man, you can find a way out: come to terms, adjust the situation or leave. But this is better than complete uncertainty.

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